Why People Think Video Games Are Just For Boys | Adam Ruins Everything

Why People Think Video Games Are Just For Boys | Adam Ruins Everything

– Early video games, like
Pong, were totally unisex. – Am I a boy dot or a girl dot? – You’re just a dot. – Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. – In fact, the game was marketed to the entire family. – What about Pac-Man? He was a boy. – True, but the game was
so popular with women, that when it came time for a sequel, the developers gave it a female
main character, Ms. Pac-Man. – Ah yeah, I’m spooky. – Not Mrs, Ms. She was a modern ’80’s career woman. – I have an MBA in eating ghosts. Wakka, wakka, wakka, wakka, wakka, wakka. – (screams) She’s so confident! – And not only was much
of the audience female, many of the developers were too. Among the stars of early game design were Atari’s Carol Shaw, Centipede creator Donna Bailey, and Roberta Williams, an adventure game pioneer and company co-founder whose King’s Quest
series was a massive hit among gamers of all stripes. – Cool, it seems like everything’s great. Can I play my game now? – Nope, because all of that changed thanks to the video game crash of 1983. Greedy publishers started
flooding the market with shoddy games like I Want My Mommy, Lost Luggage, and E.T. for the Atari 2600, which has been called one of
the worst games of all time. – Yuck, I’ll play anything, and even I know that’s a turd. – Most adults stopped
playing games entirely, and the video game market cratered. (techno explosion) So, when it came time
to market the original Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo devised a plan. Instead of selling it in
the electronics section, they sold it in the toy aisle. But by then, the toy aisle was completely separated into pink
and blue, boy and girl. Nintendo had to choose a side. They went with boy. And then they marketed to
those boys relentlessly. – What’s it like to play the Nintendo Entertainment System? (upbeat ’80’s rock music) Now you’re playing with power. – Other brands soon followed suit. – Introducing games from Sega. Let the break begin from the boys. – And kept marketing to
them as they grew up. – It’s not the size of your howitzer, it’s what you do with it. – I got this pulling a 360 stalefish. – I know you like that, I know you love that. – It’s all about the control. (upbeat hip hop music) – You are so totally whipped. – Come and play with me. – And after decades of
this kind of advertising, – What’s up, bitch? – we now think of video games as being the exclusive
domain of the male sex. – OK, those ads are weird, but boys just like video
games more than girls do. – Sorry, Jake, that’s a straight up myth. More adult women play video games than teenage boys do. – Sweet! – That’s just counting stupid phone games. – Uh, so, games are games, Jake. All that means is that mainstream consoles like PS4 and Xbox One
are refusing to serve a huge untapped market. – Untapped market. – We’re talking millions of women who would love to play more games, but are being pushed away from the hobby by weird old-fashioned marketing that publishers are sticking with seemingly out of shear force of habit. – Force of habit. – Ah, who’s doing that? Why are you hurting me, Megan? – Because I’m mad at you. I like games. I’ve always liked them. It’s just sometimes I feel
like they don’t love me back. And you act like I’m not supposed
to play them or something just because you listen
to all these stupid ads. – Jake, video games are
the greatest new art form of the century. They can do anything. Saying they’re for just
one gender is ridiculous. – Yeah, it’s like saying
movies are just for girls, or books are just for dads. It’s stupid. – When we think about video games in such a limited way, it makes the games worse, it loses the industry money, and it’s really mean to your sister. (Jake screaming) – Just wait, he’ll burn
out in about three minutes. – Yeah, I’ve seen this before. Hey, I’m Adam from College Humor. If you liked that clip,
make sure to check out my new show “Adam Ruins Everything” Tuesdays at 10 pm on Tru TV. It’s gonna ruin your Tuesday, but trust me, the rest of
your week will be fine.

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  1. Huh. So that's why Amy Rose wasn't in Sonic Mania. LOL

  2. I agree with most of the points made in the video. However, I cannot agree with the claim that the female gaming market is untapped.

    When the Wii came out in late 2006, it essentially did what smartphones do now. It emphasized casual, family gaming that doesn't require a lot of time investment. However, as smart phones became more popular, it was (and still is) more convenient to get a casual gaming fix from a phone, rather than from a console, which is the type of gaming the video claimed females wanted.

    Nintendo, unfortunately, did not realize this. After the Wii's success, they released the Wii U, with the same goal in mind: to capture the casual family gaming audience. However, due to this marketing strategy, along with other factors like poor console specs, the Wii U sold extremely poorly. The casual gaming audience (presumably where the females are) was permanently set on smart devices, so they never bought the console. Not only this, but the Wii U was marketed for that audience alone, so those who were interested in a non-casual gaming experience did not buy the console. This led to the Wii U being the worst selling home console system in Nintendo's history, with it only selling 13.56 million units (compared to Wii's 101 million units).

    The casual (female) market is not "untapped". Companies have tried to tap into the market, but smart devices already have it locked down. Sony and Microsoft don't market to the casual gamer not because they are antiquated, but because Nintendo proved it was fiscally irresponsible.

  3. Adam mentions the ET game, giving every gamer who has heard of it war flashbacks of that pixelated nightmares

  4. This video releases
    Tetris disliked this video

  5. Phone games are cash grabbing fake game

  6. There's a reason that Halo includes playable female spartans in multiplayer. Dark Souls also has the option to create female characters.

  7. And middle aged men dominate the market more then both young boys and older women

  8. Maybe they Were aimed at a male demographic in the 80s and 90s, but now the ratio is split 50/50 between boys and girls. Anyone can play video games and our modern industry acknowledges that, and ignores past customs. Although there are some titles that are marketed towards one or the other, it is seen as being unisex.

  9. i thought Nintendo was okay before this, now i know its the worst

  10. Gamer girls don't exist end of story

  11. I mean, companies market to a specific audience because it’s easier than marketing to everyone, excluding essential items. Nobody says girls can’t play games, that’d be illegal.

  12. Its time for Pewdiepie to review this,,,,

  13. And of course the “You’re just a stupid beta male SJW Tumblr Feminist Snowflake!!!” comments and PC Master Race comments

  14. This is from a perspective far outside the gaming community. 1) Mobile games don't compare to actual games. They are games and yes they do make up a large portion of the gaming revenue however anyone can pick up a phone and play a mobile game for a few minutes. That does not make them a gamer. 2) Hardly anyone discriminates now. Most games are made for both men and women. Women can actually make quite a bit of money from playing games on twitch and you are more likely to see someone insulting a male streamer for his lack of skill than someone insulting a female streamer for playing games.

  15. Seriously though to think that this stereotype happened due to how we aggressively gender children’s toys! If they put it in the electronics section we wouldn’t have this issue and we would live in a world with out morons surprised that women might be pissed off at them for having such a boys club mentality about video games

  16. SEXIST!

  17. Stupid phone games!!!! Your not a real gamer if you play phone games.

  18. Yeah… Correct but. Candy Crush isn't a game

  19. MOBILE GAMES ARE NOT GAMES… their garbage

  20. Adam.

    Coronel of the gamers

  21. Even my sister plays fucking PUBG as well as me while im 12 and she is 15

  22. This video is stupid advertisement directed for males never stopped any wemen i know who likes games from playing them my aunt, mother, cousins, and friends all play videogames and have fun with them regardless of the marketing

  23. No one is stopping girls from going into the boys toy isle. Also, the App Store doesn’t have gender segregation.

  24. No one says they are just for boys. It’s just statistically guys are way more likely to chose video games over other forms of entertainment than females

  25. Kingdom hearts fandom is full of rabid fangirls… They even crazier than the boys.

  26. cough, cough smash ultimate cough, cough just dance cough, cough a bunch of nintendo games

  27. All of your argument is based on some women play candy crush like crap on their phones? We don't even call fortnite players gamer!
    Also if U.S. statistics show that girls too play games in U.S. this doesn't mean they do in other countries. I personally rarely seen any girls playing serious games like wow, 1 in 100 sometimes. It's not like men hate women playing games or anything, they are just not interested.

  28. I make my living as a gaming broadcaster LOL (with REAL games lol)

  29. But entirely true, back then, the girl shelves were full of barbies and babydolls and homemaker toys. the market was sexually divided and thats a fact. nintendo HAD to choose one initially, as it wouldnt have gone both ways back then

  30. Girl Gamer: Barbie Games and Candy Crush
    OG Gamer: Fortnite and Minecraft

  31. Gamer girls a rare breed

  32. That's why I like having 2 brothers that are like 7-8 years older, than me. (and I turned 15 last year) So I played their games, that means growing playing "Call of Duty" and "Mortal Kombat" (some of my fav games) I was 8 when this happened. So yeah, one of the benefits of having an older brother(s).

  33. What Adam forgot to mention is that it’s not just the marketing, but the male players themselves. They’re so biased and most of them would rather call women who play video games, names than let them into the community. I play video games such as Halo and other Male oriented games and when I hop on Mic to direct teammates I get wolf whistled and called an E-Thot among other things. As well as harassed by male players.

    So it’s not just the marketing. It’s also biased male stereotypes.

  34. stupid phone "games" are not real games

  35. Too bad the ads wouldn’t work on me if I was a boy.. cause I ignore them ..


  37. But no1 thinks this

  38. When my mom was a little kid in the 80s she played alot of mario and Tomb raider now she thinks games ruined her life (isnt true)

  39. My favorite series since I was 11 has been the Legend of Zelda.

  40. “Am a girl thot or boy thot” ”You’re just a THOT”

  41. No one thinks that!

  42. All I can say is that when it comes to gaming, gender doesn't matter

  43. Refusing to serve?
    O RLY?

  44. So long as they aren’t gonna break my ears with horrible mics or spout offensive stuff I don’t care

  45. I met one girl who plays gta 5

  46. Other than "no girls on the internet" jokes does anyone still say this? This doesn't strike me as something that comes up much. Full disclosure: I'm a man and I acknowledge I don't have the experience of a female gamer.

  47. Candy crash ain't gonna make you a gamer

  48. My sister plays videogames and she plays videogames with the rest of us.

  49. but girls listen to these stupid ads

  50. Studies show that females are more interested in Match games.

  51. Adam should ruin everything………!!

  52. Adam has to re-define video games to argue that lots of women play video games in his feminist rant about something that's never been a real issue. Okay

  53. I play super smash bros.

  54. Playing phone games is mean to gaming society.

  55. my sister plays League of Legends and you were absolutely right about adult women playing video games!

  56. it's because female characters in video games have unrealistic looking bodies where their breasts and bottoms are the size of watermelons and their waists are about the same size as a pencil eraser

  57. I'm a girl, I'm on my third play through of fallout new Vegas.

  58. …Goddamn it Adam is so annoying and also pretty cute but so frickin irritatingly adorable so why don’t you just kill me now.

  59. Candy Crush is casual BS.

  60. Friends:arguing about situation

  61. Also my mom plays candy crush i live in the philippines 🇵🇭 and we are the texting capital of the world 🌎 so yeah

  62. Dammit Adam… now I want to play games.

  63. Yeah, uhh.. I’m not into games. I like YouTube videos and toys. 🙃

  64. Would you rather have a gamer girlfriend or a girlfriend?

  65. My grandma plays candy crush and subway surfer. No lie


  67. I just play the sims oof

  68. Why are they comparing ADULT women with TEENAGE boys

  69. Here’s my thing. Girls USED to not be advertised to but these days everyone is… and yet it’s still a drastically larger number of boys playing than girls (and no im not counting candy crush). Girls can join now with no issue what so ever and most people promote it, they just choose not to play. So just leave it up to woman as it always has been.

  70. This boy is so mean to his sister…and he gets mad that he is told off and doesn’t get what he wants, he a bad boy 😠⚔️

  71. ah yes, the three genders
    edit: spelling mistake

  72. He gonna take you back to the past …

  73. The candy crush argument is so unbelievably stupid. Moms don’t play it because there’s nothing on Xbox/ps4. They play candy crush BECAUSE it’s on their phones. Also candy crush is on Xbox and moms don’t play there. I feel badly for people who enjoy this BS.

  74. he makes a much better case than Anita Sarkisian

  75. My sister isn’t the biggest fan of games… but she is a fan of more calm games. Like tomodachi life, animal crossing, and snipperclips.

  76. Me and my friends are making a game!


  78. u know the only peapel who believe that games are just for boys are ignorant douches no 1 likes not even their parents ore adults set in there ken sexist time the harsh reality is that most gamers act like weirdos around girls and also phone and Wii arent games there 1 doesent have multiplayer and the ohter is incaple of making a game that isint shit and has 200000000zilon f ing ads that make the phone game look even wurse

  79. Candy Crush doesn't = Fallout, Zelda, Pokemon, Gods of War, ect.

  80. guess what, when i first played GTA San Andreas I was only 6 years old, and guess what, I play serious games, like the Witcher 3, mafia 3/2 assassins creed ( and fyi i have played every single assassins creed game) so, being a girl doesn't mean playing the "dress Elsa, Elsa salon" games or candy crush.

  81. I'm not at all sure about the stereotype hurting sales. Unisex products are tough market nowadays, while just men are easily lured by promise of masculinity. Having to make worthy content for two segments is not as profitable as selling crap to just one. That's why even food is very gender specefic

  82. I don't really think that mobile games like candy crush count as main stream games. I mean you won't see candy crush 2 anounced in E3

  83. Why is she using headphones for candy crush?

  84. Look, video games are not just for boys, and people know that.
    Just look at half of the Minecraft server population.

  85. I'm a girl and I play Minecraft

  86. Jake says boys like video games more than girls do I like video games I play all video games are on Xbox 360 and most of those games are for boys

  87. I love Nintendo Marketing Plan. My character of choice was Girls though, because the floating ability

  88. Why do I want to play "lost luggage"?

  89. Stop making up problems that don't existe anymore…no one think that anymore, up date a little. This video is poorly executed. I am a girl and i would be curious to know what % of girl play game like Halo ….arcordin to halowaypoint, the awser 5%… yeah… 5%. Candy crush and other game like that can't be compared to pc and console game. And if you are a girl and you need a girl character to play a game…you are just a narcissistic person. I play deus ex and i don't care that the charscter is a man. I play metroid and i don't care that the character is a women. I just enjoy the game at it is.

  90. Quick answer they are for both gender

  91. ~fried pickle that, I'mma go play Stardew Valley~

  92. I have a GBA in eating ghosts

  93. I love video games no matter what

  94. my grandma is a hardcore ARK survival player, she finds joy in ripping tribes to shreds with rexes

  95. lol I'm a girl and I like all the games. I like Nintendo and my phone is filled to the brim with dumb mobile games. Not Candy Crush though.
    Candy Crush is the devil.

  96. Wait, video games are for boys?

  97. Belle delphine: Hold my beer

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