❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – Subnautica (EPIC)

❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – Subnautica (EPIC)

Hello and welcome to Low Budget Gaming
and welcome to another free game so as we’ve all been hearing recently that
Epic Game Store will be offering free games every two weeks and the first one is
Subnautica and it has gone live so as you can see here it says $24.99 but
it’s crossed out and it’s FREE I still haven’t been able to confirm if this is
free permanently or not so let’s find out
all you need to do is go in to the link like I’ve mentioned in the
description or you can sign in through the Epic Launcher and then just click on
this so let’s find out if we get any more information so I’ve just clicked
this it’s opening up the okay order summary and things like that
“the game you are purchasing click here to not receive emails from them with the
latest information” so yeah so make sure to click this if you don’t want to
receive emails if you want to receive emails just leave it unchecked so it’s
the other way around I think in this one so we’ll just enter this here I’ll
actually yeah I’ll leave it because maybe they we might get some information
but you can opt out so I think the way this has processed it seems like it’s a
permanently free thing so yeah make sure to get it check your library afterwards
and it should be there so I’ve already downloaded the Epic Launcher let’s have
a quick look so here I am in my epic launcher and as you can see Subnautica
has been installed has been added to the library so pretty good I think this is
possibly the best survival crafting game I’ve seen so far and yeah definitely
grab this and as you saw you don’t need to have the launcher installed to get
the game so make sure to create an account and grab the game and I’ll leave
the link below so we can do that from there and yeah thank you for watching

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  1. I saw this on epic games launcher and I am so happy

  2. I Love this channel! Thank you much!

  3. No views but 4 Likes 😀

  4. This is how epic will get their mark on market or not ?

  5. Will it permanently free? Or only for few days?

  6. so many free games its like 4th or 5th free game in a week

  7. Jeez I spent $20 on this game! I could’ve got my kid Some food man..

  8. Subnautica for free this is insane!!!

  9. Is it permamently ?
    Btw u so nice man 🙂

  10. THANKS! Got the game!

  11. Good news that we get to keep this game forever, thanks for the vid LBG!
    And… why is there a dislike really confuses me… a lot

  12. It will be interesting to see for how long they give this quality of free games every month……Thanks for the video

  13. Whoa that's a great one. Back in the day i paid 30 eur for it. And it's worth it, it is a really good game. Congrats to all those who'll get it for free.

  14. Epic game store is really looking good, They are giving games for free every month or so. I still won't switch though. They still need to add alot of features Steam has.?

  15. It's really funny because of u i almost never have to spend money on games! I want to thank you for that!

  16. I'm so excited for this one!

  17. You missed the free game Lego The Hobbit from Humble.

  18. Thanks for letting us know man , did u purchase Ashen and Hades ?

  19. Lol this is a new video

  20. Im not even subbed XD

  21. This is a good game but I doubt they continue w good ones. Next one is super meat boy. Worthless

  22. I love Subnautica. It's such an amazing game~

  23. ? meh never liked it

  24. Thanos has returned

  25. tnx for the notification
    played it for 2 hrs. great game…. just came out to comment. going back in for more exploring

  26. I accidentally didn't click on the checkbox, is there a way I can undo that, or not receive any emails from them?

  27. When I launch the game it is stuck in a loading screen I have reinstalled it and that didn't work is there a way to fix it

  28. I've waited for ages yesterday

  29. Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss!!! It’s finally freeeeeeeeee!

  30. I was planning to get it this steam sale so yeah can save some money

  31. its not available in my region 🙁

  32. In this way i'll stop giving money to steam and start giving you LBG my money, if it was not for you i would have missed soo man games! Great job, keep up the great work! ????

  33. Is there any way to make this work on console?

  34. I don't have my own paypal. I am connected to my mum's but I don't use her money. If I click on "buy" the game, will my mum receive an email?

  35. Do you know yet if we get it free permanently

  36. I need help it want some verification

  37. Great vid great game

  38. I heard there’s been problems with the epic games launcher version. How do you fix it?

  39. i can't download it from store it tell me comingsoon what why anyone can donwnload it

  40. That means that 25 free games will be given away until the end of next year. That's a very nice library.

  41. thank you dude u are a good teller

  42. When i bought It its free forever?

  43. It shouldn’t be free at all… it should be paid it desserve that!

  44. Is this pernament or no

  45. Do i have to install it to make it mine or i just have to claim it and no need to install?

  46. I bought it but..problem is i dont have device to play it..

  47. can i keep the game forever?.

  48. Pls help, i can't play that, i reinstal And nothing, i dont know what i must do for play…


  50. Yeah have fun playing a free game in exchange for your private information! READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE YOU ACCEPT IT PEOPLE!!

  51. Bruh I was gonna get it for free but he dam support a creator thing confused me so I didn’t get it feelsbasman

  52. Dude have u forgotten minecraft

  53. I hate I where game you buy come out for free later

    BUT subnatica has been out for like 3-4 years and I want it to be free permanently because it’s an awesome game

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