[배달이 배드민턴 공지] Badminton|부상 소식 & 새해 첫 도전 공개

[배달이 배드민턴 공지] Badminton|부상 소식 & 새해 첫 도전 공개

Hello BB! I’m Badminton Master. Today video is BMaster Recent and Badminton Master tv Notice. I’ll explain it briefly! Badminton Master tv live from this year I will begin on Tuesday. I played Badminton Master tv live every Friday. The reason why
I moved to Tuesday was the badminton competition Starting on Tuesday and finishing Sunday There are a lot of things to do,
So starting on Tuesday Game of national players of Korea I will analyze it together and look at the relative score To have time to check the current players’ ranking I am going to broadcast on Tuesday
when the competition starts. The time is the same as before,
between 9:30 pm and 10:00 pm I will be doing Badminton Master tv live. If you miss this live, It will be uploaded then once again, It can be seen as a recording broadcast. Secondly, Badminton Master is not able to compete in the last 30C national competition in January. Secondly, Badminton Master is not able to compete in the last 30C national competition in January. I am not able to practice the club or the game properly. The reason is currently BMaster While preparing for the competition, As the lower back disk becomes a problem The whole right leg is cramped. I can not exercise properly. I’m doing physical therapy and rehabilitation I am trying to make a good body condition again. In winter,
when the preparatory exercise is not working properly Suddenly as I entered the game I’m doing big or fast movements. There was an injury. BB You too Especially when you work out during the winter,
please be prepared. After the game, after all the workout Please be careful while working out to prevent injuries. Last news. In full-scale rehabilitation Now I’m getting better at the lower back. In the middle of January when I first hurt my back I could not walk, I could not even lay down properly. But now, a little bit of physical therapy I was able to run a little bit. Now, take a break like this The injury is another one I look back on myself Again, I had time to think “what is lacking”. And then I realized that BMaster was lacking strength. Since this video has been uploaded since February Daily push-ups 100 times! I also added the video later Continue to see that BMaster continues to challenge Let me show you. I chose to use push-ups because Push-ups for 30 days on YouTube 100 times I saw a video of a person. In a month, You might actually think it’s really short. I could see
that the change of body was manifesting clearly. BMaster keeps staring at badminton. I only use half of muscles. The body is a little asymmetrical case. By doing both push-ups and stretching, I will make my body again. One day 100 times push-up video
with 1 upload video per day Please look forward to it. Badminton Master tv Notice is finished. Bye~~!

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