Игры похожие на Avakin Life, обзор симуляторов жизни

Игры похожие на Avakin Life, обзор симуляторов жизни

Hello friends, I’m glad to all of you and thank you, that looked at my channel. Today I decided to review Avakin-like games LIfe. And I’ll say right away why I chose this topic for the video. I have been asked for a long time remove review on Second Life, start releasing content about other similar games. And to somehow predict your reaction, I decided to start with this topic. I want to remind once again that my channel for audiences older than 13 years, that is, for those who are not embarrassed by cowards in the frame. If cowards somehow contradict your worldview, then please do not scoff at yourself watching this video. Because speech it’s not just about a game similar to Avakin LIfe, but about games from the category for adult children. I’ll start with the smallest and gradually move on to more interesting. Therefore, stay with me throughout all this video, click on the subscribe button on the bell, pour tea and sit back. The first game, more precisely a social network or a large community – this is Stardoll. Has appeared she in 2004, thanks Scandinavian artist who decided to recreate favorite childhood game in the Internet space. Initially, the game was primitive: just dolls with the faces of popular stars, which you can dress up in beautiful clothes. But soon these just dolls grew into multifunctional and popular project. Unfortunately the game is browser-based, its mobile version is primitive and It has not been updated for a long time, but this is a big minus. Because the game is about communication, about beautiful dresses, in general, girl’s paradise with affordable prices for global brands like Gucci or Chanel, and around the clock open shopping center. By the way, Sephora was one of the first cosmetics stores open at stardoll. I’m not joking, really at Starplaza there are stores of world brands with elegantly drawn clothes. Just to see all this beauty It is worth registering in the game. By the way, the assortment stores updated quite often and many things are limited. As you can see, dress up avatars need by the principle of paper dolls, the same goes for the interior. Everything that I built here another 5 years back, you can move, move, but it’s better not to do it because I once spent on creating this square not one hour. The principle of communication and chat similar to Avakin LIfe: this is a personal correspondence, chatting in chat rooms and I already forgot whether it is possible to invite friends to my place to visit. You can create a chat yourself or join to already created. More from the interesting: there are contests and awards for the best design, best album, vote for the cover girl (this is in the apartments of others players need to put stars). At all much for which you can vote and much that You can create: jewelry, wigs, clothes. It’s a pity only the game lost its former popularity because few who is playing browser games of this kind now. Here if she was with a fully functional mobile application, then another thing. Next game called – Avatarika, she is in the past – Dom 3. Project once related to TNT and the TV project Dom 2, where the only hearts are looking for each other on an attraction of 20 or 15 years, shorter than long. Avatarika is life simulator, I would even say – The Sims 2 in Russian and online. Why exactly 2? Because game graphics remained at the level of her year release and since then little has changed. Unless after breaking with TNT, the island of love was transformed into an island of entertainment, and the texture of the sky became more colorful. I once played to Avatarika and my first reaction to the game was something like this: “cool, it’s The Sims, only online.” Of course I did not find the island of love, but the old players we were given tours around the world and showed the former luxury of Dom 3. Play Avatarika, by the way, it is possible only on a desktop through the client. In general, this review will not have mobile games. What can be done here? Eat, sleep, ride a car, swear near the subway with others players, and play mini-games with them, bowling, quasar, and of course pump over the experience of your character. By the way in the game experience is called prestige, but it’s worth considering that the higher your prestige, the more often you will want an avatar to cope with your needs. Therefore in the store character freeze sets are sold, which all players are forced to use. For example, my character’s prestige is 100,000. Salary of about 5000, and the apple is in the store about 7000, so-so situation, which fully explains the low popularity of this game. But you should give her credit, because in due time she was quite crowded then some of the players went to Avakin LIfe, those who are interested in adult content have left for Second Life, but they used to go there a bit, just not all players knew about its existence. This is a map of the Avatariki metro, it’s a map of the world in which to relieve the need for public A toilet is more expensive than a subway ride. But I already talked about it, it’s very expensive to manage character needs. You are literally forced spend real money on the game. By the way, in Avatarika You can dance like in Para Pa, if you understand what I mean. Para Pa is another a once popular game who will quietly live her life. In my opinion, dancing one of the character’s needs rises and you can pump prestige. Avatarika would be a good life simulator if she was taken up and simplified the system of needs character. It differs from Avakin LIfe only outdated graphics and annoying needs. Well, you can also ride on it in cars, create clans (parties) and gather large companies. The third game in my collection is LoveCity3D. In my opinion, this is something average between Avatarika and Second Life, which will be discussed speech a little later. Outwardly avatars to me I don’t like it here and I can’t understand what it repels me in them. They seem to be worked out better than in the previous game, but at the same time there is something frightening about them. LoveCity – it is a life simulator in which it is present adult content from the category: “what is real buy?” I think LoveCity is this is Second Life at a minimum for those who has a weak computer. Because everything here offer for real money, Second Life is available for free or less amount. After registering your character appears in the center for beginners, where there are always many players, but there are few newcomers among them. They reluctantly entered into dialogue with me, in the clans not invited, because, wake up honest, newcomers especially no one in any game not interested. In the same Avatarika, I played pumped character, hung with different things for real money. And everyone wanted to be friends with me, play, they called me to the party, and here with me basically the same newcomers met as I did. But you should give credit to LoveCity, at least deal with it. Arrange different events, the players themselves are organizing something, and this application is associated with the site of the same name dating by clicking on the avatar player can see his profile on the site. In general, for many actions you have to go to the site, for example, in order to make purchases. And this is personally not convenient for me. I think this woman dancing in every situation. I bought myself a free apartment, just to call friends into her I need VIP status. Here, in general, everything needs a VIP status, therefore, I turn to the review of the next game. This is Second Life with strange but always original avatars, opportunity upload your content to the world, sell it to others players and earn real money on it. In Second Life, the players themselves create all the content: clothes, buildings, animals, cars. In general, everything that surrounds you in Second Life, created by its residents. Game, or rather three-dimensional virtual world with elements social network, was created in 2003 Linden Lab. In my opinion on the mainland there is a museum of history of Second Life. If this the game is interesting to you, then I can take it off separate review. Because, unlike previous games, She is popular and original. LoveCity, IMVU and Avakin LIfe – are just simplified copies of Second Life, of course each of these projects began to develop after according to our own scenario, but we all understand what was taken as a basis. In-game Currency, Linden Dollar (L $), You can earn by completing quests in Linden Park. You can earn fishing, there are still different types of camping, about which you can talk for a very long time. And of course the most profitable and popular way to earn money – this is selling your own content. The big minus of Second Life is that on slow computers it does not work, but on more powerful ones often lays in many ways it depends on the load of the location with objects and the level of graphics settings. Mobile version unfortunately, not either, and this is very distressing. From entertainment there are various role-playing games, such as vampires and werewolves. They bite each other there, bite you, then offer to join their union, and then you are together looking for new victims. In addition to vampires, there are many other role-playing games, but I don’t participate in them because I don’t like it. I like traveling around the world and studying more beautiful locations. I did not add to this a selection of imvu because about this game There is a separate playlist on the channel. Link to it now appeared on the screen and I will add to her in the description for the video. If such games you are interested, then be sure write about it in the comments. If not interested, then write too, because it is important for me to know your opinion. I love everyone, kiss, hug. Bye Bye.

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