杨晨大神训练笔记反拍勾球 Badminton master Yang teach you how to practice backhand cross net techniques

杨晨大神训练笔记反拍勾球 Badminton master Yang teach you how to practice backhand cross net techniques

Never mind where you are from Must be cool when you are playing badminton I am your badminton master coach — Yangchen (former China national team member Hi everyone, I am Yang. I taught you how to practice forehand cross net shot in last episode. we’ll learn how to practice backhand cross net shot. actually, this time it’s not common backhand cross net shot. this is a kind of slice quickly. so I think this will be easier to use your feeling like slicing. just you have enough angle to slice, and more easier to practice. let’s go! Let’s go. first important thing is you should extend your arm as far as possible otherwise, it will be less for running Don’t like this, shrink the arm and it will be far to run and it (bankhand) will be easier than forehand grip if I do like this, this angle is not good for slicing. but if you use your thumb, put your thumb on the bevel edge, like so. So, that will be much easier to slice. like so, come on, practice. and look at the result that’s the tips, change your grip, from backhand grip to bevel grip. push directly, like so if the shuttle coming not stable, so do it like so, to follow more… following more like this that will be more easier. it will be better than the traditional one. (elbow mush lower) extend your arm, then slice come on, my number one fan arm extend more follow more. if more error, just follow more, great. no,no,not like this, you didn’t slice it you did just extend you have to slice it if you just extend it, the speed will be not enough, slice it, then the speed will be quicker. have a look more power from your wrist you went from side, not from the front too much, relax it better great the second one to the net from middle the distance is too short for slicing, swing a little bit more your swing is too short more, relax, good why the shuttle always goes out? good good got the feeling perfect. number three fan you haven’t sliced the shuttle yet. slice from the middle (come to the net) yes, from the middle, that’s right your grip is too flat too flat like so (not good) just have the angle, then slice it relax, your wrist is too high, like so extend it then just slice it directly. no further actions. good, no further actions. good, slice quickly more power from wrist. more power for slicing only. I ask more power but you did to much. power only for slicing, not for the angle good good good better yes, better this slice angle is not right the shuttle should on the top of your racket a bit more on the top on the top (sweet area) it’s here, this area of the racket do not slice it in the middle of the racket like the area when you do the serve ok, summary for today’s learning first of all is the grip bevel grip from normal grip the second is that have to have enough angle for slicing and extend your arm as far as possible because less running if you extend your arm that’s all for today, backhand cross net shot please practice and practice thanks for watching and please subscribe our Youtube channel thanks for supporting

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