✪ Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity Walkthrough Part 1 (Wii, PS2, PSP) ✪

✪ Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity Walkthrough Part 1 (Wii, PS2, PSP) ✪

aren’t you participating in the college
drawing contest you still have time to sign up you know it’s happening behind
this door but don’t make any noise some of them are already working hey how’s it
going you’re not at the factory no way it’s too nice out to glue my eyes to a
computer screen you sure you’re okay Jeremy
no worries cutie I’m in great shape not to panic it’s Jeremy’s clone he
programmed it so he could spend more time on Lyoko while still being in class
all right I want one too really why haven’t you got enough time to sleep and
pig out after class hey babe something on your mullet are you wondering what’s behind this
door I wonder – and after asking around I discovered that it was only a
maintenance room for setting the parameters of this game hey auric any chance you could give me
an interview I’m writing an article about the good-looking guys on campus
you figure you’re a journalist editor-in-chief to be exact
from now on the cat accuses me cool look about the interview I haven’t got much
time at the moment I have to get to the pool why don’t you ask odd he’s always
got scoops about the menu at the snack bar yeah you want to be happy about the
menu for lunch we’re having quiche very funny I tried to get out lots of time
during recess but it never worked the only thing I got was detention
definitely not cool odd what are you doing here don’t you
have a math class yeah but I’m totally lost it’s not that
complex math just needs a little logic easy for you to say mr. computer genius
anyway have you finished rebuilding Wilco
almost another couple of days and it will be up and running that’s great I
can’t wait to try out my new outfit it makes me look real good lyoko isn’t
Halloween odd and Zanna has been strangely quiet recently so there’s no
reason to go come on be a pal just a couple of minutes out of the question oh
man what a wet blanket you should go back to your math class there’s a quiz
next week what about William no signs of life can I go get him no but I don’t
know how long we can keep hiding his absence from the principal no prob
Einstein with your genius in my town we’ll find him in no time I hope so
how many things have you been working nonstop shouldn’t you sleep a little you
weren’t too much you know no time for sleep the sleeper scan shows
a tower coming online in a desert sector I’ll call the others
no don’t if they skip class I will be able to copy their notes I’ll take care
of it okay go ahead I’ll start the procedure scanner ah virtualization is that it on I just never get tired of
this new outfit so classy get serious okay we have to find the tower and
disable it no problem you may have a new outfit but the basics are still the same
hey this place looks just right for jump training disdain point will record where you are
shoot at the switches to activate them hey on you’ve got company don’t worry
I’ll take care of it I need more data to clear this obstacle I need more data to
clear this obstacle but use this well of life to fill up on
life point then hang on to this wall with your claws it’s where you I found him
it looks more like he found you yeah if you think you can scare me with that
William thanks for cleaning up the zone odd I’m
taking control of the tower remotely stick around no problemo I’m also an
expert at doing nothing cut off nice going on you did a really
good job thank you thank you you see I told you that I could handle
it my new outfit gives me wings now that the towers neutralized Zanna should
leave us alone to a finish rebuilding Lyoko but I’m more and more worried
about William we need to get him out of zanna’s clutches you’ve got an idea no
but for now no more solo missions it’s far too dangerous okay I’ve got work to
do you and the others come back and see me later I’m sure I’ll have other
missions for you leave me alone what’s wrong is his hurts it’s you you I can’t
take it anymore I haven’t slept all week because of you students you’re in my
nightmares I’m all alone in front of you thousands of you right there looking at
me with your vicious little eyes and your pointy little teeth like vampires
hey me too I had a nightmare last night he we had
turned into a giant and it was flying around the sky dropping poisoned
meatballs and there I was swimming around in an ocean of fish batter but I
couldn’t drown the stuff was too thick hmm leave me alone then Aerobie uh how’s our little secret
doing oh well no problem Jim all locked up and I throw
away the key nobody will hear a word about Paco king
of discs ashay God’s sake Turner Ruby are not so loud there are people around
and I don’t want news spreading about my acting career hey do you know where
sissy is you’re the reporter you’re supposed to know these things
oh I resign oh yeah and Millie she’s gone too sissy is a disaster
she only wanted to write articles about herself so we split if she keeps this up
she’ll change the characters into an all about sissy tabloid children did William
tell you he was leaving school um no sir that’s strange
his father’s voice sounded weird when he called me I hope that nothing serious
has happened to him anyway yeah have a good day say you haven’t seen sissy by
any chance I did all her homework and have to give it to her before a
chemistry class no idea really sissy where are you a real slave there you are finally hi Jeremy so what
was it you had to tell us that was so important I hope it’s good news
I put the finishing touches on Lyoko there was still some Fran’s hopper info
to decode and I had to develop a code cracking module for the binary and
dynamic data are you finished or not yeah a couple of days ago cool so what
have you been working on lately Aelita and I have figured out a way to
track William spit it on Einstein what is it we have to cross the digital scene
are you crazy do that and we’ll be diverted forever
don’t panic I’ll eat it and I have been working all
week we fixed up a ship that will take us across the digital sea unharmed oh
right the ship show me show me uh I mean it’s not quite ready just yet okay let
me guess you need us to get some data back from lyoko is that it yeah that’s
it I’ve been checking and we’re missing some of the dipole or data blocks well
what are we waiting for okay I’ll start the procedure scanner
Oh scanner or scanner you me scanner hi Lita virtualization let’s get going we have to recover the
data that we need to finish the ship by the way I wasn’t able to recode your
powers and skills the data was lost when lioka was destroyed oh no don’t panic
you should be able to pick up the data packs which will let me reprogram you for it this creeper has a special armor
according to my analysis only your Laser saber compares Lauren you have to let
odd Aelita or Yumi turn on the switch you can’t do it with your sword we’ve just recovered some goodies when
you get back I’ll have them analyzed by the super calculator and you’ll be able
to check the results from the schoolyard these creepers shouldn’t be a problem
they don’t have any armor I need more data to clear this obstacle whoa careful not to fall here yeah yeah
the digital sea we know all about it no this hole doesn’t lead to the digital
scene it’s just empty so if you fall into it you’ll wander forever in the
digital void Wow freaky careful looks like you have company
Aelita release the nav skids release you’ll have to learn how to control your
nav skids in a hurry if you want to get rid of the monsters don’t panic it’s not
rocket science you’ll see okay looks good no monsters on the
horizon recovery what is it Jeremy another
sector only one way to find out

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