❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – Steep (Uplay)

❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – Steep (Uplay)

Hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to a free game video so Ubisoft is once again giving out a free
game and they’re giving away steep free until the 22nd of May so all you need to
do is just follow this link and click on the PC button it ask you to log in
and log in and launch you play and you’ll see it in your library that’s it
so quite straightforward Steep is a snowboarding type game I don’t know how
good it is but its free and it’s not a cheap game so why not pick it up so this
is my Ubisoft as you can see Steep has been added so yeah just click on that
link log in and then launch your Uplay to confirm that it is in your account
and that’s it enjoy the game hopefully you like
it thank you for watching see you next time

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  1. Already have this game ?

  2. Bro luv luv luv u ton

  3. Nice! I claimed it right away 🙂

  4. 😮 You saved me so much money, ty ♥

  5. U can also directly add the game through laughing the client.

    No need to login through the website to add the game.

    Keep doing the good work lbg?

  6. got it thanks !

  7. I seen it in ubisoft NA before your post, good job BTW. and a help please, I added AC unity by the giveaway in my library but not installed. now it is gone, I mean it says I dont own AC unity.

  8. does a mount everest broke? cause they giveaway AC unity because of the paris cathedral fire accident.


  10. This guy is a legend.

  11. "You are not eligible to this operation." 🙁

  12. Tnx dude u are a god❤

  13. I bought it before

  14. thanks dude you are doing god's work

  15. I cant understand that ubisoft is really bad at making discounts but it gives us so many free games . anyway thanks man for the video : )

  16. Stories Untold free on Epic Store.

  17. Thank You & is it Multiplayer also?

  18. Uplay? another launcher 🙁

  19. I cant get the game they say im not eligible

  20. You are insane… thx you my friend !!!

  21. Lol, I was going to buy this game? now I got it for free. Yay!

  22. Can verify steep is an amazing game

  23. I just heard about your channel from my friend
    nice content bro 🙂

  24. I have two steeps now in my uplay lib one is steep steam and other is steep now what would this take my account as spam ?

  25. And now i can play steep with lbg

  26. Thats why I like Ubisoft

  27. i got the error code 17017, can someone help?

  28. Is it free forever if you claim it now or not, Please can someone help me??

  29. thx,. kinda sad that i had to look up how to get a free game in the internet but as the app of uplay if made by fucking apes who cant design anything i wasnt hoping much when i heared steep is free

  30. it ended 30mins ago D:

  31. @LBG it expired sent at 22th may

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