☆ Monster High: New Ghoul in School Walkthrough Part 1 (PS3, Wii, X360) Full Gameplay ☆

☆ Monster High: New Ghoul in School Walkthrough Part 1 (PS3, Wii, X360) Full Gameplay ☆

here member I haven’t seen you around before are you
new here welcome to Monster High it’s really nice to meet you I love it when
the school gets new blood there’s always a chance of making new friends Oh before
I forget you might find this new updated version of the eye coffin map handy
it’ll help you find your way around campus would you like me to explain how
to use the eye coffin map you know being new and all you should probably head on
over to the office to see headmistress Bloodgood no doubt you’ll need to sign
it or something but I’ve updated your eye coffin map with the location of the
office you better get going you don’t want to keep Bloodgood waiting
she might um lose her head ah there you are
you must be the new rule I’m is Bloodgood the headmistress of Monster
High on behalf of the staff and students I’d like to offer you a warm welcome to
the campus to help your transition into the school I’ve assigned you a student
body to show you around it introduce you to some of her friends her name is
spectra Vondergeist and she’s a bit of a celebrity around these parts you may
know her as the blogger for the gory Gazette if that is your thing anyway
I’ve uploaded Spectras location to your eye coffin map she’s probably looking
for her next big story who knows it might even be you hope you have a
spooktacular first day here hey man you must be the new girl
Bloodgood told me all about it’s really great to meet you it’ll be fun showing
you around while I scope out all the latest news around Monster High my first
piece of advice is to join at least one of the many clubs at Monster High
it’s a great way to meet new people the similar interests and get more involved
with what’s happening at the school for instance it looks like you’ve got
something going on in the style Department with that sort of passion for
fashion you could be a big hint in the fashion Club do you think you might be
interested well there is a bunch of other clubs on
campus everything from robotics and cooking to the comic book club which
ghoulia runs the two most popular clubs at Monster High are the student council
of which I am a member and the fearleading squad if you tried out for
either of these I think you’d really enjoy it it’s my pleasure now my second
piece of advice is that you can never have too many friends and I’ve got a
couple of people in mind for you to meet would you like to join and meet a few of
my friends my friends are just over there hey Draculaura this is the new
ghoul I was telling her all about you and the fair leaders
I thought you ghouls should hook up do you think you could keep her company
while I get some research done for my blog she seems quite interested in
joining the fearleading team so you should have a lot to talk about
hi Ethan nice to meet you so you’re thinking about joining the fielding team
a lot of people don’t know this but it’s not just about learning fear routines
haha being a feared leader is actually all
about boosting school spirit it’s one of the most important things a ghoul can do
so let’s catch ya later and I’ll put in a good word with Cleo the team captain
oh by the way have you met Lagoona yet no I just have to introduce you she’s a
part of the student council so if you’re interested in that sort of thing she’s
your girl hey over here I’d like you to meet the new girl I was telling her all
about fearleading and that she should meet you in case she’d like to join the
student council too Hey
ah it’s clawsome to meet you I just love chatting about the work we do on the
student council joining the student council is one of the few ways that you
can really make a difference at Monster High I know I’m a bit biased I think you
make a great member of the team it looks like you’ve got a good head on your
shoulders and you’d be doing something that could really change the school for
the better if you want to leave your mark on Monster High and help the
students while doing so there’s no better way than the student council who
knows with a bit of hard work you could even become student disembodied
president so what do you say you want to sign up that’s totally clawsome I see
big things for you in the future together will help make Monster High a
better place for all of the students congratulations you are now officially a
member of the student council look there’s a meeting starting at about ten
minutes why don’t you come by and check it out for yourself I’ve updated your I
coffin map with the location I’ve got a jet they’ll meet you there see ya you

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