把袜子穿高就等于好学生?!10种没有必要的校规, 10 Unnecessary School Rules

把袜子穿高就等于好学生?!10种没有必要的校规, 10 Unnecessary School Rules

Monster Replay School It was the “Rehab” of the worst students nationwide The students here are worse than worst It is the most horrible school at the moment We have a student exchange program today A role model level student from XiuQi School will be here today Role model? You mean like me?? Student exchange? I wonder it’s a male or female Role model huh?? It’s a female.=3 She will be your role model to learn from Kindly pick up all the good qualities from her However, JingJing will only stay for a day So please treasure the time and get along with her nicely Hello, I’m JingJing, nice to meet you Come, shake your hands I’m Mayfield Hey, come on It’s okay, let’s go back to class 3……. 2……. 1…….. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 types of unnecessary school rules Mustn’t run in school! You can’t run in the school! Let’s split up! See you at the toilet! Let’s see how 1 person can catch 3 of us I run like Naruto, it’s impossible to catch me! You thought you dogs could outrun me?! Ok, I will give you one chance! You must walk back from the canteen again Luckily she didn’t take down our school numbers What time is it now? Even JingJing has come back! Get back to your seats! I see, she purposely dragged us! How many times have I told you?!?!? Lim Zhi Ping You must use LimZhiPing as the name in your chinese essays!!! Don’t you guys understand?!?!??! But why???? Can’t I use other names??? Can’t i use Ping Zhi Lim??? Don’t ask questions! I will deduct 10 points from your essays! What kind of rule is this???!! Damn it, who you think I am? I am Lim Zhi Ping!!! You think that you don’t have to return me the money?! Lim Zhi Ping? This guy is Lim Zhi Ping?!??! I heard someone saying his name is Lim Zhi Ping!! He’s in the toilet! Let’s go! Damn you! How dare you lock me in here?! Do you know who I am?!?! Let me out! Not allowed to go to the toilet JinChiew, what are you doing? Toilet Sit back down It’s a big business! What big business? Sit back down! Stomachache! Why didn’t you go to the toilet during recess? Sit back down! Teacher! Do you smell it? Jinchiew, do you smell something?!? Nope? Is it? How much was your rice just now? Not allowed to step on the grass! Hey you guys! You shouldn’t step on the grass! I will copy your school numbers! It’s okay JJ. You guys must love the school like your home All these plants were managed by the gardener everyday OHHHHHH, like our own house…… You must write Lim Zhi Ping!!! Not allowed to leave your books in the school! Class dismissed! Bring back your textbook! You thought that this is your house?!??! Come, spot check on your socks High socks Come, you LOL VANS Why is your socks so short?! Demerit! Why??? I wore socks! Mayfield, your turn! Good job, black socks are cool! What good job?! Who says that you can wear black socks?!D Demerit! I thought we need long socks? Your turn! I have to go to the toilet Stop! Why aren’t you wearing any socks! Come on, teacher! Let’s skip this! So you don’t want to wear socks? Unless your shoes are high enough! Teacher, how about now?!?! NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Mayfield, why are you drinking? No drinking allowed! I have been teaching for so long, yet I didn’t even sip my water. Please tell me why must I allow you to drink?!??! You put it down now But I’m sick! Put it down! I am sick too! Don’t you dare! PK, are you ready?! No soccer/ sports allowed Of course I’m ready! Come on! Who gave you permission to play soccer here? Teacher, it’s the recess now! You told us to exercise more just now! No, you can’t! Go back to class! 3…..2………1……………. I was aiming your body. Mayfield, this keychain is for you Forbidden items This looks edgy, nice, thanks! Keychains are forbidden, you guys shouldn’t bring them to school! Cannot! Did you buy for me?! Of course, this is yours Teacher! Can we bring outside food into the school? No you can’t. Who is going to be responsible if you guys get food poisoning? We can’t even do this? Then what should we eat? Sand?? This JJ, always trap us Even tissue paper is considered forbidden item Tissue paper also?!?!? You can’t be alone with a girl Let’s make sure you get it this time! I thought I told you that you are not supposed to hang around only with a girl?! This is our school rule! I didn’t! How dare you lie!? Hehe, JJ, what goes around, comes around! Which one of you stole JJ’s wallet? What wallet? Nobody wants to admit?? Take out your bags PK, kindly explain yourself! Why is her wallet in your bag? I didn’t do it! This is considered a crime I am going to report to police I didn’t do it!!!!! Then explain why is the wallet in your bag!!! You think that I am that stupid to put it in my own bag?? Stop giving excuses, follow me to the police station! Teacher, hold on! Do you want to know what will happen to PK? Stay tuned for the next episode! Oh ya, and remember to subscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for watching!

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