Virtual reality junkies are addicted to a shooter game. But there’s a glitch. | Uncanny Valley

Virtual reality junkies are addicted to a shooter game. But there’s a glitch. | Uncanny Valley

Virtual reality to me is the only reality. I remember the first time I tried it. I thought to myself, “Wow! I’m never gonna be bored again.” [Electronic music] 17 hours of combat a day. A hundred kills. About 8-10 deaths. Five senses support. 360° immersion. Enhanced pain. I wake up, check on my rankings and go straight to the battlefield. My life of line is simple. I built there. Sleep there. The bathroom’s there and that’s it. I haven’t left this house in quite a few years.I had trouble with the law in the past. With VR I feel like I can express myself. express my anger in a way that’s not dangerous. I feel like I can be myself and not go to jail for it. [Electronic music] My job is to provide psychological assistance in VR dependant neighbourhoods. To be honest, they don’t seem to manifest any interest in being a part of society and looking at their present conditions, I don’t think they would have a place either. I don’t feel comfortable around people. I don’t really know what I should say or…or do. Gameplay is… it’s just simpler. There’s no people just…just targets — Another man down. 1-3? Let’s try to get our formation back. There’s another stampede coming. — Roger that! [Dramatic music, scary monster sounds] — Six-Five, we’re moving southwest, over? November, is there a reason you’re standing there? What are you looking at? — November: Just go without me. — Roger that. — Let’s keep moving steady. We should be approaching our target any second now. Soldier over radio: What the hell are you doing? Stop it! You’re shooting into thin air! November, are you– [radio becomes distorted] [sound of distant thunder] [ominous orchestral big budget sci-fi music] [panicked breathing] Solider: Who are you? Hey! Heyyy! Radio soldier 1: What’s wrong with you soldier? Who the hell are you talking to? Radio soldier 2: Five-five, I don’t know what his problem is, but he’s standing there pretty useless. Radio Soldier 1: Just keep on the good channel, ladies. I got another gun in sight. And…fire! [Sound of machine-gun fire] [dramatic orchestral war music] [digital distortion sounds] Life of a flyer man, it’s… too slow. Nothing happens. It’s too quiet. Boring. It’s lonely. It’s depressing. I don’t like it. I want it to be as intense as possible. As real… as possible. Radio voice: Attention! I got a ghost about four minutes from your location. Prepare for frontal assault. Have your ammunition ready. [dramatic orchestral music] [string and electronic music]

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  2. That went from 0 to 100 really fast, and jesus are the vfx good…

  3. This could’ve been a great game.

  4. Could use some tighter editing and better (clearer, more even) sound.

  5. Ahh i see so basically they were killing ppl disguised as those things. The glitch exposes the real area in virtual reality. uses layout to make it seem like its not real and basically it is real as possible as the guy said. i wonder how many real players were killed or injured during this. A few holes in it but very good.

  6. Well…If that was true, I would be more dangerous than Oussama ben Laden because I played a FPS game during 4 years and I have more than 3000 hours of it

  7. This could 100% be an award winning movie.

  8. filters are like propoganda

  9. Why train a Machine learning for months, instead we could use unknowing humans to fight in war

  10. Better black mirror than black mirror

  11. These VR games involving killing might seem harmless enough but I remember years ago where parents and schools had to crack down on kids for focusing so much attention on those games instead of their school work and chores. Has it not also been said you are what you think?

  12. Why aren't we doing things this now?

  13. Not hard to believe something like this in the far future will happen

  14. I could watch a 2 hr version of this I swear! I just watched Ad Astra and tought of why there aren't a good sci fi film in the theatres…

  15. That was a plot twist.. but in a good way

  16. .hack, sao, black mirror, player 1….ect.

  17. I saw a BLACK MIRROR episode like this very scary thought.

  18. just subscribed. thanks man for cool content.liked as well

  19. Maannn Just 9 minute short film was extremely worth as a movie!.. Great sci-fi it was.. Keep Continue @Omeleto

  20. 1:44 everything is trashed Except the FOOD Printer

  21. The IS the Future for Young White Men if they dont stand up against the Left-Wing agenda that despises them for their skin color.

    Get yourselves together, Clean your Room. Take back the education system, run for political office. Positions will be given to people LESS qualified then you, use this inequality to drive you. With hard work we can eventually build a society where people are NOT judged by Race & Gender, rather by their actions & who they are as a person.

  22. How has it taken me this long to find this channel

  23. Great short film this is really well done and has a good and intreasting plot.

  24. Brilliant as usual.

  25. awww, i wanted an e p i c scene where he started killing all the other robots.

  26. Ready Player One??

  27. Someone made a movie like this, idk what it’s called but it’s basically the same concept, this was better tho haha

  28. I feel like im myslf

  29. Still thinkin if all this matrix stuff like if we were actually playin game this whole time… kinda like playing sims game or tht rick n morty cartoon..

  30. damn that was intense

  31. Robot:when he saw other robot killing

    Robot again:my life is a lie

  32. Omeleto how come im bearly finding out about you where have you been all my life !?? This channel is amazing !

  33. gamers are a problem the president was right

  34. What happens if I watch this video In VR

  35. Now this is worth a look with a twist so decisive it becomes open ended. Bravo.

  36. Ready player one?

  37. Have you ever just taken a look around and seen all these people just staring at their phones?

  38. Religiously circumventing Asimov's First Law of Robotics

  39. When you hack into a EA DLc

  40. Only problem with this story is, the "enemies" are seen running at you, but IRL would those middle eastern people be running at you like a monster? I don't think so.

  41. 100 kills phahahah seems like 1 hr a day for a week

  42. umm F the VR… Let me get a device that just lets me F*ckin float around please!

  43. This is the new black mirror

  44. Dude!!! This is amazing!! You should do a terminator movie!!!

  45. yeah, one has to wonder what all this advanced teck is gonna be used for.

  46. Wow.

    I really enjoyed that.

  47. I remember seeing this concept in an anime: Psycho Pass.
    I wasn't expecting to see it again.

  48. oh wow. i love that

  49. This needs a series treatment.

  50. What if you walked into that house and killed the "ghost" that was actually you? Geez. Imagine giving people their own kill order via VR control of a robot.

  51. SCP did it better

  52. Wow. This was truly mind-blowing! Thank you to the creators for a phenomenal film. 🙂

  53. Holy crap that was good didn’t expect that tbh

  54. Don't know about this whole junkie motif… But personally I cannot wait for VR to get so good in fact that I don't have to leave it.

    and before you get started on the whole "but you're being used as a puppet"… the only question I have for you is don't you pay taxes… Puppet? At least this woukd be fun.

  55. Ender's Game + Gamer + Ready Player One.

    I dig it.

  56. Thank you for raising voice against wars and violence in your own way. This world is sick. And is closer to the end than ever.

  57. It reminds me of this Black Mirror episode. There were soldiers there fighting humanoid creatures that apparently were zombies, infected or something like that. But then it turned out that they were normal people but the soldiers were manipulated to see them as zombies.

  58. How the hell are they floating in the air? Game engine turns the gravity off somehow?

  59. Something similar was done to some drone pilots irl wasnt it?

  60. Damn… that twist

  61. US is losing its appetite for fighting mano-a-mano — in large part b/c the things/territory we are fighting for these days are corporate objectives, not national ones. Instead of putting our money where our mouths are — putting our own people at risk — we've found ways to fight at one, two, or even three removes — via mercenary troops, regional allies, and technology (drones, cruise missiles, etc.). Soon our "army" will consist of less than 200,000 people, of whom maybe 10,000 interpret senor data and push buttons, while the rest support them. However, asymmetric warfare techniques can defeat this way of war, and they are being discovered — in some cases re-discovered — apace by those most threatened by the US.

  62. Yooooooooooo 😂 that endings great

  63. "VR depended neighborhoods" 😄

  64. This is really similar to black mirror's men against fire…

  65. Traitor to democracy Overwatch/blizzard commercials are not welcome here. Play them in china sellouts. Not here.

  66. VR today's modern trap house. With AI life and war become a game. This is the future?

  67. "Sir! Something must be wrong with unit 11. He isn't tea bagging his kill or talking trash to the other units!"

  68. Really good! Cool story too.

  69. If you liked this you have to watch the black mirror episode “Men against fire” it’s a pretty similar story.

  70. That's an amazing nose ring.

  71. Ya I could see VR being a viable method of controlling drones.

  72. I would’ve pulled all the chips off of everyone necks.

  73. Should've been made into a real movie. But at the same time, the build-up would be different. The documentary esc style makes it seem like what they are doing is legitimate. That would need to be taken away. The way some of the clips are put together could make a good "advertisement," but the plot is spoiled because of the ending and what happens. It could be continued and would most likely be a hit movie if executed well. This is probably just my opinion because I like dystopias. It works very well as a short film and makes me want to have 2 hours of it. Sadly, I only have 9 minutes.


  75. They shall lust for death…..

  76. We will use gamers to destroy the middle east

  77. K but like, I want to see a full series of this.

  78. theres a black mirror episode almost exactly like this

  79. Am I the only one who thinks it's a good idea to do this?

  80. Oh this was so intense… so real.. Thanks for making this movie!

  81. Why doesn't he use the vr to fight the game?? Or AI or whatever is tricking them

  82. So VR has snipers camping in windows too. Nothing changes.

  83. “You’ll float TOO”

  84. The whole conceptualization, script, graphics, production is other worldy
    Literal chills man wow hats off

  85. Seems like something that would happen irl

  86. A first short movie that I've seen a lot of potentials in..

  87. This short could have used an extra hour and a half.

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