☆ Monster High: 13 Wishes Walkthrough Part 1 (Wii, WiiU, 3DS) Full Gameplay ☆

☆ Monster High: 13 Wishes Walkthrough Part 1 (Wii, WiiU, 3DS) Full Gameplay ☆

sometimes things don’t work out exactly
the way you think they should it all started when howleen found a
magic Genie lantern in the Attic of Monster High
the lanterns genie GG granted howleen 13 wishes but the wishes had a dark side
wisp the lantern shadow genie began tempting howleen to use her wishes for
dark purposes howleen slipped further and further into
wisps control to make matters worse a shadow Eclipse was just moments away the
good genie Gigi warned that during a shadow Eclipse wisp would rise from the
shadows and become real and if wisp could trick howleen into granting her
the power of the lantern she would take control of Monster High
forever meanwhile we ghouls traveled into the lantern to collect shards of a
magical mirror the GG promised would break howleen from wisps dark spell Gigi gave me a special orb that allowed
us schools to return from the lantern once all the lost mirror pieces were
found after finding all but one mirror piece we returned to Monster High to
collect the final shard from wisp once we had all thirteen mirror pieces we
could save howleen and stop whisp from taking over Monster High but like I said
before sometimes things don’t work out exactly the way you think they should
I wish all power to the shadow genie I have been forced to wait in the
shadows my whole life but now the power of the lantern is finally ouch I think I popped a stitch it’s so
quiet where is everyone oh yeah the orb Gigi gave me this so I
wouldn’t get trapped in the lantern I better keep it with me I may need it this is howleen’s Locker ah Helene I
wonder if she’s still at the pool with wisp I hope there aren’t any monsters at the
pool they’d be shocked to see me there he juice hey Venus you you I should have brought lotion this heat
can’t be good for my undead skin huh well it’s a good thing you know a genie
Gigi you’re okay but what happened where is everyone and
wisp wisp tricked howleen into granting her the power of the lantern now the
shadow eclipse will remain over Monster High and every monster there will be
trapped in darkness forever well unless we can stop her of course what about
Abby Clawdeen and the rest of the ghouls
they’re trapped here in the lantern with me so why wasn’t i trapped in the
lantern because of the orb I gave you of course it protects you from wisps
control but when wisp pulled me and the lantern most of the orbs energy was
pulled in as well and scattered across its lands find energy to restore the orb
got it what about the mirror pieces we
collected before oh yes the mirror shards remember we’ll need all 13 pieces
of the mirror to defeat wisp she’s hidden twelve of those pieces here in
the lantern and she of course keeps the thirteenth piece with her at all times
looks like we’ll have to find the pieces all over again no problem as long as I
have my goals to help out oh my ghouls I almost forgot are they okay
yes yes there okay well sorta okay you see they are still themselves on the
inside it’s just wisp has her dark shadowy spell over them there must be a
way to break the spell what about the orb you gave me good idea the orb was
designed to avoid wisps dark energy so if you show the orb to your friends it
may help break them from her spell I’ll give it a try
Thank You Gigi will you be around if I need you I’ll be around right now my
powers are weak but if you need me I’ll do what I can to help you great with
your help I know we can stop this evil genie and
get everything back to the way it used to be check this out yes you look an orb jump on these platforms to
see if you can reach it you did it
remember to collect the orbs as you see them don’t give you more health
there should be three orbs in each area of the lantern check this out check this out I spotted another orb
it’s on top of these stones but the path looks too tight for you to walk through
why don’t you turn your flaw into a string you you got it you and the monster high
goals all have your own unique strengths use your unique strengths when you can’t
figure something out you never know when a freaky flaw will come in handy check
this out watch out look just a head see those out
of place shadows walking around those are shadow creatures wisp controls them
she’s using them to keep an eye on you and the ghouls in the lantern why don’t
you try using your freaky flaw to get rid of them oh and be careful you’re
fine shopping good job you showed those shadowy waste to space that’ll show wisp check this out you Hey look at this
hits the remains of a giant sand creature it looks like there’s something
inside of its mouth maybe if you jump on top of its head its mouth will fall open good job making it up here now do a slam
attack on its head and that should make its mouth open to do a slam attack press
the Crouch button at any time while you’re in the air that did it its mouth
is now open and it looks like there’s something inside take a look check this out Laguna you’re okay
of course I am mate Gill and I are enjoying a nice swim with our new
friends Laguna this might shock you but those aren’t your friends what are you
talking about Frankie we are all friends here I mean everyone here is having a
good time until you having a good time Frankie yeah we’re all friends of course
we’re friends okay Laguna it was nice seeing you but uh I think I’m gonna bolt
no no you should stay don’t offend your new friends by leaving so soon
I knew something was off these aren’t my real friends they don’t hold a fin to
you and the ghouls speaking of where are the ghouls anyway they’re here lost in a lantern under
whisp spell just like you were but I don’t know where in the lantern they are
do you think we can find them with you and me together we can do anything I
hope you’re right come on let’s kick off fins this place
is washed up hey Laguna everyone knows how much you
love water go ahead and jump in water is your freaky flaw nice you

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