Why do taxpayers pay billions for football stadiums?

Why do taxpayers pay billions for football stadiums?

gather around their televisions surrounded by loved ones,
to watch the Big Game. And the pinnacle event of the most profitable sports league in the world is more often than not played in a
new state-of-the-art stadium with super-sized digital displays retractable roofs luxurious box seats and suites. Teams generally earn the lion’s share of the revenue from the stadium. But for 28 of the 32 teams it’s the taxpayers in the team’s host city
who paid to build it. If the privately owned teams earn the stadium’s revenue why are they built with public money? A new NFL stadium is being built nearly every year and their price tags are reaching into the billions. This chart shows all the different home fields NFL teams have played in since 1960. Stadiums built in the ’70s and ’80s have lasted, on average, over 30 years. But now a stadium’s lifespan
may be less than two decades Washington’s owner started asking for a new stadium back when FedEx Field was only 17 years old. Though some stadiums, like the Giants/Jets MetLife Stadium are built with 100% private financing public tax dollars have financed the vast majority of NFL stadiums built in the last 20 years. That’s over 7 billion in public money going towards building and renovating NFL stadiums. NFL owners argue that a new stadium will generate new construction
jobs while the venue is being built all the new spending from ticket sales,
hotels, parking, tourism would cascade into the community, the wider area and would create a boom in the local economy I asked an urban planning economist if
stadiums really are a good public investment. Most of the stadiums we have
built in United States, they do not provide any positive impact – most of them. What else you could have done with this money? Let’s say they are raising 200 million dollar
and there is investing in a stadium. Instead of doing that, if they spend that money on roads, infrastructure, shopping malls, or public parks. Things that benefit the whole public,
not just football fans. For team owners, new stadiums mean
millions more in profits. They sell the name of the stadium to other corporations, host the Super Bowl, and owners maximize revenue
by building more and more luxury suites and club seating in the place of general
admission seats. Over a third of the seats are premium in the
Cowboys’ 82,000 seat stadium and a luxury suite can cost as much
as $30,000 per game. The push for new stadiums comes down to increasing profits for the owners, but cities try to
meet these demands because there’s more to a football franchise than the bottom line. Residents want teams and the hometown pride that comes with it. Even for people who never attended a game there’s a shared experience,
a collective enthusiasm for the home team. In one poll three-quarters of Indiananpolis citizens said losing the city’s NFL team would hurt the city compared to 68% who said it would hurt to lose all the city’s museums. This is coming from a city and state that
funded 86% of their new stadium even though the previous
stadium still owes millions in debt. Team owners, they have successfully tied this stadium to a civic pride. And that’s why When cities refuse to build new stadiums owners threaten to move their teams to
somewhere that will. That’s what happened in 2016 to St. Louis and 2017 to San Diego and Oakland. New stadiums aren’t the economic
powerhouses owners promise they’ll be. But as long as there are more cities
that want a home team than there are franchises, it looks like the taxpayers
are gonna keep footing the bill.

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  1. Watch how rule changes in the NFL made modern linemen gigantic:

  2. If the US had a European style system of sports where every town and city had its own sports club (and not a franchise) it'd eliminate teams obnoxiously moving to other places.

    You don't see teams in England moving from, say, London to Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle or even Cardiff. These cities tend to have more than one club so they couldn't simply move. Even if a club moved to an area without a major team the locals wouldn't support them because they'd likely have a club of their own playing in the lower divisions but with a strong fanbase.

    European football supporters aren't mercenaries.

  3. well put like that sure it sounds bad. But, the taxpayers voted to have a team brought in. You can look at a city like Arlington and a team the Cowboys and see how much good has come from it. Arlington has received new roads and new businesses due to the cowboys coming to build a stadium there.

  4. Cause football is awesome!!!!!

  5. Wait the raiders aren't in Oakland anymore?!!

  6. Don't you know more seats equal more fans and tourism around by tailgaters upon i ve been to games where companies would tailgate to get more money also think of this why would you go to indi if not the colts why go to Winnipeg if they dont have the jets

  7. The government should stop this teams to build stadium with the money of our states.

  8. You guys misspelled museum.

  9. Football is the best

  10. Infrastructure and parks help an area's economy.
    Sports teams regularly threaten to leave.
    So, let the team leave and make the stadium into an "enclosed park." Voila.

  11. I appreciate you showing the Minneapolis miracle it meant a lot to me

  12. That is of course unless you are a Green Bay Packers Fan and is the only publicly-traded team in the NFL so don't see it leaving Green Bay

  13. #when you have no clue what you're talking about 😂 you sound dumb. The stadium pay for itself. And no teams can't just leave

  14. The system is broken

  15. Lobby groups pay money to politician’s campaign funds to help that particular politician get re-elected. Then the politician helps secure votes for the lobby groups interest. The lobby group and politician created a win/win scenario for themselves. It is legalized bribery.

  16. Good. Murica. Stop whining in the comments.

  17. I absolutely love all the foreigners in the comments who have no idea what its like to live in America but think they know what they are talking about. Murica.

  18. There is no such thing as a "taxpayer," anymore than there is a mugger-payer. The government steals our wealth and then, to ameliorate us, their victims, pretends that we have a say in how and where that stolen wealth is spent.

    The crime is not in the spending, but in the taking. Well, unless they are spending it to commit other crimes, like waging a treasonous war against the American people, or killing millions overseas.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  19. This is crazy. It is a business. Owners should fit the bill.

  20. Cause we don’t have a choice

  21. 0:11 did that dude throw his helmet

  22. We shouldn't be getting taxed to support sports.. Seriously they make so much money, but they still bleed people dry for their hard earned cash. They also offer little to nothing to the local economy, screw sports.

  23. only time I think they will come to Cincinnati

  24. after all it's not football in fact it's EGGball 🏈🏉

  25. Possible solution (Other than outright refusing to publicly fund anything, which they should): Make it an actual investment. For any percentage of the costs a municipality spends on the construction or renovation of a stadium, they receive 1/2 a percent on any revenue generated on via ticket sales, parking, merchandise, food and beverage, and in stadium advertising for a set amount of time or until their investment is recouped with some interest to make up for inflation. While they break even on that front, they also stand to benefit from the increased tourism and stadium construction. It would be an actual investment in the city.
    Of course the result of this would be that the league and the billionaire owners would just fund the stadiums themselves. Which is also fine. At least cities aren't wasting tax dollars on a stadium that at best will host two preseason games, eight home games, two playoff games, and maybe the Super Bowl every decade or two.

  26. The graphic at 0:35 is fake news. The Patriots stadium was privately financed.

  27. Why is the NFL not taxed by the federal government? They make these massive deals that benefit the local politicians only. If they really wanted to help their cities- they’d build vocational schools. It’s been pounded into people’s brains that EVERYONE needs to go to college when in fact college is not for most people. Learning a trade while in high school would provide an opportunity for kids to start earning money immediately after graduation- as opposed to accruing massive debt unto themselves or taxpayers for a useless college degree. It’d also save taxpayers having to provide gov assistance for most, of not the rest of these young people’s lives. People need to stop pointing to plumbers, electricians, and construction workers and telling their kids “see? You need to go to college so you don’t end up like THAT guy”. THOSE people make a good living without any student loan debt.

  28. I like sports but it’s bullshit for the local governments to build a stadium for an NFL or an NBA team. All these owners are billionaires. Let them build the stadium. If all cities and municipalities would do this, where is the team going to go? My city if Memphis had to build their NBA team a stadium even though the city already had a suitable venue and the owner was again, a BILLIONAIRE. The city builds the stupid stadium and the BILLIONAIRES make the profit. This is while the money could be more widely spent. And the urban planner is right, stadiums do very little for the local economy and the owners are usually feee to just move the team. This happened in St. Louis who built a stadium for the Rams who left the city to go back to LA. Now St. Louis, not a wealthy city is now stuck with a stadium that has no use, the city has no NFL team, no major college team, this city is stuck forever while the owner leaves town and makes LA build him another stadium for literally a Billion dollars. This is enough money to give every person in the LA metro area a $100. So people of Los Angeles, you personally had to pay a hundred bucks for a billionaire to put his mediocre to shitty football team (the Rams), and he makes all the profit. It’s insane, and another reason why to a lot of people even football fans, the NFL are greedy cocksuckers.

  29. So the NFL needs more teams in a second league with promotion/relegation to/from the main NFL league.

  30. I did tear up a little when the Ga Dome came down. I graduated there and it wasn't anything wrong with it. And the fact they tore down churches to build a new stadium for the Falcons. THE FALCONS!!!! WHY???

  31. The Rams stadium had to get a bunch of exceptions from the state government in order to build. The exceptions had nothing to do with safety, but they were exceptions to laws that could potentially grid lock the construction for years if someone wanted to do it.

  32. Guy says a city could spend money on roads entertainment ect well the city where I live has all that already and an NFL team and guess what, it does help the economy in countless ways…

  33. So its more like having bragging rights and a self esteem boost for the citizens, that's a lot of money to boost ones self esteem. So if a franchise consistently loses, so that would be considered a bad investment of taxpayers fund, Right? LOL

  34. The lip smacking is unbelievable

  35. Idk vox y do we pay taxes for illegal immigrants?

  36. They need to invest this money into stopping stuff like school shootings! And or infrastructure which is very poor in the US!

  37. Didn’t even show the super bowl

  38. The truth is that tax payers want a team so they have to pay for the stadiums

  39. I can't stand this shemale voice

  40. I mean im Fairmess to lambeau field recieving almost 90% public funds (gross exageration of actual precentage) it is a historic lamdmark. Its been around since 1920s. Its like wrigley field or Fenway park.

  41. It's def not an ideal balance. I hate that teams move because they cant squeeze tax payers because it really is a public pride.

  42. the indian man is full bullshit

  43. At the beginning you said the nfl is the largest sports league in the world when the premier league is the largest league in the world

  44. The most profitable sports league in the world ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  45. Sorry, but the most profitable professional sports league is the English Premier League.

  46. It's simple: American politicians are owned by corporate america. The politicians in power are happy to build the stadiums that benefit the corporations that help finance their election campaigns. If they can sell it to the dumb voters as "infrastructure" or "a tourism venue" then they're even happier.

  47. The Patriots don't play in a taxpayer funded stadium, Robert Kraft paid for Gillette Stadium with his own money.

  48. I know this is a serious video but thank you for the intro the best one I’ve ever seen

  49. It’s not just football games in there…in Houston at NRG they host concerts, rodeo, soccer, conventions, graduations, etc in there so if you add that up I’m sure it has some sort of positive impact

  50. Blackmail by a group of megarich egotists.

  51. I feel like the Mercedes-Benz stadium in atl actual did do good because it’s all ways packed in Atlanta standouts always do more than just sports even though it’s main reason was to house the falcons and the five stripes (atl United)

  52. Check your research! I am pretty sure The Patriots stadium was privately financed by their owner Bob Kraft

  53. I feel votes are rigged. Whether the city wants a 🏟 or not it's not up to them, it's going to get built. Once big bucks come into play, there's something going on behind the scenes and someone is pulling the strings.

  54. Vox I usually disagree with you but on this topic I completely agree.

  55. The NFL is garbage anyway
    Don't umderstand how people can watch that crap. 5 seconds of play…1 minute of standing around. Repeat.

  56. 7billion? Nearly enough for a moon base.

  57. The narrator is my cousin’s wife 😊

  58. Because Their DAMN fOOLS!

  59. First, 'most profitable', yeaaah, nice way of saying that it is not the most watched, or with the most investments in it.
    Second, it is football (you call it soccer for some reason, but no one else does) of course.
    Third, it is very clear that sports in the states, such as American football or basketball, have no tradition whatsoever. Teams are moving to other cities and states to gain more profits while leaving supporters behind. This really shows that American football is a 100% commercial project, with no real fans and activism behind it. You guys should take a look at Europe, you will find teams with genuine supporters.

  60. Please don't call that egg ball game "football"

  61. The rich get richer, and poor are paying for it.

  62. so proud of San Diego for refusing to pay for a new stadium for the chargers. hopefully more cities will fully suit and insist the bilionaires have it privately funded.

  63. Let’s just note that both the Raiders and Rams/Chargers are building their new stadiums from private money. And also that no city is ever forced to pay for a new stadium, if the people want to keep the team and use their tax money on keeping a team in town, why is it such a big problem.

  64. "The most profitable league in the world", is that true?, even more profitable than Premier League or Spanish League "La Liga" (futbol soccer)?

  65. The majority of voters (Democrats and Republicans) with an uncouth and bogus sense of civic pride are low I.Q, indolent scum whose priorities are misaligned with what our society truly needs. And the parasitical wealthy sports team owners are more than willing to take advantage of such buffoonery to line up their pockets.

  66. Its called wealth transfer. The idea is take money from the people and put it in a select few pockets. Its becoming an epidemic problem.

  67. After watching this its kind of hard to beleive were 22 trillion dollars in debt.

  68. If I'm paying for football stadium then we could pay for the caravan

  69. Why throwing the shade on just football? Look at the Marlins stadium that no ones go to

  70. Wrong, the Patriot's Stadium was privately funded. All Boston Sports Arenas were privately funded.
    Please fix.
    "It was announced as a 68,000-seat stadium at a cost of $325 million, with the entire cost privately funded. Boston is thus the only city in professional sports in which all facilities are privately owned and operated." – Wikipedia

  71. Its entertainment if this was some stupid museum that gets funding it would ok

  72. Down in Austin, TX, they had two Futball teams wanting to move in, both major (MLS) and minor league. The minor league was able to move in to a spot at COTA, Circuit of the Americas. The major league team which originally was going to be the Columbus Crew moving in but now is a separate team entirely, wants a new stadium. After over a year of negotiations, the city said that the stadium's construction would be tax deferred until after the first season, instead of exempt or paid, and after the construction the lot owner would have to pay property tax.

    I personally don't care for either teams and not so much Futball to begin with, but I give credit for Austin to hold its ground. With that being said I'd much rather go see the Commanders in San Antonio in the AAF who just rents out the Alamodome for a dozen weekends out of the year.

  73. Raiders belong in Oakland but the city doesn't want to pay for it

  74. I'm from the UK, and I would strongly object for a local authority to help finance the construction of a new stadium.

    I have no problem with the local authority helping them with planning issues, exemptions from local bylaws, etc.

  75. lok at the jags logo xD

  76. Gilette was fully funded by kraft was it not?

  77. Waste of tax payers money and it's full of corruption fueled by greed…Sports is just entertainment only and i'd rather watch a movie instead? now that's entertainment!

  78. Wow people in USA are so easy to fool to give their money to their oligarchs.

  79. Welfare for the rich and nothing for the poor.

  80. Americans allow this because they neither have a history of monarchy to recall nor a good historical grasp of countries that did. This is nothing less than the development of an Ancien Regime in the U.S., and because Americans have been socially engineered to worship celebrity so much it will only get worse.

  81. Hate to say it, but bad voiceover.

  82. It’s super manipulative that they total take advantage of people’s love for football to force the cities to pay taxpayer money. Who cares about these teams and let’s be 100% honest your most likely only watching them on tv not actually at the stadium anyway so why bother making new ones so often. It’s such a waste.

  83. I think the cities want more marching band competitions.

  84. Tsk tsk tsk
    Ol Murica and their “profits”

  85. All NFL teams need to fund their own stadiums and have the sport played outdoors on grass.

  86. The sad thing about vox is that this is something that seems legitimate, but due to all your obvious lies on other videos, it is hard to take you for your word. I feel like there is some background information you are leaving out or masking. Honestly, that is sad.

  87. That money could go to schools

  88. In the case of some cities such as Seattle, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, getting a new football-spec stadium was justified because the cookie-cutter (football/baseball) stadium model left much to be desired not just for the players, but YOU the fan as well…….the sightlines were mediocre at best for both football and baseball in one venue. Not to mention Americans have (in general) gotten fatter so wider seats were needed. Not to mention that many older venues were non-compliant with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

    Furthermore, just because a team's value is over $2 billion DOES NOT mean its owner makes that much money.

  89. In Minnesota’s defense, the Metrodome which is what we just replaced was having costly repairs being needed for the roof as it kept breaking due to heavy snow buildup. That and there were also safety concerns iirc and those two issues culminated in needing a replacement stadium.

  90. Society programmed to be toys are us kids or princesses

  91. Billionaire team owners want the public to subsidize their stadiums. But when it comes to a public option in healthcare… "IT'S SOCIALISM!"

  92. Its not the most profitable and its american football

  93. SuperBowl looks like a shitshow compared to the UEFA Champions League final

  94. Bunch of nerds talking about sports.

  95. Still don't have healthcare, but we got FOOTBALL

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