Van Kirk sisters leading Manhattan Christian volleyball to success

Van Kirk sisters leading Manhattan Christian volleyball to success

the Manhattan Christian volleyball team is one of the best in Class C and their rise as a powerhouse can be attributed to arguably the best sister duo in the state [Music] she’s like the calm one and I’m definitely more the outgoing one so we work really well together we even each other out the Van Kirk sisters have quickly become a force for Manhattan Christian volleyball Kelley is in her senior season while her younger sister Kirsten is a freshman and they are excited to have one season to play on the court together to play in high school together it’s not the way it works out I don’t know it’s fun like you said there’s like a bulb of arrival area you know it’s really exciting we’ve played together growing up like throughout club basketball volleyball everything so it’s really fun to just continue doing that and since transferring to the Eagles two years ago they have fit right into the school the Van Kirk sisters have also turned heads on the court with their height Kelley is 6 feet tall our Kirsten is 6 1 and still growing and that length comes from their father Kenneth who may be one of the tallest people in Montana standing 7 feet other people like oh say oh we got so tall never seen falling so tall I don’t know I think for me it’s pretty much as normal but height is no substitution for talent in volleyball the van Kirk’s travel all summer long with the Big Sky volleyball club playing in tournaments I’m working hard to get better all those hours have led to Kelly committing to the University of Montana while Kirsten is already getting looked at by pac-12 schools as a 9th grader and her sister has some tips on the recruiting trail I guess I’d say stay open like for me I never really thought of U of M as an option until like a couple months ago so I don’t know keep your options open with the dominant Van Kirk sisters the Eagles handed Gardiner their first loss of the season on Tuesday they’re proving to be a classy powerhouse and with playoffs nearing they’re ready to show that I think we’re doing super well our team’s been working super all together and we’ve just had an amazing season so far I can’t wait to see how we progressed say obviously a winning state going to state all that stuff but I think and I think our team as a whole if you go super far this year so just go in tournaments playing best you can and seeing what happens

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