【SUB】E03 Lovely Swords Girl 《恋恋江湖》| iQIYI

【SUB】E03 Lovely Swords Girl 《恋恋江湖》| iQIYI

Lovely Swords Girl Green toad. Episode 3 I Will Cure You This is the ancestral secret prescription from my family. No one knows it except my parents and me. You are the fourth person sharing weal and woe. Our little secret. Secret? We share a secret. You’ve affected me. Dear, I’ll also tell you my little secret. In the hair in the back of my head, there is such a big bump which is hard to remove. So even if my appearance changes, or my memory is gone, you can recognize me with this amazing sign. It’s also my secret. Don’t tell others. Honey, don’t you believe it? Press it. It’s really there. So you won’t miss me. Silly boy, don’t always look at me with such an innocent expression. I’m afraid I’ll never forget you. What is this? I’ll show you later. Lianrong, Xiaowenzi, Wuhua, Dama, Hao Zigan, I’ll show you something. What is it, Eldest Young Master? What is it? Be careful, or you may break it. OK. My wife wove it for me. Is it beautiful? Yes. It’s really beautiful. My wife wove it for me. Is it pretty? Yes. Yes. Eldest Young Master. Eldest Young Master, where are you going? The more I look at it, the more beautiful it is. Slow down. My wife wove it for me. Are you jealous? But it’s mine. I won’t give it to you. You! It isn’t food. This is a sacred agreement between us. You, silly donkey, eat it. How wasteful it is! You’re even self-satisfied. If a man of courage and ability is forced to get angry, he’ll kill those around him and all people will wear the willow. That’s the day today. See? These are the new ones my wife made for me. You can’t eat it this time. The previous one was eaten, but I’ve got more. She made me ten ones this time. Piss you off. See. See. And this one. Did you hear that? Eldest Young Lady makes many things for Eldest Young Master. He can even sell some of them. I somehow have a bad vibe. Well, it isn’t a festival. Is she really going to leave? Nobody knows. Anyway, she is from a sect. She can’t be satisfied with the marriage. Though they’re equal in social status, I’m afraid the illness of Eldest Young Master can’t be cured. She tried to run away for several times before. However, Second Young Master wouldn’t allow that. How poor she is! I think Eldest Young Master is poor. Lady, won’t it be too big? A bigger one will be more effective. Eldest Young Lady, something bad happened. Eldest Young Master is missing. We can’t find him after searching around for more than a dozen times. What to do? He ate nothing today and is missing. Second Young Master and Third Young Master went hunting in the capital city. They will come back in a few days. Was Eldest Young Master abducted? No. Though he is a fool, he’s good at martial arts. Who has offended him? Whatever he wants to eat, drink and play, you should satisfy him. He was at odds with us before, but he would be alright in about 30 minutes. However, this time… We, we found him. He is in the grove and doesn’t want to come back. He asked Eldest Young Lady to go there. Why is he so troublesome every day? If it goes on like this, I’ll get old faster than others. Yu’er, let’s go. Yuanxiu, what’s wrong with you? Did you swallow a live toad? Why do you ignore me? No matter how furious you are, you shouldn’t get stuck here. How did you get hurt? Well, let me have a look. Who made you angry? She is so far and yet so near. Me? Tell me. You don’t come to me, ignore me all day long and even want to run away. I know everything. You don’t want me. You don’t want to be my wife. No. I refined medicine for you. However, I was not capable enough and failed for several times. Finally I made it after trying all day long. Really? Ask Mu Yu’er if you don’t believe. She can back me up. Here, it’s the flavor of drug all over my clothes. Smell if you don’t believe. So won’t you leave? No. I’m going to treat you. Let’s go home. Honey. Honey, don’t leave me. Let’s go home. I even clean your hands for you. Obviously, these are hands of a young master. Honey, your hands are so soft. Mine are inferior to yours. I can tell from your hands that You haven’t done any rough work. Honey, although many are people nice to me, you’re the first one who treat me like that. Really? I’ll show you something interesting. What is it? Well. Look. I’ll teach you how to play it. -Is it pretty? -Yes. Do you want to have a try? Yes. Here you are. Honey, I remember when we met. -Really? -Yes. Is there really a sign that you’ll recover? Honey, this is me and this is you. I didn’t know I was known to all households and a must-have on festivals. Honey, get up. Honey, what’s wrong with you? I have a stomachache and feel a little dizzy. Honey, are you sick? I’m fine. I’ll be alright after a sleep. I’ll go to mom. No need. I have a period coming. Don’t worry. It’s quite common for women to shed blood. What? Where is bleeding? Let me check it. No. I, I feel cold. Fetch something hot for me. OK. It doesn’t ache. It doesn’t ache. It doesn’t ache. It doesn’t ache. I’ll try to cure you, so you’ll be turned to a young boy in white before. In case of patients with madness, acupuncture is necessary in addition to medication. This kind of acupuncture is different from others. Insert needles in where hurts. But if the patients are martial arts masters, especially those with profound inner power, to avoid the disorder of their meridians and breath, we should first let them fall asleep. With less conditional reflex, we can start acupuncture. It doesn’t ache. It doesn’t ache. It doesn’t ache. It doesn’t ache. It doesn’t ache. It doesn’t ache. It doesn’t ache. It doesn’t ache. It doesn’t ache. It doesn’t ache. Among the 9 sects of magic code, Zongyan Sect, Netherworld Sect Falcon Sect and Cangqi Sect were eliminated. Protected by Cheng Huaqing Wuxin Sect is safe for the time being. The Gong family and Chengyu Sword Villa are too powerful to be challenged. In this case, the next target will be Holy Medicine Sect. In fact, we know least about the Gong family among these sects. Members of the Gong family are officers in the court. With supreme inner power, they don’t care about things in the martial arts circles. Report. Master, a group of people just sent found that Yu Shengyou is in the Gong family. She has married Eldest Young Master of the Gong family. Order them to find out every detail of the Gong family now. Yes. What are you doing? Little Master, you finished hunting so early. Call me Third Young Master, not Little Master. After hunting with the emperor, you’re grumpier and more arrogant. Little Master. Don’t call me like that. Yes, Little Master. No problem. Little Master. OK, Little Master. Don’t buff in. What are you doing? What are you doing? None of your business. Eldest brother. Eldest brother. Did you drug him? We like it. None of your business. Don’t you have any sense of shame? You are so fierce, Little Master. What did you say? You are unqualified and have no right to say that to me as I am your sister-in-law. When you cheated us with your ugly face, did you have any sense of shame? You bring up old scores again and are shameless. I think you’re looking for trouble. As a gentleman, I won’t quarrel with a woman. Listen, go back to you room to do such an indecent thing. Don’t make a fool of yourself in public. What? I’ll take him to the little garden later. What can you do to me? Dare you do that? Wait and see. Eldest brother. Eldest brother. Gong Yuanxia. Gong Yuanxia. You’re a bustard confounding right and wrong. I will revenge, or the immortal and all living things in the world will get angry for it. Yuanhan, it’s your fault. I’m sure she is such a girl that will revenge on me later. As she likes. She spoke so loudly that I heard what she said. The subordinates reported when we were away she went around in the Gong family and giggled in front of the forbidden tunnel. We should be on guard. Though she likes playing, does foolish things and gets mad at ordinary times, she doesn’t look like a bad person. As the heir of a sect, she won’t covet the residual chapters of “Magic Code”. She appears to be a normal woman, but in terms of intelligence, maybe she is the unrecognized talent of human evolution. Yuanhan, you criticize others with elegance and artistic conception. Aide Yushu is so extremely insidious he has destroyed many sects. We must be cautious. Honey, this is Russian lasso Yuanhan gave me. What? How about Russian dolls? Honey, play with me. OK. Later if I want to play games later, you have to completely cooperate with me . OK, I will. -Let’s go. -Go. Good. It’s interesting. Come on. OK. So great. Honey, am I great? Yes. Good. Honey, it’s interesting. -Is it interesting? -Yes. Who do you think my eldest brother is? Don’t you know boys shall never kneel down easily? Do you think he is your pet dog? You grumbler. You shouldn’t compare your eldest brother to a dog. Sister-in-law, here is the last warning for you. If you still don’t respect him, I’ll be rude to you. He isn’t a scarecrow for you to play and practice medical skill or a toy that come and go according to your orders. Yuanhan, you’re so fierce. It’s our privacy between us as a couple. Mind your own business! I’m warning you. You shouldn’t contact me as your sister-in-law. Let go off. If don’t, I’ll accuse you of being rude in yamen and then tell others under the flyover for three days and nights to make you infamous and notorious around the country. You’re such a brute as cruel as a wolf. Now I declare war on you. Don’t you tell a story? I want to, but I won’t as you wish. What is it? My mom taught me that. She said “niangqin (mom)” and “niangzi (wife)” share “niang”. In fact, I know it. Anyway, I will be obedient. “Niang (mom)” composed of “nü (femal)” and “liang (nice)” means a very nice girl. It shows that you love me very much, right? No. It’s nonsense. Are young girls on the streets, grannies selling vegetables, kitchen maids and ladies in the imperial palace are your moms? Do they all love you? But since you are so charming, perhaps you are popular with females of all ages. Anyway, your mom is different from me. I’m not your mom and she isn’t me. My mom isn’t my mom. Anyway, I have no such a son as old as you are. Honey, I’m hungry. Here you are. In fact, it’s good to raise him as a donkey. Donkey, is it tasty? Yuanxiu, is it tasty? Yes. You treat me best. In fact, the disease of Eldest Young Master isn’t incurable. I have a folk prescription. Honey, I’ll be obedient to you later. I’ll do whatever you ask me to do. Really? Yes. Don’t tell stories later. OK. Don’t wake me up to practice kungfu at midnight. I want to get up late. OK. OK. Then you will be my companion. Honey, what does companion mean? It means… You’re going to be my best companion anyway. No objection. No disobedience. No why. OK, my companion. I’m not the companion, but you. Great. With you excellent comprehension, I’ll give you a poem about male virtue. That is, follow my orders. Follow me when I go out. Follow blindly even if I am wrong. Let me buy whatever I want to. Keep my birthday in your mind. Be patient when I dress up. Bear it even if I hit and scold you. Don’t forget it. Honey, I’ve kept it in my mind. You’re loyal. It’s a deal. Honey, why do you do that? My dad said the skull is the hardest part of our bodies. It represents our indestructible love. I like you most. I want to be with you forever. If only you were a normal person! Second brother, you really practice hard. Sister-in-law. Come on. These are cakes I made myself. Try it. I apologize to you with it. You told me to respect Yuanxiu, right? After thinking about it, I found what you said makes sense. We’ll turn dislike into friendship and hatred into paste. Eat this red haw cake and we’ll get over it. We can get over it, but I won’t eat it. As I’m from Holy Medicine Sect, my kindness is misunderstood that I will drug others. You must be joking. Even if it’s poisonous, it’s not strong enough to hurt me as I armed myself with the dominant “Gong’s Cultivation Methods”. Yuanxiu. Why, why do you shout? Shout if you dare. Now it won’t work even if you shout until yourself are hoarse. Honey, I’m coming. Honey, he… Sister-in-law. Eldest brother. Sister-in-law, do not make irresponsible remarks. Yuanhan, did you kiss her? Great. Yuanhan, do you think she is very cute? Yes. Honey, he kissed me. Don’t you get angry and shouldn’t you hit him? He likes you so he kissed you. He likes you. Why should I hit him? He kissed me, your wife and his sister-in-law. He shouldn’t touch me as his sister-in-law. He is wrong. He kissed me, so he is very guilty and deserve death. You should hit and kick him fiercely. Do you know? No. Mom said as a family we should love each other and be harmonious, so we’ll be happy. What’s male virtue? Do whatever you ask me to do. As I ask you to slap him, will you? Yuanhan, as she asked me to hit you, I’ll pretend to and you’ll pretend to be painful, OK? OK, eldest brother. Forget it. Don’t beat him. Honey. You, stay with him. Honey, how did you hurt your hand? He, he just kissed and hit me. Honey, I’ve never been hit so hard. No. Listen to me, eldest brother. Honey, it really hurts. No, eldest brother. Listen to me. Don’t bully her again. Yeah. Honey. Eldest brother. How dare you bully my wife! Eldest brother, I didn’t. Hit you. -Eldest brother, I didn’t. -Hit you. -Hit you. -Eldest brother. Yeah. Fine. Fine. Stop complaining. Just give ground to her later. Mom, you can’t connive at her. What did I educate you before? Respect and be gentle to girls around you. You are boys, right? But eldest brother has been greatly affected by her. I’m afraid it’s wrong. Master, they said that I can enjoy happiness my sons make for me. Nonsense. One of them is silly and the rest two ones are fussy and keep complaining. They love each other as a couple, right? They enjoy their life happily. Why should you care? Well, tonify your brain. I mean you. And heal your wounds. If you really want to do something for me, now go out, find a girl you love and marry her. Do not appear in front me. It’s annoying to see you. Go. Yuanxiu. Is it tasty. Pull it apart like this. It’s said that this is Eldest Young Master of the Gong family. -Yes. -Yes. -Snacks. The one besides him is his wife, right? Yes, she is. Back then he was influential, but now is dumb and stupid. Yuanxiu, go. Unexpectedly, the rich young master has reduced to a fool. Yes. How poor she is! I don’t know what she thinks. She gets a family… I think it’s about money. I think it’s just eating and dying. You… She is so fierce though she seems to be lovely. How fierce she is! Yuanxiu, go. She is really fierce. I’ll protect you in the future. I promise no one will dare to gossip. If any of you dares to stare at him, I’ll make you blind. Whoever dare to gossip about you, I’ll cut his tongue off. I’ll protect you in the future. You can stay around me all day long. Yuanxiu. Yes. What’s our relationship? We’re companions. Yes, we’re companions. Companion. Companion. We will be companions forever! Companion. Companion. We will be companions forever! Companion. Companion. We will be companions forever! Yuanhan, do you think they are such a happy couple like those in scripts? Companion. Companion. We will be companions forever! Companion. Companion. We will be companions forever! Companion. Companion. We will be companions forever! Stop peeling, eldest brother. No. I’m going to strip a hundred ones for my wife. Eldest brother, has she fed you anything strange or drug? Yes. She gave me drug to cure me. It’ll be good that she does nothing bad. She is the first one I’ve met with dangerous thoughts. Eldest brother, do not do what you don’t like. When you are unhappy, don’t hold back. Tell us. I’m happy and I like her very much. Eldest brother, do you like her as you like plants and little animals? Or are you forced to as you resort to her? I like her sweetly. When she is close to me, I feel sweet in my mouth and hot all over. Well, eldest brother, do you know? She will be with you all your life, not a pet you like or a toy you can share with others. Yuanhan, I know it. Well, with so many talented and interesting people in the world, only she will make me laugh the most happily. I feel warm when thinking about it. I want to be with her all the time. Look, I know it. That’s falling in love. Oh no. Look at his pure eyes. Finally, this spoony man is drastically poisoned by love. I see. You two are afraid that I won’t like you as I like my wife, right? Yuanhan, Yuanxia, don’t worry. Certainly I’ll still like you. Miss Yu. Miss Yu, what’s wrong with it? Is this enough? Shouldn’t we scheme and plot anywhere horrible with cold air and curtains and goose-feather fans in our hands. We’re not scheming or plotting, but fulfilling my daughter’s wish. I do that for my little passions while you for great ones. Tell me how to arrange and take action. You don’t know it. There is a hidden secret chamber in the tunnel of the Gong family. Secret chamber? Yes. The common people won’t find it. The best “Gong’s Cultivation Methods” is required to open it. Beside master, Eldest Young Master can open it. That’s why I asked you to get along well with Eldest Young Master and make him obedient to you before. Only in this way can we open the stone gate and enter the secret chamber. Is it just as simple as that? It’s just the first step. Fine. Stop. It’s too terrible for me to bear it. Come to the tunnel and open it by then. OK. I’ll go with you to be safe. Deal. It’s time for me to act as the No.1 swords girl from Holy Medicine Sect. It’s said that after his daughter died, he regards her beloved hedgehog as his daughter. As his daughter is gone, if the hedgehog is also gone, he will spend his life all alone. How poor he is! What Lord guessed is right. We’ll take action. Cangqi Sect can’t meet us on time, while Wuxin Sect was attacked. I’m afraid that Ghost Domain Sect just pretended to attack and we’re trapped. After going back, we should connect masters of Oriental Sect, Western Sect, Nangong Sect and Beiming Sect quickly to discuss how to deal with Ghost Domain Sect. It reminds me of something three years ago. I helped a very strange patient back then. She was badly injured and was abandoned at the gate of Holy Medicine Sect. She was so strangely hurt that I had to refer to “Holy Medicine Book” for ways to save her. It took two days and a night to save her. But it seemed that the book was took away for about 30 minutes and then was placed back to where it was. I thought I was mistaken. However, as I think it carefully now, it seems to be terrible. I have a question. “Holy Medicine Book” was originally the first volume of the residual chapter “Magic Code”. I heard that the secret in it isn’t about medicine. The order of the nine chapters is mysterious. and said to be hidden in your “Holy Medicine Book”. Nonsense. It has just skills of refining medicine and saving people. What you said is a rumor. I’m afraid that Aide Yushu will believe that legend if he gets all chapters. Thus Holy Medicine Sect may be at stake. Mr. Yu, tell me at once if Holy Medicine Sect gets letter of slaughter from Ghost Domain Sect. I’ll rush to rescue before the arrival of Ghost Domain Sect. Thanks, Mr. Cheng. I eat, drink, sleep, play and practice with him every day. It’s a good idea to draw a picture of him as a souvenir in case that I may leave him. Sister-in-law. I’m busy. Dad’s birthday party will begin soon. I see. I’ll be there in a minute. And I’ll repeat it. Our family members are officers in the court and we are hereditary nobles, so we should be respectable. Our manner and demeanor are different from those of the common people. It isn’t Holy Medicine Sect here. I get angry as you mention it. Have you ever been to Holy Medicine Sect? Do you know Holy Medicine Sect? Do you know what Holy Medicine Sect is like? How dare you talk about it! Certainly it isn’t Holy Medicine Sect here, especially the place where you are, is at most a broken cage with polished exterior and without freedom. If that’s what you think, don’t regard yourself as a canary. At most, you’re an annoying little sparrow with bad character. If I were a little sparrow, you would be a smiling tiger, iron chicken, ungrateful person or a master of none. You… Honey, my buttocks are tingling. Be sensible. He is disrespectful again. It’s time for you to see the appalling skill of Holy Medicine Sect. Are you alright? Then sit down. We’ll proceed with drawing, OK? Be good. Eldest Young Lady. Hello, Eldest Young Lady. Are just you two here? Yes. How do they usually sit at a family dinner? Eldest Young Lady. Master and madame take the seats of hosts. Eldest Young Master is next to madame. Second Young Master and Third Young Master are over there. Certainly, you will be next to Eldest Young Master. These are gifts I prepare for you. It’s the birthday of father-in-law soon. Share with others. Just gifts for you. Thanks, Eldest Young Lady. You’re welcome. How beautiful! I’ve never seen such beautiful ornaments. They share the same patterns with those of Eldest Young Lady. They aren’t available in the market. Eldest Young Lady, we don’t dare to accept such beautiful ornaments. It’s great that you like them. It’s fate for us to get together. I’m leaving. Thanks, Eldest Young Lady. Remember to share with others.

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