❌ (ENDED) FREE Steam Game – LEGO The Hobbit

Hello and welcome to Low Budget Gaming and
welcome to another free game. So humble is giving away a copy of LEGO The
Hobbit for the next 2 days, so all you need to do is sign in to your humble account, click
on get the game and the game will be added to your library, you can reveal the key and then
add it to your steam account, this is a steam key. You have 2 days to claim it until December
15th 10 a.m Pacific Time. Also you need to claim the key before the
20th, so you have a deadline on that as well. I think they have recently introduced this
but 2 days to get the key free and then until 20th of December to add it to your Steam account
otherwise the key vanishes from your humble account so make sure to do both those things. And you don’t need to download the game just
add it to your steam account and then its free permanently. So yeah that’s it check it out and I will
see you shortly with another video.

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