इतना सुंदर बच्चों का यह designer net frock सबका मन मोह लेगा

इतना सुंदर बच्चों का यह designer net frock  सबका मन मोह लेगा

Hello my love to everyone. To learn how to make a frock in this video Make for small children and for the elderly Have tried the video in a very easy manner to try out the video. This frock has taken material use Can Can . (Hard Net) Shining cloth saten can use saton here. and pearl work is softnet I have also used a nice cloth for the brassiere. This frock is my sleeveless If you like this information in the video I have told you, please do like and share the information. If you are visiting for the first time on our channel, subscribe to the channel Bale icon must definitely be press If you have any problem understanding here, you can comment me. So let’s learn This cloth is in the net with a sequence;Will make it in bodice This I used half a meter. It is satin 3:30 m It is the net perls is in the middle, around 5:30 meters I have used. This is its lining, which has been around 3:30 meters. This can can (hard net ) used for 3:30 meters I also tell its measurement. Total length 43 inch The chest size is 25 inches Waist is its 23 inches Shoulder is 12.5 inches Front neck is 5 inches Frock is sleeveless Back side zippers Its bodice is 12 inches Now do its cuttings. First of all, cutting the bodice Here I have lining washed away and iron has been done. This is my small size frock, so, in a single part, I am going to make me in this way. The back part will be open and the front part is above. Fold the cloth in this way Now the first thing here will be the cutting of bodice which is my total length of 12 inches and here you will cut 13 inch. Firstly the 5th part of the chest Aramol chest Can do half an inch plus 5.5 inch first mark 2.15 inch throat mark If the shoulder is 12 inches, mark it in 6:30 inches for half inch margin. Will make 25 plus 4 inches of extra in the chest Will divide 4 of 29 into the symbols 7.15 inch mark Waist 23 is 23 plus 4 inches. 27 inches will divide 4 into it. 6.75 inches For 1 inch Xtra tax For 2-inch extra margin. Mark the half-inch cross on the shoulder. Here’s the tax mark at 3.25 inches? About 8 inches from solder It has to do Deep Cutting of the Front Part. Aramol that you can also do cutting with manual nap This back part normal in 3-inch cutting is to be done. The bean is the only cloth of the net that has to be cut. Along with Saturn’s cloth also has to be cut. In this way the three fees will be cut together. Now cutting down the gher which will be cutting in umbrella I am surrounded by double so that is why I am 8th lear of it. In this way, it is set in a triangle. There will be 8th parts cuttings instead of 4 instead. 3.15 inch mark here If you put a 12-inch bodice here, the inchi tape will put a total mark of up to 12 inches. Keeping the lining a little smaller length the total land will be 2 inches. Ink like this can be done by doing an inch tape and cutting it. Here you have a small joint that comes in. By doing so, the saten of your will also be cut. now, we will cut its net here. Here you will leave the 12-inch choli extra cloth and mark the total length. Here I am going to take 2 inches of extra length. In this way, cutting it from here joint In this way I will cut 4 of its part If you want to keep a lot around here, you can add extra part and join. In this way your cutting has been completed. Right now, here they crumble with the machine. You can look at them carefully and set up such a piece of raw stitch. In this way I have put raw stitch on all the part I have cut the extra margins here. You can also like me on Facebook page Meena Boutique, And in such a way, they put tax on the front and back. Now here, the hidden in the back part is a zip For this I have used a single foot of the machine. The closer you get to the sewing, the better the zip will look. Here I kept the neck 5 inches deep and kept 4:30 inch broad. Here you can do the solder Right now here in the neck and in armol the pipin of the entire strip will be used which I have used cotton cloth. In piping I have used the ureebi patti Similarly you can apply on the neck too. You can follow me on all platforms of this social media link description. The little joint cutting done here is to be added. Together here, the thickness and seten of the bottom of it are both I do. Can also set Can Can I’m the clowner who can apply here in Ken Keane for a single. In this case, I would like to extract 12 inch bottle Extra Inchi tape and keep it 2 inches short from the total length. Marking up to 40 inches. Can Can keep 2 inches short from the total length. Also on my video is Can Can Can You Can See Cancans in Lehengas? The only way to apply cane cane is to put a box plate to equal the waist. It has to set itself equal to 27 inches. In this way, you have to set the can can Together put a stitch around and around 5 inches below it. Now first set it above the lining. Here my front and back part 2 are different, I have put a can can on both of them. Attach satin here right now? Place the shining part upside down here. Right now, here is our net, its joint is directly attached to it. After joint, it has been my 6 meter gher Right here you will add finer gyders here. It also has to wrap up to 27 inches equal to the waist. Make sure you share the video with your family member on WhatsApp. Just like to subscribe to subscribe channels to watch more videos. After Geders, we have to attach these two together. Now attach these two together together. This way, attach the back and front part. Now put a stitch on side parts here. Those who had left the 2-inch Xtra margin here, have to stitch over the marking. Let’s stitch together at the waist here and then stitch on different part. I put this stitch in different ways. In this way I have attached both sides of it to separate the different In this way, one of your best gown type frock is ready. Thanks for watching me

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