❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – Kingdom New Lands (Epic)

❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – Kingdom New Lands (Epic)

Hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to another free game video so it’s Thursday and as always we have a
free game from the epic game store and this time the game is Kingdom New lands
so as always all you need to do is just go into the browser log in or you can go
through the launcher and just click on the free button it will take you to the
checkout and then you can add the game to your library just click on place
order and that’s it the game is now added to your library and this is free
until next week 13 of June next time we have enter the gungeon which will be
free from 13 to the 20th June so I’m at the game that I’ve got quite a bit about
but yes so this is free until the 13th make sure to pick it up and thank you
for watching see you next time

Comments (15)

  1. it's an ok game it's just one you relax while playing for the most part at least when the zombies aren't attacking at the end of every turn

  2. I got the first game for free last year, glad I can this one too!

  3. This is a nice game. Atleast one thing is good about Epic.?

  4. Baldur's gate 3 confirmed ????

  5. thanks lbg 🙂

  6. I swear to god… I ALWAYS FORGET that Epic gives away games x.x

  7. Thx for info LBG


  9. Wow I was just about to buy enter the gungeon. I put it in my steam cart yesterday. Very happy I dont have to now 🙂

  10. thanks for the heads up, heavy rain will be coming at the end of this month will you be playing it?

  11. you are the best

  12. Enter the gungeon im happy to get free

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