⭕Skyrim Mods – [Melodic] Bad Girl

⭕Skyrim Mods – [Melodic] Bad Girl

Alright, we’re back for another Skyrim Mods video Today we have a new Melodic outfit, this one is much more casual than the others, standard all parts are separated the body we have available is CBBE and UUNP Bodyslide in this mod we currently have two colors available in the standard version, the details are pretty cool and of course, the pieces we like best if you like it leave the like and subscribe to the channel, until next time

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  1. Essa daí vai pra lista, hein!

  2. Tinha visto a Pre-Visualização la no Patreon do Melodic , mas agora vendo o video pessoalmente ta bem mais daora!

  3. tem corpo UNP para skyrim special edition????

  4. Хороший обзор,лайк!!!!!! У меня почему то после установки под мышками разрывы

  5. Диего а у тебя в этом моде только стандартные цвета или есть ещё платные

  6. Tem como Você me passar o Preset de corpo da sua personagem…

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