那些年。。我们曾经打过的篮球比赛 Reminisce about the good old days of Basketball Competition

那些年。。我们曾经打过的篮球比赛  Reminisce about the good old days of Basketball Competition

[lame intro by Mayfield]
literal translation: Believe in your own dreams, then even a horse will be able to fly IT’SSSSSSSSSSSS GIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAWAYYYYY Freestyle, rhyming Good news guys, we are having a giveaway in today’s video But why? It’s a celebration for our 20,000 SUBSCRIBERSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (finally lol) So today we are going to send our a basketball, and a pair of kicks to you guys One last Dance This is the last pair of shoes before Dwayne Wade’s retirement Let’s take a look at it Looks nice right? [Hokkien rhyming] If you want to know how to join this giveaway I will tell you later But first, finish this video ok? One fine morning, at a basketball competition……. PK, do you know any players from XiuQi? Are they good? Not sure, but I noticed that only 2 of us are wearing our jerseys Those who came in jerseys=newbie Yes i felt so too! Those pros always wait until the last minute only they change into their jerseys Those star players purposely make people wait for them Star players always make people WAITTTTTTT Yes i agree, we must make them wait He is in full set of track suit! This is one of the guys from Xiu Qi Know your enemy Yes, I think it’s correct already Did you see it?? Penang state player! Can’t sway from the “state player” topic Let’s go change Faster x2 Take your time, let them wait for us! Changing before the match Wowzer Mayfield, new kicks! Mayfield: Isit nice?
PK: WOW it’s Dwayne Wade! It’s the pair before his retirement But I don’t feel like wearing it If i wear it I sure get stepped on Yes x4, better keep it! Until it is moldy isit?? What time is it?! Why still haven’t change?!?!?!? You too!!!! Whatchu lookin at!?!? GO AND CHANGE! Mayfield, is it okay here?? Further x2 Why are we hiding every time when we are doing our stretches? Warming up far away from court We mustn’t let them know what we are doing! That’s why we always go further away! Shouldn’t we be doing these after the match? Really?!? See, Jeson is rope skipping Let’s go x2 Lay up Come in, b*tch! Ok, out of breath Why are we doing the same warm ups everytime? Nothing else for us to do? Wow, look! Pretty girl + jersey=goddesssssssssssssssss Dude, you haven’t answer me STFU It’s rare that a girl is here to watch our match Let’s try to look good Dude, look at your shoelaces Trying not to laugh Hey PK, did you see how i did my layups? I feel quite confident today! Nice when warming up, but when in matches total f*cked up [hokkien] But that girl was looking at her phone just now! Maybe she’s taking my photos Let’s do more layups Insufficient time for warm ups I will let you be the first 5 Honor being chosen as first 5 Make sure you are in the right position, don’t dribble too much and be more proactive when it comes to defensing YAY! Coach chose me as first 5! Sorry coach, I forgot to check their nails just now Come here bois Nails checking This is too long, go cut it! Coach, I’m ready! Ok, go take a seat first Jeson, show some mercy Mistakes during ball jumping Too much fouls 4 fouls in 1st quarter, how do we continue?! The legendary full court press This isn’t right! It’s full court press! Let’s go for timeout! Come here and take a good look! How many freakin times have I told you how to counter a full court press??! Don’t you know?!??! The important coaching You both confuse them here by passing here and there The real opening is at the middle Do you understand?!?!??! What does the 20 cents coin represent? I don’t know too, or we make it this way, you pass it to me, I will break them I can still use my back as a shield! 8 second rule Do you like dribbling so much?!?!?! Coach’s favorite quote
“You like dribbling very much???” Coach is beside me, I must try my best to impress! PK is open! Butter hands PK, omg it’s a disgrace, 150 – 14 We performed so badly Of course, we got full court pressed They thought that they are great, they were just bullys Let’s look at our scores Calculating our own points How much points you scored? only 2! hahahaha Whatabout you? 12 Only 2 of us scored?? Let’s see how much did the state player score See how others perform 81 points omg Coach is summoning us How many times have i told you bois? Reviews after the match (get f*cked) It’s key point in countering full court press is at the middle! This is what you get for skipping practises What you bois always do? 5 v 5 Do you want my 5 5 now? Come here 5 am tomorrow morning! Jeson has taken our girl How was my performance? Did i look good? That sounded so cheap! Okay that’s it for today’s video I really miss all the beloved teammates It’s sad that we are now fighting for our own career and life So all these memories will remain as memories and I will definitely cherish them STFU Mayfield, people want to know how to join the giveaway! Okay back to this giveaway, shout out to the sponsor of this giveaway Do check it out if you guys are looking for any kicks or sports apparel You can use our promo code when you checkout it will grant you 10% off How to join you ask? It’s simple af Click on the link in our description, do the things inside Visit our youtube channel, subscribe and the subscription MUST BE BEFORE 13th of September How do you prove that it was done before 13th of Sept? You can record a 5 – 10 seconds video to show us the date and subscribed button. Another way is to search your time zone at google and show us that you have subscribed Don’t send this video to us. Keep it, The winner must be able to provide us this as the proof We will then pick a lucky guy on 13th of Sept And this guy will win this pair of kicks and the basketball So when you are picked, you must be able to provide us the proof (video) and we will ask you a very simple question The question is: How much points did Mayfield score in the competition in this video? My instruction should be clear right? Anyway, if you don’t understand, read it up in the description below And also, special thanks to our friend, who is one of the best photographers in Penang His name is Mackiddbill So what kind of photos do you normally shoot? I’m more to commercial and fashion Here are the photos taken by Mackidd PK looks pro af here, take a look at our instagram @monsterreplay There will not be any promo code because this is NOT a sponsor. We are just shouting out to him as a friend! So if you guys want any photographers, do look for him Thanks for watching!

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  1. 我要虽然几率不大可是我还是想要希望可以抽到我

  2. 每次看你的影片都特别ket sui,因为本身也是篮球迷的关系,再加上看到这个影片,就好像看到以前年轻打比赛的自己。。。哈哈哈哈?

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    #我做人很简单,有GA就join 哈哈哈哈 ?

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  22. Wade是我偶像 我超喜欢他的 他当年在热火和三巨头bosh和james时 最爱看他们打球了 我也超喜欢wade的防守 他防守出色 他是盖帽最多的sg来的 很想要这双鞋?最近鞋坏了 都是穿拖鞋打的 不能打得出色一些 有了这双鞋 我会更舒服和更好的打得 siao诶很想要?

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  66. 韦德…… 1982年 第五顺位 迈阿密热火选中 那时的我并不看好热火 因为热火本身没什么明星球员 就算是韦德加入了 我也对热火没报有什么希望 但我依然是个热火粉 直到了2006年 詹姆斯 龙王 韦德联手时 我才意识到了韦德的强大 他的迷踪步 速度 欧洲步 并不是一个正常人能做出来的举动 那时的我彻底成了韦德的粉丝 (自己打的啊)求送球鞋啊 我现在只能穿power的鞋啊 我也想体验看看穿明星球鞋的感觉啊

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    I love this way of wade shoes ??
    能選上我就最好 選不到也沒關係 參與一下#

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