(三)如何使用手腕 Badminton Backhand 3

(三)如何使用手腕 Badminton Backhand 3 Badminton-Backhand Clear Skill (3) – How to use your wrist Now, next point is the wrist ok, the wrist, shuttle is coming from there to me here when you see my hand, you should see my knuckles my palm should be facing there so, my wrist should be moving like this should be cocked so, its like taking the door handle door handle is there, you hold the door and rotate that’s the best way to use your wrist power like this ok, watch this, ok James come put that racket down, shuttle down stand there like this I will move that side, you try to not allow me to do that way ok, so like that, I can move it, ya push harder but I can go, ya I can go because its cocked I can use my power like this you can try, you cock it, like this you can do it but now important, 8 or 9 out of 10 learners in badminton or many club players, their wrist for backhand is like this, so look when shuttle come there they bend that way, and their wrist moves like this instead of like this now like that, push it, I can’t push it, I can’t push it back, because there is no power but I can if I cocked that way, my palm facing that way then I can do that power, there is power compare, here like that ok, ready so if this is shuttle cock, ok cocked and then hit ya, like this not, never ever bend your wrist in this way in any backhanded badminton, no like this no power at all I cocked the wrist, palm facing there, with this kind of grip my wrist is caught, my thumb is straight that way so like this ok now, watch the hit shuttle here ok, now this is right way the wrong way, like that you bend your wrist ya, once wrist is bended that way no power what so ever it has to be cocked, cocked cocked like this then you can use all the power you have ok, remember, you must cock the wrist when you hit, hit it with cock the wrist never ever put wrist like this Lee Jae Bok

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