Valar Morgulis, friends! Arya Stark throughout
eight seasons Game of Thrones became one of the most beloved
characters of the World of Ice and Fire, and it was not easy
so, because the girl survived amazing Adventures,
showed firmness of mind and in the end, as it turned out
it was intended for her do away with the King of the Night. In the final game of thrones
Arya decides to go to the west, into the unknown
because at the moment no one of westerners does not know
what’s west their mainland. Probably many of you
I wonder how it happened the fate of Arya, what she experienced
adventure and stayed whether she is alive, because often
western swimming attempts ended unsuccessfully
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in the game under the nickname AlexMan. Arya did not lie to John, after
great council of lords held at the Royal
harbor she never returned on North. All she could do now
think there was an unknown and beckoning west, not family
and at the same time gray and boring northern lands. She was sad to understand
what is possible she is more will never see again
brothers and sister but she I also realized that in
Westeros has no place for her she needs something else
and maybe it’s located somewhere in the unknown
western lands, in that they exist she even
I didn’t doubt it. Given the fact that Bran
became Arya’s king problems in the financial component
her ventures, the main task was to pick up
experienced team and ship, able to withstand the distant
and difficult swimming. Despite the fact that knowledge
in shipbuilding at Arya there was not much she knew
person with a pretty big baggage of knowledge which
could help her with the organization expeditions, they were nobody
other than sir Davos Seaworth, new master over the ships
in Bran Broken Broke Council. Davos being an experienced sailor
chose the most suitable for this mission the ship
and a reliable team, or rather he picked up two ships
since so dangerous swimming safer to sail
on several ships. An important role in success
expeditions are played by captains ships, and Arya himself
can’t try on such a role, on this Davos also found
two reliable and pretty experienced sailors who
in his opinion should cope with the responsibility assigned to them. Luceris Waters Bastard
from the house of the Vellarions, participated in the Battle of Chernovodnaya,
was captain of the Sea horse one of four
ships provided Velarions to Stannis. After the death of his head
Monford Velarion’s home and Stannis’s defeat is not
stopped supporting Iron’s rightful heir
throne, went with him to the wall where their way from
Stannis parted, legal the king went with the army
to the Black Castle, and Luceris with the remains of the stannis fleet
stayed in East watch. After the death of Stannis Baratheon
his whole fleet fell apart some went into piracy,
Luceris returned home to the island of Driftmark. Lannisters got the better
nothing to the home of the Velarions there was no way left
because the head of their house was Monteris Velarion, six
son of the deceased on Chernovodnaya of lord monford. In order to strengthen their position
to the sea of ​​Cersei in quality punishment for betrayal
in the war of the five kings confiscated all ships of the Vellarions in
favor of Euron Greyjoy, and thus luceris
lost his Marine horse. Davos being the right hand of Stannis
appreciated loyalty and unwavering Luceris and when he met
his first in the capital reported the upcoming
expeditions, and that without hesitation agreed, because readiness
to sea adventures Wellarions have blood. The second captain was Dylon
or as everyone called him Daylon White Mustache This nickname is attached
to him in his youth when his gray hair is not yet
touched. Dalon in his youth possessed
thick black hair who always tried
cut shorter, because in Flea end more often thought
about how to get food a not about hair, but about the beard
and mustache the young man always dreamed and waited when did they finally
they will grow. Time passed and when Daleon
vegetation finally appeared on his face he understood how the gods
they joked about him, one of him mustache, unlike the rest
hair had practically white color, deny yourself
in the dream of a beard he couldn’t on this did not shave,
and the nickname White Us is stuck to him strongly and for a long time,
even now they call him that although because of this gray
features are no longer visible. Davos and Daylon were friends
since childhood, and Davos even witnessed the birth
the famous White Mustache, guys started on the path together
smugglers but for so fate shared them,
White Us changed the craft and became a pirate robbing merchants
ships, and Davos was on service to stannis. Despite their difference
provisions they supported communication and they could be called
friends. Knowing Daylon’s love for different things
kind of gamble davos not didn’t doubt for a minute
that he will agree, because if successful, waiting for him
huge profit that would bring new goods
and trade routes. Davos was right, White Mustache
agreed to his offer, but most likely not only
because of thirst for profit, he is already like more than a year did not go
at sea, as in the cases of Luceris, his ship was requisitioned
by order of Cersei all the ships who stood in the port
Lannisport taken away in favor crowns in order to strengthen the fleet
Euron who opposed foreign savage invasion
and slaves of eunuchs. Meet Arya with the captains
went well they are friend friend liked, White
Us could not believe that such little girl killed
the King of the Night, Davos warned him to
he behaved decently, during you don’t have to go too far
with humor, and secondly if arise thoughts to steal
ship to replace his then you need to immediately drive them away,
since the consequences may to be sad. Arya told them that she
not the first stark to whom West is interesting, its ancestor
Brandon Stark, nicknamed The shipman has already committed
a similar expedition and not came back what he met there
unknown, she was interested are they ready to repeat
the fate of her ancestor, ready whether they are only one way
side? This question surprised me a little.
captains, she is in such a mood could scare them away but
told the truth they are it appreciated, but at the expense of risks
they themselves all understood how only Davos said the direction
swimming. After they are together
talked about possible risk it’s time to pave
way of the future expedition or at least its direction. Arya offered to go by
in the wake of Elissa Farman, who almost two hundred and fifty
years ago on his Flying in the sun
western point on the famous map, three small mountainous
islands southwest of Summer islands which
she called eigon, hangings and Reinis. These islands are uninhabited
but livable. There is fresh water here,
there are birds, wild pigs and gray lizards with a deer the size of
nut and fruit grow trees that in westeros
they don’t know, they surprise their pink fruits. Arya’s thoughts seemed to the captains
quite good on the islands it will be possible to replenish food
stocks and for sure will go into the unknown. But there was one snag
these islands are on southwest of westeros
and not in the west, and that would you will need to visit them
make a huge hook or change direction
expeditions from the western to the southwest. On reflection they nevertheless
decided to stick western direction
islands, although they could replenish stocks but deviation from
the course is too long it is unknown whether it is
Togo. Two ships that are Davos
found for the expedition Arya wanted to call Eddard
and Katileen, in honor of the parents, what would they be with
her in swimming but thoughts that ships can
crashed drove this idea away she did not want
lose parents again although symbolic. The first ship she decided
name the ice floe he will symbolize the north
her house, the place she is left, and the second received
name East wind, just such a wind should
accompany them throughout all the way, and they themselves
for those who can be met will be east wind. Ice floe and East wind
left royal harbor and headed to the Old Town,
where do they finally stock up supplies and go
straight west. King Bran attended
during the departure of the expedition, they are with Arya being the most
little emotional out Starkov, only restrained
mentioned a few farewell phrases words
Brana about Aryu waiting interesting future is not clear
how could one evaluate this is his wish to sister
or he saw something about it only the future will tell. Arriving at Old Town Captains
Luceris and Dylon engaged ship maintenance
and procuring supplies for long months of sailing
Arya, being already famous person was invited
for dinner by Lord Layton Hightower. Lord Leighton was trying to be
courteous to the sister of the new king and heroine who
saved Westeros from the Whites Walkers, although recently
he could not believe it, but out of politeness he did not report this guest. The voice of Old Town tried
start a conversation in the subject politics and learn about moods
the king, because he was deep dissatisfied with the prevailing
situations with Bronn, and considered insulting that he
became a vassal of some kind rootless mercenary. But Arya the topic of politics was
not interesting, and she’s on throughout the stay
in the capital Red Castle visited only a few
times, so know what what might interest
Lord Leighton, she could not. The awkwardness of the conversation brightened
Desmira Redwin who also visited the Hightower,
rather, it was sent by father Pakster Redwin in Old Town what
if she looked closely at to the sons of Lord Leighton,
because the girl was already for twenty and a long time to think
about marriage, but she was interested only the sea. Having heard about Arya’s plans, he’ll set off
Desmira caught fire west eyes, because she had long dreamed
about such a journey, her idol since childhood
was Elissa Farman and she wanted to repeat her success
discovering new lands. There was talk all dinner
about possible lands about which nothing is known peoples
their life, Lord Leighton Hightower it wasn’t particularly interesting
but out of politeness he supported talk for a while
due to far-fetched bad I didn’t leave,
girls are so carried away conversation that they did not notice
just left together and everyone else has long been
left the room. Arya realizing that Desmire
as well as she is interested west offered to go
on an expedition with her to which she gladly agreed. But Arya did not expect that
Desmires have their own ship, called the Bright Sun,
because unlike Arya Desmir real sailor, Redwin House
for a long time period possessed
the largest fleet in Westeros, and in such a family
impossible not to fall in love maritime business. The name Bright Sun was
not just because it exactly described itself
Desmira, light, reddish a girl with glowing blue
eyes and freckles. Due to the expedition
joined another the ship you need
was preparing for a long I had to sail
hold for a few days, I didn’t like it
to captains Luceris and Deylon, but still they obeyed. One week after arrival
in Old Town Ice Floe, East Wind and Bright Sun with the first
sunshine set off on a journey west. First three days swimming
went perfectly, was nice weather and travelers
accompanied by a fair wind. Squadron consisting of three
ships with the flagship Ice moved strictly west. Everyone was upbeat
mood and expected to meet something incredible, but on
fourth day of their journey fortune stopped smiling at them
tailwind disappeared, and in a couple of days in general
the calm has come. The team did not lose heart,
and often gathered on Ice and discussed future plans,
while worrying was not because of what, food
they had enough. Desmira Redwin, although initially
forced captains of luceris and Daylon get nervous
due to delayed departure their expeditions later
they really liked, dear appearance reinforced
more skills and knowledge in the marine a matter of respect
in the eyes of experienced sailors. The calm lasted almost a week,
notably that day when the team finally started
feel the little breeze several sailors where
then in the distance they saw a leviathan, or at least that
something like him. Leviathans are something like
on whales but reach significantly large sizes say
that even more dragons. See the legendary animal
it’s interesting with my own eyes but not in this case, if
Leviathan will decide to attack to destruction ships can
be critical, and at best case they have to come back
back, not to mention the worst alignment. Fortunately travelers
they don’t recognize who then Sailors noticed the weather
changed and they continued own way. In a few more days
the weather started to change again but this time in a completely different
side, everything showed the storm is approaching
and the sky was getting darker and darker. To the surprise of the team
there was no storm but huge waves and cloudy
the dark sky was already accompanied their two days, and another day
I started to smell sulfur. It was clear that somewhere
not far recently happened volcano eruption but
since maps of this area there was no expedition moved
strictly west adhering your route. In another day movement
clouds and smoke became more clearly hint where did it happen
volcano eruption conferring the team decided to change
heading southwest and see to the source of the eruption,
because there may be huge mainland. But to their great regret,
or happiness finally the storm gathered strength
and played with all the colors the whole squadron was well battered,
and carried it somewhere very far fortunately ships
not so scattered that they could not find
each other, and most likely the whole the expedition was together again. Assessing the damage was
it is clear that the hardest hit East wind that’s very
upset the White Mustache, but he could still go on
own way. Since it was clear approximate
direction where possible eruption happened they
were thinking of changing your route from west to
southern and heading there. Probably gods or simple
an accident did not want that if Arya got on the Damned
land, they hit what the current that carried
them west, and the wind was eastern, these external
factors drove the team to the fact that you still need
stick to the core western course and not deviate
From him. Damned lands that
Arya’s expedition failed visit is huge
mainland, it is densely strewn with active volcanoes on
its banks are abandoned cities, but there are no people there,
it is not known who built them. Of the living there you can meet
huge wyverns, lizards and according to some legends
even demons. After a week of excellent
no problem path external circumstances have changed again
and the expedition was stuck in calm. East wind rather
I couldn’t survive another storm on this
so as not to risk valuable resources and while everyone stood
idle, it was decided to postpone most of his supplies
on the ice floe and the bright sun. This time they were less fortunate
calm did not end through five days, had to stand
twice as long and even get a little nervous when
not one was noticed in the distance and a whole flock of leviathans
but fortunately they did not pay attention to drifting
ships. Further, the weather improved again
and the squadron continued its way, and in a week early
in the morning on the foremast of Bright Desmir noticed the sun
seagull, this was the first sign what they succeeded and they
found land. After a couple of hours on the line
the horizon appeared land and after a couple of hours everything
three ships docked at some unknown
islands. To the great surprise of Arya
and the company is not surprising they didn’t find on the island
he turned out to be uninhabited but fresh water and living creatures
were here. The team caught a few
quail, noticed a few different types of snakes missed
the opportunity to catch wild поросенка из-за странного
хищного животного чем-то похожего на крокодила,
они не успели его разглядеть, возможно это был львоящер
или даже василиск. Пополнив запасы пресной
воды и исследовав этот маленький островок группа
с большим рвением двинулась дальше на запад, в полной
уверенности что они не зря проделали такой длинный
и выматывающий путь. Следуя за чредой небольших
необитаемых островков, они наконец то увидели
что то большее, возможно это был материк. Приблизившись к земле они
увидели движение, и это наконец то были люди, которые
с удивлением и тревогой смотрели на иноземцев. На этом рассказ о приключениях
Арьи подходит к концу, о дальнейшей её судьбе вы
узнаете в одном из следующих роликов. Если вам нравится данный
формат видео поддержите ролик лайком, две тысячи
и я расскажу о Сансе Старк, о её правлении Севером
как независимым государством. Выражаю огромную благодарность
за поддержку канала на патреоне: Linar Khusnullin, Timofei
Bolshev, RinShi, Иван Печарица, KurnosayaNastena, Алексей Потапов,
Yaroslav Admin, Sauran Akhmetzhanov, Grihosa и Давид Зальцман. Спасибо что досмотрели
до конца, всем пока!

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  60. Спасибо за путешествие 🤗

  61. Да честно говоря уже насрать кто там у них куда отправился….

  62. То чувство, когда уже не знаешь из чего высосать сюжет на новый ролик

  63. Спасибо)Лайк.

  64. ууу, 15:46 шароебы подъехали)))

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    С нетерпением жду видео про север

  66. С днём рождения канала!

  67. А про Дрогона глава будет? Куда он отправился с трупом Дэнни? Может он встретит нового хозяина?

  68. Прошу еще видео про Арью🤓

  69. Неужели,Арья не встретится с Якеном и Сирио?

  70. а как там дела у Сансы??? будет ролик????ждем жду!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  71. Лайк не глядя

  72. Как всегда всё на высоте. Очень интересно послушать продолжение о Сансе. 👍👍👍. И кстати, будет ещё серия о Дейенерис Таргариен?

  73. Вот более реалистичная версия
    Через несколько дней арья попала в шторм и так как корабли вестероса них**я не приспособлены для долгих путешествий то корабли утонули и арья погибла

  74. круто. откуда информация о планете ?
    розмещение материков и островов?

  75. Спасибо тебе, не даешь скучать нам даже после конца истории)

  76. Огромное спасибо за Ваш выпуск, я очень благодарен за труды.

  77. Про Сансу не надо! Но Арья – огонь

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  79. у Арьи ещё есть систра королева, а в Белой гавани тоже строили корабли

  80. По ходу, к Мартину отправилась… По плеши настучать…

  81. После такого финала вообще пофиг куда она там отправилась. Джон их всех спас, и не раз, а они даже пальцем не пошевелили, чтобы ему помочь, просто избавились от него. Санса и Арья – самые настоящие мрази. Хотя, пожалуй, такие семейные отношения очень даже реалистичны

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    P.S.До сих пор не могу поверить что Бран король)

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  84. Девочка поплыла в Валинор , умолять Еру Илуватара исправить идиотию последних сезонов. Ибо тут надежда только на безсмертных валар…

  85. Унылый и скучный персонаж , до последнего ждал пока она сдохнет , вот если бы она сдохла под обломками , а Джона зажарил  дракоша после смерти Дени ,то неплохая бы концовка была …

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  90. кого-то ещё интересует этот вопрос?

  91. Это так прекрасно: голос просто вау, последовательность изложения, логика фактов, соблюдение мотивов (а не отсябятина "я так вижу"), подбор иллюстраций, музыка фоном, пояснения, детали 🙂 Огромное спасибо.

  92. Чёрно-Белый Дом

    Начинаете писать книги , а не снимать эту хрень .

  93. Да не, следуя традиции сериала, Арья должна была случайно заплыть в Миэрин и убить Дейнерис.

  94. Дуже цікаво, хотілось би почитати фанфік про пригоди Арьї від тебе

  95. Лайк не глядя;)

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