❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – Grid Autosport (Gamesessions)

❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – Grid Autosport (Gamesessions)

Hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to another free game Grid Autosport is free on gamesessions
and this is free until the 30th of May so this is not a steam key or like any
other DRM free version you need to download the gamesessions client and
play through that and unlike other giveaways you have to download and play
this for at least five minutes before it gets activated on your account now
another thing that you could do is you could download and try it out play it if
you like it you can put it on your wishlist on Steam and pick it up when
it’s on a big sale it is a nice game so it’s worth checking out even if you
don’t plan on using it much here so it’s racing sim not exactly a same work on
arcade type racer but it’s still fun and the previous game I think grid 2 was
free from Humble recently as well so yeah I guess their licenses might be
coming close to expiring so maybe they’re offering the games free now yeah
so check it out it’s a nice game I’ll be downloading this as well and trying it
out and yes so it’s free until the 30th of May and remember to download and play
it for at least 5 minutes so that it gets activated on your account and yeah
that’s it thank you for watching see you next time

Comments (21)

  1. Dude please also upload gameplays along with the information

  2. Playable online???

  3. When i try to download this its says "message":"An error has occurred."

  4. The installer is not opening

  5. When do we get a free game on steam?? ?

  6. I'm pretty sure I got this one for free sometime before… ?

  7. Nice, thanks for the update.

  8. Wasn't this game free on Humble?

    Edit:- oh! It was Grid 2?, well Gamesessions??

  9. Can I play the multiplier part ?

  10. thx LBG and gamessesion

  11. LBG thanks for the information, I bought the first Grid, got the 2nd free (thank you) and will now have the 3rd (thank you).

  12. please sir put some minimum requirements every game in your description (thank you)

  13. Why aren't u streaming lbg?

  14. can I play this game online with others?

  15. O my god , oh my god . When I got grid 2 , I liked it so much that I was about to buy grid auto sport . And look where we are now .

  16. Hey LBG, I am getting Division 2 key from a friend who has a Ryzen GPU.
    The thing is I have a Nvidia GPU.So is the game key locked to the specific GPU or can I get the key for my Nvidia GPU?

  17. i got 2gb only per day. game size is 7 gb when i turn off my laptop and start again game start from 0% please help me

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