(一)正确的身体姿势 Badminton Backhand 1

(一)正确的身体姿势 Badminton Backhand 1 Badminton-Backhand Clear Skill (I) Right Body Posture The important thing is the posture if you have a serious focussed posture, you are more likely better clear instead of posture like that ok, have a look if I have a posture like that, many things I can’t make right for example ok, clear please like that big but, if I do that way then my racket will go to the shuttle cock immediately not, but if I do that like this like this when you do that, you are more likely move sharp but if you do that slow ok, so number 1 point is the compact focussed posture compared to this one Serious body posture makes serious shot and loose body posture makes loose shot Lee Jae Bok

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  1. Since my backhand is horrible i will definitely watch every single vid regarding backhand

  2. I hope they help your backhand. Lee

  3. I'm OK at Badminton and I know the basics, however watching your videos shows me that you really have to check over your basics, and every time I watch your videos, I always learn something new! Thanks for teaching! 🙂

  4. Thank you very much for your kind comment on my clips. Lee

  5. This helpd me alot!:) thank you

  6. Lee your videos are extremely helpful to me. I found my backhand shots as weak as difficult to cross net while playing from backline.Then I and my friends are making backhand shots as forehand shots.Now we shall confident to improve.Is playing outdoor court making difficult it?

  7. Thank you very much for your comment. I am very pleased to know. Yes playing out door will harder then playing indoor. But sometime it is good to play out door when there is no wind. Many people play out door in Korea. Lee

  8. Thank you Lee, from Malaysia.

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