TVF Bachelors | S02E02 – Bachelors vs Month End

TVF Bachelors | S02E02 – Bachelors vs Month End

Uncle, my friend, Shiv,
has cancer, in the 3rd stage. So I’m collecting money today
for his treatment. His chemo is also on.
Show him, Shiv. Son, 3rd stage, right? Only prayers can save him now. Not money. Come on, leave now. Both of you get out of here. -No, Uncle…
-Go, man. Uncle, he can be save… Oh man! I told you say it’s the 1st stage! I thought we’ll get more donation
if I said it was the 3rd stage. Our month end would be sorted. Month End- Is ‘that time of the month’
for us guys. Bachelors go through this
painful cycle every month. Fuck! It’s started. While we crave for money… Hello, Dr. Chaddha? What’s the rate
for Pakistani sperm? There’s a society that doesn’t seem
to understand this problem of ours. Shilpi, what are you saying?! I know it’s the month end for me
but why will I snatch your chain? I love you! I didn’t snatch your chain!
I didn’t do it… It’s being said that because of the ‘DEBT’
virus, people are changing into debt walkers. If we have to believe sources,
these walkers target people who haven’t paid their bills for months together. Which basically are bachelors
who roam around is groups of 4. So if you’re a bachelor, stay safe,
stay hungry, but don’t be foolish
to go outside. You don’t have to explain
the situation man. Mr. Jeetu! There’s a notice from
the electricity board. You’ve not paid the bill
for 3 months. Yeah we’ll pay it, we’ll pay
when we get our salaries. -Mr. Jeetu, this new look suits you…
-Go and do your work. You’re not getting any money.
We’ll pay later. Come on. The electricity will get cut
today itself. Don’t come running to my place
to crash. When will you pay me
for the newspaper? We’ll give it to you, man.
We’re not running away anywhere. -I’ve been hearing this for 4 months.
-Speak properly, man. Come on. Who buys newspapers just
for weed? Give me my 900 bucks! After getting all this stuff
I don’t have money for a shave now. I already bought a Mach 3, it works
for 3 months so there’s expenses. I just have this change left. I think during our month end, we should
eat snake, lizards and roaches like commandos. -There are tons at home.
-People in my village eat dead bodies. I mean, of chickens. What’s this? This looks like an after party, man. We went to buy Maggie
and the society guys partied? If there was a party, I’m sure
there are left overs, right? I’ll go check,
you guys go ahead. The newspaper guy’s cycle is here…
This doesn’t seem like a party. Oh man, what happened to him? What happened to him? Hey,you! Are you high on thinner again? Shit, this is empty, man. They came! They came
to take their money. I told them I’ll give it to them on
the 1st ’cause it’s my month end now. But they, turned into animals! Wild things! They snatched away the money
I had for just 4 cigarettes. -Who are you talking about?
-The tea guy, cigarette guy… They’re coming! No one can be saved!
No one will be saved, you fools! There was nothing, man. Hey, Badri, didn’t you take money
from me for cigarettes the other day? -Yes.
-Give it back! Give me back my money! I’ll get my salary the day after,
take it from me after that. Fuck, what’s this? What’s this? My money… My milk money… I’ll cut all! I’ll cut the WiFi wire… I’ll cut it all off! Hey, what are you doing? Baldy! Give me money
for the barber. Hey! What are you staring at?
Get in fast! -Where are the keys, guys?
-Where are the keys? -I have it.
-Quick, man! -This is a key to the fridge.
-Whose fridge? It might be under the door mat, man. The door mat… Guys, you’re sure
this is your apartment? I told you guys we’ll get
a name plate. But y’all didn’t listen.
Now get aside! Phone a friend, audience poll.
50-50. Hey, they’re all our keys.
Pick any of it! -They’re coming…
-Open it, man! He’s biting me! I got my money for the tea… Our account’s cleared. I saw their bills
for the past 3 months. They were scary. How will we pay back their debt? Why have they come at the end
of the month to ask for money, man? It’s just the 30th today. They could’ve come day after
when we got salaries. They’re all awake. They’re debt walkers
back from the debt. This has never happened before. It’s the first time this has happened
in 17-18 weeks. When your debt fills up
their registers, and when they don’t have money to buy
new registers, that’s when they come. “Take it tomorrow”;
“Don’t you trust me?” “Let my salary come.”
Excuses like that won’t work any more. They are evolved. Who are you and why
are you helping us? Because you guys are going through
a bad time of the month. And I’m the king of bad times. First things first, you’ll have to save
yourselves from the debt walkers. You’ll need weapons for that. No, thanks. If I need weapons, why would
I’ve come from Pakistan to India? I’m not talking ’bout those weapons, you
scrambled piece of egg! I’m talking about these weapons. If you face them… Just show them your debit
and credit cards. If they still don’t settle down,
give them your pin. -ATM pin?
-Fool! Y’all just hide here. If they still break-in, then aim for their heads. -Throw money at their faces.
-That’s exactly what we don’t have. Oh, sorry. This one was my fantasy. Even I don’t have money. Looks like we’ll have to spend the night
at home just like New year’s. That must be the maid,
I’ll tell her to make some Maggie. Miss Shanta! You paid your maid, right? Yeah, Shiv gave it…
You gave it to her, right? Man, there was an ad about gorwing
my hair out, so I paid for it. Sorry, man! Yeah, so make some Maggie.
We’ll have half today and rest tomorrow. Jizzy!
Jizzy stop! Stop him! Jizzy! My salary! No, miss… No! You fools, do something! It’s my last 4 bucks, miss…
Please… Go fast! Go fast! Oh my God!
Fast! Go fast! Go fast! Oh my! Who are these guys? I didn’t take money
from any one at work. Oh fuck!
This was a fuckin’ trap! The office paid us our salaries
which are actually debts. Wait…
Let me handle this. They’re from a government run back. -They’ve come for me.
-Is that why they’re so slow? I’ll never pay them back. Fools! -Oh man! There are more there!
-Oh heck! They’re from a private bank. They’re very fast. I hope there’s petrol in this. Oh shit! Looks like I drank petrol
instead of whisky again! Oh fuck! Seems like I have to spend
the night in the car like the fresher night. No, no, you guys can leave.
They won’t harm you. -What about dinner, man?
-You won’t die if you skip dinner! -Classic mild?
– Oh shit! What do we do about that? I have 78 bucks in my account,
one of you transfer 22 bucks to me. We can withdraw 100 bucks
from the ATM and buy classic milds. -I have zero bucks in my account.
-It’s the same in mine. I can transfer 22 bucks to you guys. ‘Cause I have 25 bucks
in my account. Thanks… I’m doing it.
I’m doing it. All of you, give me your change… Give me all the change, we’ll
sort out dinner with it. Jizzy, how much do you have? I do, I have some with me. Are you okay? Oh my God!
My God! Shit! Did any one you
owe him any money? I took 70 bucks from him. You are fucked bean bag! He’s infected with the DEBT virus. He can come after you any second now
for his money. You will have to leave him behind. As I left my country behind. -Run, run, go!
-This uncle is blabbering… Nothing’s wrong with me. You will have to leave him! -I won’t ask you for money.
-Yeah, Jizzy. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Don’t leave me alone, guys. Give me my money! He’s turning into one of them.
Go! Go! Run! He’s our Jizzy! Come on! -No triples, man! Just one of you come.
-Why? No, man! -Badri you sit, they’re coming.
-Why Badri? -You can’t move the bike with him!
-What’d you say? -You can’t move with this fatso!
-It’s a powerful Hero engine, okay? I’ll show him the pick up on this.
Badri, sit! Why are you doing this to me, man? You’re fit, you run, dude! Quick! Quick! Quick! It’s not my dad’s pocket
for money to come out instantly! No balance. Why is it just showing me 78 bucks?! Oh fuck! It was the 5th transaction
from another ATM. -So?
-So, they cut 22 bucks! -Take out what’s there!
-Fool! Are there any other cards? Give me another card! Keep your hands away! Get away from my car! It’s working, guys. Looks like we’ll have to spend the night
at the ATM like the demonetisation night. We’ll get salaries day after only.
What do we do tomorrow? We’ll think about that later.
Let’s survive this night first. You hold the door,
you keep giving me the cards. We got our salaries?
Hey wake up! We got salaries! We got our salaries! Wake up! We got our salaries, man. -We got our salaries?
-We got our salaries. How is that possible?
It’s the 31st of November. Hold on… January, February, March… You fool! November has only 30 days! It’s the 1st of the month today! It’s the 1st of the month today! -It’s the 1st of the month today!
-It’s the 1st of the month today! It’s the 1st of the month today!
It’s the 1st of the month today! First let’s fix Jizzy. Transfer 70 bucks to Jizzy. Did you do it? Yes, I did… Now let’s pay these bastards. Open the door… Hey, miss… Use the mineral water in the fridge
to mop the floors. And take the brownies for your kids.
Get the door somebody… -Yes?
-Well… Looks like you got your salary? So give me back my 22 bucks? What are you talking about? The one I transfered to your bank
to complete the 100 bucks in your bank. -The bank guys deducted it.
-What bank? I need my money back! Why are you making an issue
out of this? Come tomorrow. -Come tomorrow, I’ll give it to you.
-Hey don’t behave like Siddharth. Foolish man!

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