【ジョジョ5】ギャングダンス Gang Torture Dance

【ジョジョ5】ギャングダンス Gang Torture Dance

*click* ♫♪ Vocal percussion on a whole ‘nother level ♪♫ ♫♪ Coming through my mind! ♪♫ ♫♪ Vocal percussion on a whole ‘nother level ♪♫ ♫♪ Coming through my mind! ♪♫ ♫♪ Haaaaaaaaaaa… ♪♫ ♫♪ We’re Golden Wind… ♪♫ ♫♪ Kono me amareri maroreri merare maro ♪♫ ♫♪ Haaaaaaaaaaa ♪♫ ♫♪ haaa-ah… ♪♫ ♫♪ We’re Golden Wind! ♪♫ ♫♪ Kono me amareri maroreri merare maro ♪♫ ♫♪ It’s like a burning sunrise ♪♫ ♫♪ Ahi makareru makare punpun kete ♪♫ ♫♪ It’s like a burning sunset ♪♫ ♫♪ Ahi makareru makare punpun kete ♪♫ ♫♪ It’s like a burning sunrise ♪♫ ♫♪ Ahi makareru makare punpun kete ♪♫ ♫♪ It’s like a burning sunset ♪♫ ♫♪ Ahi makareru makare punpun kete ♪♫ If you’re not going to tell us the name of your partner who’s coming after us and their stand ability… Then you should probably start worrying about your other eye, Mr. Zucchero! *zucchero screaming like a dying seagull*

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  1. Thank you all for stopping by here for Zuccheros torture. 🙂
    Return the video to the point of zero! 0:00

    ★★★★★ Join Passioné: ★★★★★

  2. I love how in some scheme their eyes are blacked out

  3. My last 3 brain cells watching this

  4. next area to torture people in: school

  5. Once upon a time they will dance there in heaven

  6. Ayyy this was released on my birthdayyy

  7. kid: dies

    oompa loompas:

  8. This scene messed with my brain

  9. Teacher: Has A Heart Attack
    Girls:OMG SOMEONE CALL 911
    Me and the boys

  10. Kid actually dies

    Oompa loompas:

  11. Me: Trying to wake up but I get sleep paralysis

    The Demons popping out of my closet:

  12. Who's here after the Dub?

  13. Lol this is literally me and my friends when we torture a guy on a boat in the middle of a jurney to Capri

  14. If you look closely at the claymation scene you can see use of their stands. Narancia uses his Aerosmith to fire bullets around the head. Mista has a reticle pinpointing on his eye. And Fugo uses his Purple Haze to strip his face down to the bone.

  15. Me and the boys after beating the wither

  16. This all started because a gay aztec decided to create an gay mask

  17. Ronan: about to kill everyone


  18. Teacher: puts on stupid music video parody related to subject

    Those three kids:

  19. Me and the boys after the meme and the boys meme died

  20. Child: dies
    Oompa Loompas: 0:28

  21. One of the coolest moments in Jojo

  22. Me: taking test
    My last 3 and a half brain cells:

  23. You know the dance is Lit when yo homeboys become yo back up dancers on the spot

  24. Everyone freaking out because a kid is having a seizure:

    Autistic kid thinking it’s a dance party:

  25. Don't remember this happening in the Alola region.

  26. The last three termites who survived inside your closet

  27. This Is The Fifth time I came back and Watched this.

  28. Teacher: today, we are doing Sex Ed.
    Girls: ugh how disgusting
    That gay kid named Ed:

  29. This all started when a blonde kid got child abused

  30. Just to remind you this came from 4 manga panels

  31. Narancia : i know i will die so i need to dance before i die

  32. jonathan didn't die for this
    he died for the sake of this to not happen

  33. Torture dance: *Is animated*
    This meme format:

  34. Bowser: dies

  35. Doctor: “you have 1 minute to live, spend it wisely”.
    Me: 0:00

  36. Me at 1 am: watching videos with headphones wondering why there is no sound

    my mom’s phone automatically Bluetooth connecting:

  37. Jojo poses in ROBLOX though

  38. Music teacher: Okay guys for this part you can do your own dance

    Me and my friends:

  39. The sperms when they find the egg

  40. Frozen: Arendelle goes into crisis because of unpredictable weather

    People in northwest nevada:

  41. Coming trough my mind!

  42. To think this began with a blonde fuckboy named dio

  43. I showed this piece of art to my girlfriend and she just ignored, should i break with her? ):

  44. no voy a casarme con nadie mientras no se sepa está wea.

  45. We should spam this at Blizzard to make this the next WoW Race dance.

  46. Isn't this a song from jet set radio

  47. This is how mafia works.

  48. I haven’t gotten this far in jojo, I just like watching this without context.

  49. Johnathan: Dies on ship and becomes part of Dio.


  50. 6 year old me in front of the tv while my parents try to watch something:

  51. Its just fucking 6 panels

  52. Danny burning alive in the furnace


  53. Was it necessary?
    Ikn, but it was perfect

  54. Me cebe tanto con el video que ví un mosquito en la pared y lo maté con la cabeza

  55. 0:59 Pause it and look at the captions.

  56. I wish i had the godly powers to know how to dance this

  57. The Dub be like: Ya Bobbleheaded Turd Burglar

  58. Me when my mom leaves the house

  59. This goes to so many songs

  60. Me, playing minecraft: goes to bed

    The monsters nearby:

  61. Why exactly does this scene happen again? And why isn’t it the whole show?

  62. Minding my own business exploring

    The Gankers:

  63. I still can’t believe how fucking hard they went for this scene

    They didn’t have to go so hard, but they did for us

    Thanks david

  64. zucchero screaming like a dying seagull

  65. Me: Have you heard of Joe?
    My friend: Who's Joe?

  66. Ahhhhhh
    Ricardo wind

  67. Mom : Lets me have the boys over
    Me and the boys :

  68. I seriously wanna know how many times they've done this Torture dance on someone, and if they always gagged them so they can't say anything about it and just have to watch.

  69. Teacher: the test is postponed to next Monday
    My three brain cells:

  70. Me:
    Jotaro when he gets to hang out with the dolphins:

  71. My brain during exam

  72. مـيــــن? يـرحــــب? بـي? يــــضغـــط لايـك?ويـراســــلنـــي خـــاص واشـتـرك بقنـاتـــــــي

  73. Can anyone tell me why they are dancing? Does it somehow have something to do with the torture or is it just for no reason? Im almost to part 4 so if it's a spoiler dont say it.

  74. We all wanted Golden Wind to MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! this bastard. What we got was even better.

  75. When you Killer Enderdragon In Minecraft. You and Your Friends:

  76. Girls: dance to Billie Eilish’s songs
    Boys and Men: Gang torture dance

  77. me and the boys when we spawn next to sheep:

  78. Wanna see me start an argument?
    Trump: gets impeached

  79. Just some footage of me and the boys.

  80. Me and the lads: Finds leftovers

    Also us:

  81. Teacher: alright class it is time for sex Ed

  82. i love how this scene doesn't fit in the show

  83. My friend: What is the anime name you suggest me already ?


  84. I’m glad they didn’t change this in the dub

  85. Dang, I miss the 90s.

  86. i only listen to real music

  87. Teacher: No homework

    My braincells:

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