Which Celebrity Makes The Best Fried Chicken?

Which Celebrity Makes The Best Fried Chicken?

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  1. I love that he thinks he's being "heavy" with the cayenne

  2. Gordon Ramsay : screaming in the background!!!

  3. that white dude looks like the white version of aaron donald

  4. I swear I saw this shit like 2 years ago… recycling videos I see

  5. Ramsey : you did it worng you FU*Kn DONKEY!!

  6. These people are so racist

  7. Gordon’s fried chicken calls for garlic, onion, and shallot

    Cook: literally adds whole aromatics to the buttermilk brine

  8. Proceeds to say the flavor is good, without actually explaining which flavors they’re referring to…

  9. Maybe it's the person cooking's fault cause it look like I could make better looking shi then him yeah I know you read these check yo self man 😂

  10. Y’all didn’t make Gordon Ramsay’s right

  11. Gordon Ramsey be like… Wtf… Olive oil IN😅

  12. Use me as the " Snoop DOGG" Button

  13. Snoop's tastebuds be woke af

  14. Which fried chicken makes the best celebrity?

  15. watchin this at nightime, now I’m hungry af

  16. Well of course Snoop had the best we all know black people have the best recipes lol

  17. oh in cut scene he put some wee I mean herbs which is the secret recipe

  18. Who takes one day just to fry chicken? Granny cooks the best in 30 minutes

  19. He get high and cook on his free time

  20. Gordon Ramsey wants to know your location dude..

  21. Maybe do which celebrity makes the best burger if you have not already done it

  22. Yo i can cook ima make snoops chicken, coming straight outta Long Beach babies

  23. In the first time, Gordon Ramsay didn’t win.

  24. When there’s different parts of the chicken being eaten it ruins the contest. If everyone ate the same part of the chicken it would be more controlled.

  25. (no afence but) i gatta say black people makes the best food in the world (my opion)

  26. video sure aint about friendship thats for dam sure

  27. They all look good, I want some chicken!

  28. Hmm, how many different ways could I say golden and crispy with random others adjectives for a nine minute video.

  29. 6:37 BRUH! no wonder that chicken was bland… what's up with that laughable amount of seasoning you added to the flour?

  30. I feel like each time the tell them to say they didn’t like Gordon Ramsey’s just because it’s his.

  31. Colonel: yOu’Re ChAlLeNgInG mE?!

  32. Bruh they were all roasting on Gordon Ramsey like that

  33. 5:06 guess he didn’t go to flavor town

  34. Do you reckon you could waste anymore of that fucking onion

  35. Gordon ramsay recipe taste dry 🤣, you will be haunted by Ramsay.

  36. Power of green😂

  37. If Gordon Ramsey saw this he would have said : You f*cking Donkey

  38. Drop it like its hot


  40. YES
    HE WON

  41. Leave it to the stoner to make some bomb fried chicken.

  42. It's a pleasure too see gorsan ramsey's dish getting criticized and called dry lol

  43. My mom's fried chicken is better

  44. Can you pls give me the details about snoop's chicken. Like how long you cooked it for and can you like give me the recipe pls.i would much appreciate it.

  45. Gordon Ramsey: am i joke tu you

  46. I was gonna make a lamb sauce joke but I assume someone already made it

  47. That’s whack why can’t they season it thereself

  48. Snoop is a real g hes got that chicken on lock baby

  49. A Gordon Ramsay ad came up when he was making the recipe 😳

  50. You really fucked up the ramsey wings..WHERE WAS THE SAUCE??

  51. Dude judge has no palette but alot of opinions. His thoughts on flavor penetration are quality content.

  52. It just made sense if snoopdogg won

  53. I thought the actual celebrities were in this video

  54. You forgot the rosemary Gordon Ramsay dipped in peppercorn honey and brushed that fried chicken… Why!?

  55. Lets be honest there's a lil bit of weed in that chicken that snoop made

  56. Gordon: That's not how you do it, you
    F O K I N G D O N K E Y!!

  57. you didn't season snoops enough

  58. I can hear Gordon Ramsay raging right now😂😂😂😂

  59. Gordon Ramsay would like to know your location!

  60. Black people love they chicken

  61. Ofc snoop dogg won he’s black

  62. Wait a min so snoop dog has white hands?

    Destruction 100

  63. Wow I didn't know Snoop Dogg makin fried Chicken man..

  64. They did gordan Ramsey dirty lol

  65. I've seen Gordon ramsey fried chicken. It's not like the way u did.

  66. excuse me did i see ramen

  67. Not trying to be that guy but he did not do any justice to Gordon ramsay's recipe,
    Although I may be slightly biased from my obsession for him 😂

  68. Anyone else thought that they were going to pick gordon’s chicken

  69. 99% of people takking about the judges
    Literally me like smoke weed everyday.

  70. i soo wanna have that snoop recipe chicken. and im vegetarian 😀

  71. Yo I was thinking snoop dogg could make some mean fried chicken

  72. Gordon Ramsey’s son watches video Nice

  73. wait… soo a weed-addict won against a famous certified chef… just get that in your head

  74. Daaayum. Forget fried. Gordon Ramsay just got roasted!

  75. They didn’t crush or chop any of the garlic or shallots in the buttermilk brine for Gordon’s recipe so you can pretty much assume not much flavor got through. Also looked like they burnt the shit out of it lmfao

  76. Wheres Keith when ya need him 😂 (You'll know if ya watch The Try Guys)

  77. Can’t believe Gordon Ramsey’s chicken was the least favourite dish

  78. The Big Boss Dawg!

  79. Where did he go heavy on patti’s😂⁉️ & gordons chicken?? Seeee this is why its better when the actual person cooked their own recipe 😂 he could EVER

  80. I think the thumbnail is messed up

  81. Before watching this video, i knew already they are going to trash gordon ramsey (knew he was in it because of the thumbnail). a bunch of millenial SJW minorities showing the middle age white man that he aint shit and the black man from the hood won. the extreme dramatic way they used to trash gordon ramsey just revealed them. it couldnt be that bad, but when you have an agenda, you always do it extremely obvious. didnt expect anything else and the SJW's didnt dissapoint.

  82. No body is talking about snoop dogg I didn't know he could cook ;-;

  83. I can hear snoop now… aye cuz I make chicken better than Gordon Ramsey n*gga

  84. I just came here to read the comments about Gordon Ramsay's chicken. I know y'all are shocked! XD

  85. someone thought that the celebrities will actually cook?


  86. *sees noodles being cracked in half*
    title: fRieD cHicKen

    me: fck this sht i'm out

  87. It didn’t hold on like it should because of the shitty chef doesn’t pack the chicken

  88. Who else just lowkey wanted gordon ramsey and snoop dog to win

  89. I came here to see weed chicken

  90. Snoop with the dub 🔥

  91. you didnt go heavy

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