❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – Distraint Deluxe Edition | Witcher 3 GOTY New Low

❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – Distraint Deluxe Edition | Witcher 3 GOTY New Low

Hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to another free game so today’s free game is Distraint Deluxe
Edition and this is free on they’re having a sale right now and
they’re offering this game for free for the next two days
this was also flee on sometime last year I think around the
mid of the year and this has been out for a few hours and I did not notice it
it’s only just now a few people commented on my video that I noticed this
so yeah this is a 2d horror type game and it seems to have very good reviews
on Steam as well by the way this is on so this is not a steam key this
is directly on the site you need to have an account here and then you can add it
to your library and download it anytime you want this is a drm-free copy so you
don’t even need to install the launcher for gog you can just directly download
it and play it on your PC also having a sale and one of the items on sale is
Distraint 2 in case you play this and you like it you can also pick up the
second one and this is probably the reason why this is free because this
game came out a few months ago so in order to promote this they’re offering
this for free as well and you have a few more sales here if you’re interested
Witcher 3 is on a new low $14.99 and so far it’s only been down to $19.99 so
this is something unusual and this might happen on Steam as well soon hopefully
but amazing price Thronebreaker is also on a bit of a sale at $22.49 I would like it
to drop a bit more before I consider it I mean this whole game is only 15 and
this is 22 of course this is new so it’s a bit more expensive but still
like when you compare these two which one would you buy so yeah and Frostpunk
is also on a sale 33 percent off I mentioned in my video yesterday that you
might get a coupon with this war of mine making it 50% off on Steam so you could
use that option and then get a bit of a discount similarly you have a few more
deals like Hollow Knight it’s always on 34% of witnesses all almost always at 75%
off so yeah nothing new but some interesting deals here
check it out there’s some good games on sale here but pick up Distraint for
free for the next two days so yeah that’s it for this one thank you for
watching see you in the next one

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  1. First, and thanks <3

  2. Thanks for letting us know

  3. Already added it to my library.? Got to know about it from your Discord group. What about that free epic store game

  4. Thanks Gustav 🙂

  5. I think its 3rd time it is available for free… once on steam… Once on fNatical/humble… now on GOG…

  6. haha….almost thought that witcher 3 was free from the title.

  7. Already Played Distraint, Its A Very Emotional Game, everyone should try this…

  8. Great job again thanks

  9. i thought Witcher 3 GOTY was free…

  10. Banger after banger 🙂 keep it up!

  11. It is reasons like this why you have earned a subscription and notification from me. Keep it up.

  12. Thanks again bro!
    Hope all is well~

  13. Thanks for the info ??? and what the mod support for the Witcher 3?

  14. Keep up the good work amigo

  15. Distraint DE x2 thanks!

  16. ? yes i know, i got the gog email, also witcher3 goty is $15 & drm free, thats a crazy good fkn price, for such a big huge game, i think i will buy it just because i wana show my support to projectcd ?? Dying Light Deluxe should do the same good deal ?

  17. I have this game on steam

  18. i missed when this game was free last time. thanks

  19. congratz on hitting the 10k

  20. Frostpunk where to buy or should i wait????? Indian currency…. Love ur videos short and precise….. Keep it up

  21. Deponia: The Complete Journey is free on Humble RN!! ;D

  22. Deponia: The Complete Journey is free on humble !!

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