?? “Kart Wars” Multiplayer gameplay – Free Online games – CrazyGames MartianGames

?? “Kart Wars” Multiplayer gameplay – Free Online games – CrazyGames MartianGames

hey there friends me Jenni here and
today we’re going to play a game that I’ve never played on my channel before
it’s called “Kart Wars” and it’s a game developed by my partner Martian Games
because in case you didn’t already know he is a web game developer but recently
he just released his first VR game which is super exciting and awesome in my
opinion of course I’m biased but anyway to pay the bills he does stuff like this
he made this adorable little game and it all starts off with an avatar creator customizable avatar situation over here
you can actually choose choose through all these different little characters
and then it’s kind of like a hint to dress up game which I love just sup
games in fact the first game that I ever tried to make was a dress up game I made back in 2014 this is like a million times more amazing than the
thing I made mine was just like practically stick stick figures and crop
tops and mini skirts this girl’s got a cute little outfit on but yeah you can
choose the different heads I guess this is the shape of the face but yeah made
with unity and he didn’t make all the assets for this game but he did program
the whole thing and it’s on now so he’s started working on
it back in the day for the unity Web Player but then unity Web Player got
shut down by browsers so he had to adjust it so now it’s playable on the
web still using WebGL let’s see I think I like the pink hair
the most but let’s see here oh they’re all pretty damn cute so yeah this first
part is a little bit like a dress-up game but don’t let that fool you
we’ve only just begun and any moment now after I’m done fooling just so well show
you what the game actually looks like by the way it’s also a multiplayer and it’s
free so if you guys want to play with me you can hop on in we put a little link
really quick Kart Wars there you go if anyone wants to play with me you’re more
than welcome to I like your little sweatshirt I think that one’s my
favorite don’t mind me I’m just gonna take my sweet time I really like this
part because a lot of games they don’t let you go as far as to you know
customize your avatar they kind of like stuck looking at your character the
whole time you’re playing so I’ll see you it’s just a hard to decide because
they’re all so cute I think the maybe the blond hair I guess that was the most
like me alright so and then the other cool thing is over
here you basically earn money based on your performance in-game but you start
off with some money that you can spend and you can add I would probably do the
table you can go up or down depending on what you really want shield I think is
probably what I’ll need the most okay cool
so let’s see so these are all the cool cars you got oh my god this is big this
one’s like trees and stuff honestly I haven’t really played this since they
came out on crazy games even though I know that matching games was
like months ago yeah Wow I think that it is I can’t wait to see like how many
people in this game have actually unlocked this wine and I’m wondering how
long it’s gonna take me to unlock this one all right let’s just start with what
we have classic WASD to drive you can shift to
turbo and then space to jump and then you shoot with your mouse so actually I
took so long to design my little character that I’m not sure if there
will be anyone in this room but you can actually make your own rooms in this
game then your friends can search for you
unavailable all right let’s see all these different rooms where is everyone well I swear there was like more people
here before I’m not sure why there’s not so many you maybe it’s like a dead hour
but we’ll do this one it says that there’s five people in this room they remembered our character style all
right well it looks like we have one person who’s level four everyone else is
a new Blake mean so you Darwyn the dog alright we’re on the red
team you can tell cuz we got a little red car
and stuff there’s definitely certain parts of the day that are better for
lots of people in this game I’m not sure what the prime hours are okay this is
normally where there would be a flag when you get five sometimes you can
turbo up that thing what have you missed the mark you might just kind of let go
off to the side like I just did yes that’s my flag okay alright so that guy
just returned the flag handler city D hey how are you doing buddy are you
gonna do the Ludum dare game jam challenge next weekend I’ve been
thinking about Jeff I need to like fix up my patreon page cuz I used to have
like a photography portfolio where I was hosting my little buttons on there but I
was like man I I should really try to fix up my patreon thing oh thank you for
the host man e0 what’s up friend yay cool friend you are gonna do it sweet
honestly all day today and last night I thought that it was this weekend oh no
someone returned the flag before I did so I lost my chance to return it this is
a game that Martian made and it just came out on crazy games about oh like 40
years ago or something so I’m not sure how many people might be into this type
of game but I just figured that I would play it on stream because I am so proud all right the help I got like two
screens right now sighs I lost my mouse there for Sam oh now you okay thanks
buddy and cap what’s up friend okay how are
you doing so this is a game it’s a web game that
Martian games put out last week and it’s called Kart Wars we’re so grateful to
Crazy Games who licensed this game and it’s really fun it’s got like the super
cartoony artwork and stuff next week is gonna be next weekend is a
three day game jam that we might do called Ludum do and I’m so glad that it
wasn’t this weekend cuz I thought it was free
Oh guess what loose today I haven’t seen you in so long that um we actually
finished that VR game well we didn’t I mean Russian games finished the VR game
and ancap gamer here in chat played it on stream it was so exciting and also I
noticed that like I had made a few clips of him playing and one of the clips got
like 100 views saws like oh my god probably the most views out of any clip
I made or had take like any oh yeah and you can go on the water friends so oh
that’s our key friend in fact I think I can actually all right does this work
for yes alright there’s a link to the gate so the purgatory fell game it’s
just sighs we don’t have any kind of like professional PR or anything so I am
just mildly famous I think all socials like I’m really not like a social media
guru or anything I’m just not totally dumb about it okay ah we almost return
to fly that time so what happens is if you have the flag in your hand and the
other team does too but they return it before you do the
you’ll just lose your flag and you have to go back and get it and try it again
so some people win a new game like this comes out they’ll be playing it
constantly and they’ll get really good at it so a lot of the times they’re
better than I am so okay there’s that level poor guy Dharma the dog bird
Darwin the dog watch out man ah listen I actually try to get this thing returned
this time this game it’s got this super fun driving mechanics but they’re kind
of like a speedy and fast and you got to be on your toes if you want to actually
return a flag which damnit hi there dammit
so I’m so mad that’s the third time I had the flag in hand but I didn’t return
it fast enough yeah this one’s a browser-based game and it’s on crazy
games what’s that Oh lose city baby son of nap first time months in a row thank
you so much friend lose sanity I don’t even care if I get a shot and killed
right now you’re the best here’s this Darwin the dog or whatever
he’s like level four let’s try to take him down
thank you friend you’re such you’re so awesome a supportive man the world needs
more other cities in the world um oh I wouldn’t I don’t know if I had told you
all about it cuz for the last three the last three months in a row we went to
this is called the Seattle online broadcasters meetup in Seattle and we
went last night they had their monthly meetup and we’ve been making all these
new friends that are streamers and stuff but thanks for an cap and a few other
streamers that played our game because there weren’t there’s not that many VR
streamers at the Seattle meet up so even though we’ve been telling everyone about
our game like not very many of the streamers are also VR streamers so good
that we got an cap around yay thanks friend yeah we we were lucky enough to
get a publisher for the VR game and so they were
basically invested in the game to make it happen and so that like held us over
for a few months but Martian games was like not done perfecting it by the time
like their budget got to its limit so we were just like glad that we didn’t spend
all the money in one place because we we had like saved up the earnings from that
the investment for the VR game so we were able to stretch it out for like
twice the time that you know basically they were paying us for a few months and
then for like another three months Martian was just like scrambling to get
stuff done and so we’ve been like eating on a budget and that’s the one thing
we’re not is starving artists we might be artists and we might not be like Gabe
Newell style rich or anything yet I would I would say above starving and far
beneath gabe newell style but yeah so we’ve been living on a budget but it’s
really nice because we’re totally independent and that’s something that’s
I know hard for a lot of people so I maintain like independent game developer
status and I’m still learning every every day I’m in the unity even though I
still suck at c-sharp I’m still practicing 3d modeling every day and I
got to do a lot of the like social I guess like setting up all the social
media for purgatory fell and I set up the steam page for that so now I can say
that have experience setting up a steam game that is like you know successfully
out and about your style what’s up friend
yeah we’re surviving artists we’re not starving we’re surviving Hey goodness
what’s up buddy I am featuring this game that Martian
games made and I’m so proud because it’s my partner Martian who programmed this
game I didn’t get to do any of the art in this or anything like that but I was
there while he made it and as a as a programmer it’s like his specialty is
c-sharp so he uses a lot of really cute assets from the asset store as you see
here and this is like a simple capture the flag game all you do is just come
here and get this a new song crazy Gamescom
luckily they were nice enough to license the scheme so luckily I mean Martian
games has been making games for like 15 or 20 years like I’m not even
exaggerating like I’m not super young anymore and Martian games is even older
than me so it’s like you’ve been doing this for way longer than me I started
learning unity about five or six years ago when he went when we met and he
started teaching me but I still have quite a long ways to go like I could
make a simple like point-and-click adventure type of game but and I can do
3d models and and voice acting I got to do a little bit of voice acting in the
purgatory fella game keep on bullying those polygons
yeah I’m showing those polygons to use boss you’re starving first somewhere
Commander Keen with that kappa with the double iris do you sup bunny friend a
small range yeah oh um what is this name auxilary that sounds like a cute name I
wonder if they go to the soba meetups um anyone that you find out is in Seattle
you should ask them if they go to the in real-life meetups cuz they’re at this
place called game works in seattle once a month and it’s really fun they have
like over a hundred people that show up and they rent out this entire upper
floor area and it’s awesome it’s like a two-story tall arcade in Seattle and
like honestly like we had been living in San Francisco at well I man I lived in
all over California and some of the places but I had not seen such a cool
giant arcade and so we moved here and I got to check out game works in Seattle
and that just happens to be where the streamers meet up once a month so we’re
moving up in the world here friends we go I actually it’s pretty unfair there’s
three of us on one team and one person on the other team so now I’m one thing
you can do is you can press Hilda go to the lobby and you just if you cancel out
of Mischa Ella go around like that like your teammates will not suffer the
consequences you will just change different times a day there’s like more
people in here but like right now there’s I guess just this one that has
people last night like I feel like yesterday
there’s a lot more action in these rooms but I guess that’s one of the things
with the multiplayer games there is sometimes a struggle let’s say keep
people in your room if anyone wants to come I’m gonna make
the room call Jenny Nexus and if anyone wants to play it’s free and you can just
get it here on crazy games it’s current wars wish we had such things in the
North Pole the icicles I like different I don’t think did I get healthier well
I’ll admit that it was super over it was a greeny and even snowing all winter and
just in the last few weeks that’s begun like springtime is starting to get sunny
out there but even just last night it was like a torrential downpour on our
way to the thing and it’s still like overcast and rainy but we have been
getting more sunshine lately which is back to our normal really normally
scheduled program like 10 what do I look healthier probably because I’ve been
getting more sunshine so yeah I wish I could say that I made this but it’s got
like this cute part where you can choose your character and if you make a
username and a password then it’ll save your settings whatever you prefer so we
can probably you guys around you I would be down to play somewhere Commander Keen
sometime any zero mani followed me when I was playing through all the commander
Keens and he’s been here ever since – and I haven’t actually played in the in
a while but I played like five I played almost every single one every single
Commander Keen all right let’s see how beautiful so if there’s no one in here
then they’ll just like put you against bots I gotta wait for players I thought
I thought that there is like BOTS in here
grant hey someone just showed up and it’s been snowing for two full days for
you crazy man yeah oh you need to go to game wings been to pax west the last few
years and always walk by it Frank Wow I was pretty loud all right um well
if if in whatever you ever come to Seattle I hope that you let us know so
we can go get coffee and stuff together and I’ll be sure to let you know if
there’s any it they have these different meetups my favorite ones are in addition
to the online broadcasters one is the Seattle Indies and they put on like all
kinds of events like several times a week I would say oh my god so yeah my
shouldn’t I believe he constructed well he constructed the levels I’m not sure
if he actually made like this part of the map he probably got this loop dealio
this cool map from an asset package but he did do you want like the driving
mechanics like program those to be all fun and whatnot and if you might might
have noticed like a little bit of a Mario Kart essence here oh no like I
just kill me oh you go to the Santa in these northern heat ups once in a while
sweep yeah we are really happy to move here last September we’re about an hour
outside of Seattle but we’re more than happy to go there for special events and
stuff we got to go to pax actually when we moved here in September like we
literally moved the same weekend that pax was happening and like we weren’t
even sure if we were gonna be able to afford the whole move and everything we
just made it and like didn’t buy a ticket for pax and they sold out so we
were like fuck it let’s just go anyway and we’ll just like stand outside and
see if we can get in and it was really cool because we wound up getting a
ticket from a scalper outside of pax hey there Heinz what’s up friend hey I
just I just may have Heinz last night no I’m just telling all my friends here
and chat all about the fun sober Meetup and my one friend here
Ursula says that they go to the Seattle India’s North meetup sometimes see
luckily the bite like has got my back just in case I don’t notice for years at
least my bot will make more ruckus and chat and hopefully catch my eye but I
have like major FOMO of like not noticing someone who soon as they come
into my chat so I I’m always sure to like dart my eyes last that’s why I’ve
got such bad gameplay as I’m always trying to reach high holy mostly joking
yeah I would recommend it because as a musician I just met Hinds 92 recently
last night and checked out his channel to do but it looks like he did his piano
and stuff so I’m not sure how since I just met you I’m not sure how serious
you are about music and stuff but you can always meet like seattle india’s who
need music for their cameos and stuff and i just find it really find it’s like
explore like indie games like lesser well known and I think that lucidity I’m
not sure if you’re still in here lurking but one of my longtime supporters like
just resub for 10 months in a row which is like more than more than I could say
for most people because like I don’t have any expectations or anything but he
really has been like supportive and you know one of those like few people they
has really like made it like helps me encourage myself actor spending so many
hours having fun as a hobby streaming also like encouraging me to do it and
like dream about making it a profession one day maybe in like another 5 years
old I’ll be a twitch partner yeah there’s a little sub face okay I’m just
happy to have anyone here supporting it all because when I first started I
remember having 2-0 people in chat to talk to and I can really relate when
people say like what do you do and there’s no one in your chat room like
how are you supposed to interact like are you supposed to just talk to
yourself and after practice talking to yourself I guess
like eventually people might pop in and might they wind up sticking around I
captured the flag friends we did it hey hey I’m not sure if anyone else here has
the HTC vive or not you’re really bad but you love you the game’s cool nice
well if you want I normally share about whenever I go to the events like I’ll
try to share it on my Facebook or whatever and Twitter and stuff I’m a
social media whore anything I have that’s remotely interesting I’ll like
share it yeah it’s just really cool that like I remember when I got a twitch
affiliate which I guess was like in mark last March I don’t know whenever they
came out the twitch affiliate thing it wasn’t long thereafter that I got to
become a twitch affiliate that was really cool but I can’t help but dream
about being a partner Wednesday and I wake up and I go to sleep dreaming about
being twitch partner I’m just glad that affiliate has a little sub button now
because then it’s a lot easier for people to show support and it doesn’t
have to be hold on this guy right here I’m on his team again I was trying to
hold on a second tab okay if you press tab then it’ll show you the people on
each side so it’s just me and we oh oh there I am
haha all right well fourth place whatever okay cool yeah you always feel
awkward talking to yourself I know I had to like really train myself to pretend
pretend really hard that there’s people in chat because just in case someone
comes in they’re like I I like to support small streamers so quite often
if I want to watch a particular game and that’s often how I’ll find these
streamers is I’ll look at the game and then
and I’ll see how many people are playing it and I’ll try to find someone in like
the middle of the list like middle to the bottom if it looks like they have
like good quality set up like you know not necessarily the set up but if like
the graph if their quality of the stream looks decent or whatever and especially
if they have a face cam if it looks like they’re trying and they don’t have that
many viewers I’ll usually go to those people first so watch a game that I’m
interested in and even though I’ve had my twitch channel for like five years
I’ve only been streaming consistently since January in 2017 so most of my time
on twitch has been spent as a viewer so I guess eventually I decided to man up
and become a streamer what is so addicting because it’s so much more fun
it’s so much fun to like interact and like I love doing the designing of like
the little overlays and the emotes and the buttons and banner and all that
stuff oh my god has 105 views now let me see if I can pull it up really quick
there’s not too many people in this game that I’m playing right mmm hi hi hey
well let’s show you guys really quickly from pretty fella here’s an cap here in
chat playing our game he was like the second person to ever stream our game I
think like three people have streamed it so far look at he literally fell back he like
knock shit over I’m glad he didn’t like smack your head Fran love it
why did that fluffy couch till audio that’s an tab for you friends if you
guys whether or not you have VR if you like watching VR streams which I do
because sometimes I’ll play VR games but I can’t really stream them very well
because my partner’s gaming laptop is the only one that’s powerful enough to
actually stream VR but he’s always using it so I like to watch a lot of VR
streams I don’t get to play as many hold on a second I lost my chat let me bring
it back up once again I had my pop out but once that game friends I am still
here yay totally yeah I really likes to
support small streamers because it feels good you know and especially if they
don’t give up and they actually keep going at it as such a longtime viewer I
definitely have some pet peeves but I do my best to like be non-judgmental and
not backseat game or anything but if people ask questions like I’m more than
happy to say again sir and I always look forward to helping
people out whenever I can all right cool
I don’t usually stream I don’t usually have like moderators anything so I’m not
as good at like shouting people out but if ever someone in chat wants to shout
out their friend or whatever or someone it said shout out and cap or something
you can just go exclamation mark s o space and then the username FYI anybody
can use that command if you ever want to shout someone else and then an camp told his friend all
about purgatory fell and then that guy played it to blond hair all I’ll shout
you out friend and then I made this like I made a best Clips highlight video from
purgatory fell out of the three different streamers that today yeah yeah
wasn’t one of my pet peeves though is they all support small streamers but if
something is totally out of whack like I mean I’m guilty of this too there’s been
times when my audio has issues and I don’t realize for freaking while and
then later I’m like totally embarrassed but you know how when like if you’re
ever in a stream and someone’s audio is like super fucked up that’s one of my
pet peeves like I just can’t hang you know first two they’ve just like too
much audio static or screaming in my ear it was just not balanced well a bit like
maxes out the mic I can’t handle that but that happened to me recently where I
was using a different software for recording some voice acting lines and I
had turned up the output because in this other program it was different than how
it is here in xsplit so I am anyway I was like streaming with the different
settings and didn’t realize because I didn’t check my audio every time now I
stream and I check my microphone audio first before going live but I swear it
took me like a hundred times I’m messing that up before I realize I just have to
check every time well this game is pretty simple friends I hope that you
like it pretty wants to play with me you can but
this is just kind of chill right now I think that the main people that like to
play cart wars are those who are like I mean honestly when I was a kid I was
playing browser games a lot so I think that it could still be the same we’re
just like lots of kids like to play browser games so I’m not sure how old
you know most of the people are that play this game are probably pretty young
but I love played fortnight to you and quite often all I’ll get squatted I’ll
squat up with people that sounds super young like two
years old sometimes so when it is funny because a lot of them are way younger
than I am in this game but they might be younger but they’re also better more
skilled than I am but we started at level zero today because I had really
played through cart wars since it just came out a few days ago but we’re
already at level wines so that’s pretty cool I think that it leveled to a new
vehicle unlocked so let’s see if we can get too little to at least decent audio and you care a lot about the audio suite
I don’t have a like a hard like a mixer that’s separate but I do have the AKG
condenser microphone which is like meant for recording music where my goofy boy
is meant for music but also works for my goofy voice all right I think you’re
almost a little I don’t know buy the combo thanks friends for sharing that
friend I appreciate that um hyeon’s do you have like a lot do you
have a lot of music that I could listen to you like a DA SoundCloud or anything
that I could listen to your music I was gonna just watch some rearview to user
like keep an eye out for your future music streams but if there’s somewhere
that’s the best place to check out your music that’s already available let me
know cuz that when I’m done I’ll go check it out sweets all they get third
place see I could play this for a little while
but probably not like all day it’s have a thing oh thanks man I have some cool
commands well I have like every command and in the world but here’s why in the
links there’s a nice little Winky Winky link not any good at composing well I’m
not I’m not good at hardly anything except for I can usually have like I can
use a musical area to like pick out one note at a time to play most songs but I
mess up so much that it’s not really worth even mentioning except for I do
like messing around in fruity loops FL studio and so I actually loaded a few
songs on soundcloud and then I had a couple friends that were nice and apps
like here’s a little bit of my music my music attempts like in their own things
so I kind of got to like feel like what’s a call like a collaborative
essence even though like I’m not really good at I would just say that I’m good
at it but it’s more like I’m being like experiments hey there’s marching games
is the least interesting mode and it’s the most popular though here’s the
developer of this game and purgatory fellow you forgot to remove it from the
first default selection so that’s why everyone’s showing up in this one and you like to have casual streams
where you work in lane cool friend oops yeah earlier this week I was trying to
do a stream where I was like trying to learn Pro builder and unity but I fell
up dumb because like first of all I was watching a tutorial about it and then
after like I kept something having this like thing happening where I would press
ctrl-z which normally would go back one move but instead he would erased all my
progress and I was like why does he keep doing that you know I was like getting
all frustrated and I like to learn as well when I’m streaming but that was an
example of lie Bright Eyes sure felt dumb it turns out it was actually a bug
within unity like the most recent version of unity that I was using with
Pro Builder where you can’t you can’t press the ctrl Z to go back we can go
ahead and try one of these other we did one of the racing maps a little bit ago
you’ve been using probability lately do you know what I’m talking about maybe
you are using a different version of unity I forget which one I was using the
most recent final version of unity was the one that was like there’s three
people in here if anybody wants to join me I’ll even tell these guys there’s
actually even an in-game chat Here I am streaming this game on my channel eight
yeah nightbot is really happy to see you
every time you say hi or hello or I think hey the night bars gonna get like
that well let me just make sure I didn’t miss anything
hi problem bear what’s up friend welcome thank you for joining let me just scroll
up and make sure I didn’t miss anything and not many players because of the
server overload problems it was still on the front page of crazy games though it
was like three rows down that’s such a cute little bear problem bear oh he’s
like this oh my so cute we’re playing this super cute cartoony
game the in Russian games here made let’s go ahead and upgrade our I want to
do the gun damage but we need more money for that okay cool
and then you guys there’s this little character creator thing here and hi
David – welcome nice to see you buddy hey yeah this is pretty cute um
obviously I’m biased because my partner made it but that’s why I wanted to share
it because I’m so proud and if ever any of you has a personal projects like a
game if any of you game developers out there released a game and you would like
me to play it on my stream I love to future indie games and luckily Marsha
and Friends turns out that Linda ray is actually next weekend which I thought it
was this weekend so great news we could still a deal didn’t dare if we want next
weekend I guess it’ll depend on what everything looks like hopefully so
here’s the spooky level we’re at the audio goo well I let me just uh I guess reload all
right my bad everybody hang tight here’s a link to this one cart where’s and
here’s marching games all right so here’s crazy games calm which is a
really fun site for browser games they’re all free so I mean I don’t know
about you but like you got me at free basically I’ll play almost anything for
free but also if there’s like I was saying any other indie game tabs that
want me to play their game look at my shit in France like it’s something else
is number one right now finally something beats slope bullet force
what’s this all about I kind of like sake half-life have you
played bullet force anyone alright let me just play a couple more of these
levels though from cart warriors because here it is I think I might have
accidentally clicked off or something where the audio stopped working this so on the site it’s kind of cool you can
scroll down and it’ll tell you exactly how many people have played it on this
goes for all the games so 21,000 times it’s been played and received a reading
eight point nine out of ten by three hundred twenty five people that rated it
one of those people was me so I think that’s pretty awesome
I am definitely proud I have a proud friend you’ve got an older platformer on
Steam I love older platformers I played this shit out of Commander Keen for like
a couple months I was obsessed with playing through all the older commander
Keens how much is it that you can share a link
if you want all right here the audio again good
alright let’s go friends if we can play up until level two then at least we can
get a car upgrade so next time I come in here it’ll be a better car thanks for
asking David marching games what would you say to David he says is the VR doing
kid I think we are almost in a hundred likes on the purgatory fella Facebook
page if that counts is doing good if anyone is nice enough to go like the the
purgatory fell VR game page that would totally make our day we are true Indies
we don’t have like a PR team or anything is marching marching games did the
development I did a little bit of the 3d art in purgatory fell we both did a
little bit of voice acting for the game and I did all the like social media and
stuff so we didn’t buy any likes those are all like genuine links which is
probably why there’s not like thousands and thousands yet we could just go buy
10,000 likes for like a thousand bucks or something but we’re like working hard
some to earn those likes and earn those sales oh yeah friend oh really
I’ll just let me now friend oh cool let’s look at your game I’ll at least a
bookmark it for so I can friend Olivia I’m cute I fuck you I was sorry on my
wish list what the hell good another that I must have like stalked you really adorable oh yeah I would play this but
this is totally out by a lady friend and I just so cute and he did all of us
design what a how I found how I found you earlier and I think I probably just
went to your channel and found it yeah yeah it reminds me of all my favorite
platformers I’m a huge fan I like all different kinds you know how
some people they only like 3d games or they only like platformers I I like
everything including VR sorry buddy had to do it sorry not sorry yay yeah yeah I’m just gonna put it on
his wish list too good all right let’s try to get oh sorry
all right ah fucker hey I’m gonna get you asshole
it’s probably like a five-year-old I’m cursing at in game alright let’s look at
that ghost flying in the air I think Martian was multitasking nearly
disappeared yeah that was you haha bible-thumpers another wait wait it was
actually you in game no way really was that really cool afraid if so then
you’re awesome for coming and playing cool friend you named yourself bible
thump or is that thew boo alright let’s try to return this a girly good yeah I
like it when there’s people in here actually like giving me a challenge cuz
oh no it’s on the other side of there shit how do I get over there kid Oh Oh
your new brother oh sweet the field I’m not sure why but why it might have feel
sorry I don’t have any not sure why I might have failed okay how do I get
around this area try to go through the haunted house oh here’s a here’s a dirt
road here wait okay I think I gotta go through the
water here through here and around the corner I always wanted to like drive off
the road and stuff so I’m gonna try to avoid that are you fixed in it you got
any meat on the aim cool friend Russian highs 92 that we met last night he he
meet a zucchini and he’s you just killed me making friends and cart wars yeah I did not just drive off the edge no is
there any way to get back up here if you do that that’s what happens when I shoot
people while I’m like flying through the air
oh the nicknames disappear at 10 meters distance there’s no way to get back up
here huh and the game is 5 years old but it just got really used on crazy games
like a few days ago it was originally made for a unity Web Player but after
the browser you shut down unityweb their Martian games made a WebGL friendly I
thank God I can in fact get up here again let’s return this flag dammit no
way this is a good challenge yeah I notices definitely optimized cuz
the trees and stuff and anyway I’m gonna get you friend
ah okay the thing is that if you wanna return this flag you got a turbo and not
jump off the edge like that fuck that was fun Hines almost got me alright I’m
amazed that I still have the flag in hand
Oh probably because they can run up at fun a potato ah good luck me returning
this flag of the Hines after me I can do crushed damage what ready you got to go
directly straight alright oh my god this is hard to return this one Arnie I know
Martin was just telling me earlier to have a true fair game or something a
fair is a capture the flag or whatever it has to be a perfectly symmetrical map
with like even like even luck for people to return the flags and stuff that’s
true I wish everyone how did the Arnett site where are you friend I’m gonna get
you I’m almost dead he got me he got me figures alright let’s go over here and
try to capture another flag yay it feels good to be gotten though because that
means that there’s people in game playing that are proactive and actually
like giving me a challenge and stuff anyone that wants to play this is more
than welcome oh goodness wait that’s that’s my friend oh yeah
crazy games it sure is friend you could play it a
bit if you wanted there’s a link try to lead to the game with this game on crazy
game site not only the cost of the headset but the cost of the PC to
running not to mention if you want to stream it like me then you’re gonna get
like you’re feeling is hurt like three times of course you’re gonna get your
feelings hurt because that’s your buddy sorry not sorry
oh that’s where he’s spawned all right I got my feelings hurt realizing I gotta
buy a headset and then I was like feelings hurt gotta buy a new computer
and then I was like wait I still can’t stream it I was like butt hurt like
three different times when I came to VR luckily my shows you know what maybe an
cap or one of your VR enthusiasts friends would know better than me so I
have a game capture card it’s an elgato and I usually use that
for streaming ps4 games to my computer so I can do my overlays and stuff but I
think that I can use one of the gaming laptops to play the game and then use
the Elgato Game Capture card to send the Game Capture to the other computer which
would then handle the streaming but then I’d be using both of our laptops and the
Russian wouldn’t be able to do anything productive but I think that that would
be the best-case scenario for quality stream VR considering what we have to
work with which is to gaming laptops we don’t even have a desktop we have two
gaming laptops okay TV let me know if you can search go
to find and then you can find me that way look at Hines has the flag here he
comes if there were no taxes people would have
more money you is that part of your aunt your aunt I Kissed capitalist a
mentality friend I don’t know that much about endcaps but I know that you are an
anarchist capitalist I heard you talk about it a little bit I think on your
YouTube channel or something I want to get you Fred home all I was all waiting
for him to come so I could try to get him yeah hopefully David comes in the
game – lets get him friends here to kill us once we got to get him back ah where is he brother Porter we lay
smashed into each other right does anyone here play for tonight cuz I’ll be
honest after like 12 hours I start to go through withdrawals and playing for Nate every 12 hours or so I got to get my fix before bed and like I know before bad
and then like right when I first wake up is usually when I’ll play I let’s go
this way political philosophy and school of
anarchist thought they advocates the elimination of the state in favor of
self-ownership private property in free markets oh god help us all Oh oh my god this
must be like the back roads here you’re a potato in a fortnight oh yeah
we played together the other day and camp got for tonight we had a lot of fun
playing I like playing with people who are new out of it because then all right
when I was about to return the flag Hines got me you got me friend smash
smashing into people you’ll get points too let’s go get that flag in you feel
spider-man in the game cool friend was there spider I mean that’s some pretty cool driving
mechanics to be asking me I’m not just being biased I think that that’s really
fun oh you bet Oh in this game there’s somebody they
named themselves spider-man those crazy kids all right
oh there he goes signs let’s get him before he returns the flag where’d he go
oh my god wait do they kill him sorry not sorry friend where are you
there you are my mouse keeps on going off the screen out of my second monitor
only get you friend you got me okay David
what’s your name in this game Dave David yeah you got me Heinz all right so the
big tab okay hopefully David will come onto my team and protect me from Heinz all right let’s try to return this flag
someone said earlier that I like to help earring I was like wondering why I
didn’t look healthy before I was like maybe because of all the lack
of sunshine and vitamin D through the winter I’m not a freak I’ve never said
that earlier but they’re like you’re looking healthier I was not really you
know I was I looking like pale and depleted of vitamin D last time they
were in my stream i like they just like came back to my mind and like starting
to bother me i was like wait a second what was wrong with the way I was
looking before I don’t think it was an intentional troll but I mean I was just
wondering what maybe I’ll have to use more spray tan to make sure I look
healthy now that I live in Washington uh-oh when people tell you you look
healthy bring it like actually regardless of how I actually am I always
like to I don’t know I’ll try to appear you know do you say like I don’t think I
was streaming you know what the I was try to like take a shower and stuff
before I extreme try to like look decent but even if I’m not feeling the best
sometimes I really want to play a game like before bed or something but I also
want to stream it there was some times when I was streaming through an entire
game ah all right least we returned that flag
yes yeah sometimes I want to stream through an entire game so that I can
like export the entire game on to my youtube channel which is sometimes way
too long but so I would like stream a game even when I don’t feel into tip-top
condition okay you’re trying way too hard
I like that friend I like that about you all right David where are you Fred are
you gonna come in here I’m starting to crave some for tonight in my life
although I do I get like a little bit too passionate and for tonight I start
to freak out honestly I was like saying no to for tonight for the longest time
but then about two or three weeks ago I just decided to try it I realized that
was free and I was like hey it can’t be free what is the big deal about
everybody’s playing it and it’s free I guess I should try it
so I tried it and then of course I got hooked
there you are flying through the air friend I love the turbo smack ayala smashed spider hero
streetfight pull-up friend you played 40 40 I’m sorry 20 games
before tonight can’t aim to save your life that’s a little bit how I am but
it’s like I’m already addicted I’ll try to I tried to limit myself so about an
hour or so I try not to play more than an hour a day but I really like to play
like 3 or 4 rounds before bed I don’t know why it’s just like I got in the
habit over the last few weeks let’s get out of here ah oh you got me friends David a spider
hero Street Fighter is that on the ps4 or the ps4 swim all right where are we
at friends we are still level one do you want to check out one of the other maps
friend I was thinking about checking out if you want to if you feel like
following I’m gonna go into the lobby and then check out one of these other
ones these two are races if you guys want to
do a race yeah yeah let’s see the other maps the Oasis I think is Marshalls
favorite I’ll just join this one the only one that’s open already all right
let’s do this one all right here we go this is really hard
to not only is like if you’re bad at aiming like I am too but then like
flying through the air how does that like extra dimension
rocket League is so hard to me but Martian games is actually pretty damn
good at it so I wonder I wonder if anyone here plays rocket League
you’ve really good bully that’s okay friend I feel like a bully to you but at
least in this game then your whole team wins it’s not like one person wins and
it’s like you have nowhere to even celebrate with this is like your whole
team can celebrate when you win okay David well I’ll probably play for a
little bit longer but then I’m gonna move on we’ve already been playing this
for a whole hour which is awesome but there are actually so many maps and
stuff I wanted to show you guys and just share the joy because it’s really nice
to see the rushing got to share this game on crazy games as um since they
shut off the unity Web Player like it hasn’t been online in a long time now
so the fact that it’s online and it’s working is really cool and I just wanted
to show you guys and sharing the joy and luckily we get to play with some friends
too alright this is kind of like for tonight I try to limit myself to about
an hour or two at the most because otherwise I would just play on all day
and all night and I would just never get anything done one other thing I wanted
to do though maybe it’s the day I’m finally starting to recover from my food
coma I made some lunch earlier and I was like
feeling kind of heavy after that like had a quesadilla with some veggies in it
but it was still like oh my god I gotta sing it I had to take a mental nap but
we’re back we’re back in action here so yeah maybe I’ll do this other thing that
I wanted to do which was a 3d modelling this human beast on this cool
tutorial that I found and the lady was nice enough to say that I could make
like Jenny tries to follow this particular tutorial video for my youtube
and feature her tutorial so it’s like for 3d modeling a human so oh my god
someone who’s in level uh unless add me well like someone read it’s not level
alright admins in the house for the Russians playing I was like who’s that
giant card you need to be like level 20 to get that card because it’s the admin
as Martian games playing oh you keep falling off trying to get the flag I’m
not sure how long ago you said that message so sorry I just noticed it the
in-game chat is separate than the chat from stream that I’m looking at
frequently hey there Te’o beats what’s up friend I
did try right at the heights and I played it with Martian games the other
day I couldn’t figure out how to add him as a friend and then wind up with my
friend in the duo’s because like I tried to click on duo but I couldn’t figure
out how to add a friend or whatever so I played a few rounds but I didn’t play
too much just yet but I loved the 80s art and I loved the bicycle writing and
the bullets and the crop tops and the spandex it just like makes my mouth
water just thinking about all that spandex and radical Heights I’m all
about playing more of that game especially once I figure out how to play
with my friends and not just get random random you know matchups is there a way
to play with your friends and radical Heights and I just missed it or have
they not released that feature yet what am i use how have you been playing that
game a lot lately yeah admin hey buddy
I see him alright yeah I only played it like a few rounds but I was having a
hard time I wanted to play with my friend but the duo I seemed to be random
unless there is a way that I missed that you can add your friend you just
discovered it today yeah because I mean I was born in the 80s so whether or not
I really liked the cheesy part about the 80s I really like the game art in that
game I think it’s hilarious and funny and sweet I can’t wait to see what that
female character looks like when the female character gets unlocked but the
dudes are the best man they’re like mustaches and they’re mullets and stuff
so 80s teen so even though they do the hinds I’m gonna get you friend let’s
give them a fair chance let’s let them go for a little bit you’re joining now
David sweet even the admins in the game now sometimes I’m just like give us a
new player now you can see what level they’re at like if there’s zero level
I’ll try not to kill them right away cuz I don’t want them to get turned off for
life thinking that they’re just gonna die I never like make it anyway so if I
see at level zero I’ll try not to harass them too much from hearing what if it’s
someone like admin just kidding we’re actually on the same team but yeah if I
saw a big player like that I would definitely try my luck because they can
spare some points all right now both myself and Heinz have the flag but who’s
gonna return the flag first because if both teams have the flag in hand and one
of them returns air before the other one then the other one will lose their flag
it’ll just desert oh not in this one you sure can never mind good so I take that back
that happens in here where’s too I got the red flag oh oh yeah yeah one day when you
returned it then or someone returned it and it disappeared out of my hands oh maybe I did return it that nevermind
I’m tripping I didn’t realize I was sitting on top of
the base and I returned it I was so intuitively going towards the base to
return the flag I didn’t realize that I made my destination hopefully David you can find me easily
in this game you just get a fine search for your friend Jenny Nexus that’s me
okay when we first started playing for
tonight um it was like so depressing we felt like we were out of casino gambling
over half our money and just kept on losing and losing and losing but then
finally and it was cool that Marsha and myself we had actually done squads and
one person there was my in real life friend in the squad and another person
was a friend that we made at the Seattle online broadcasters Meetup and it was
during that time that one of the guy the guy from the meetup he was actually
probably a better player than the rest of us but thanks to him we actually won
one time in a fortnight so it is possible to win in fortnight we won once
in squads and last night we were playing squads and I was the last of two players
even though my whole squad had died I was like up against one other person and
I didn’t wind up I didn’t wind up winning oh here comes the kitty you like
the new poor Deportes I love those two holding hands trying to get me oh I want to shit back but also the
Kitty’s been really cute she wants a hug sorry friends ID applies to give the cat
a hug yeah I tried the Porta for it and it just like pops up and I liked how it
was even actually pretty intricate how it like um goes up folds out has got a
door and all that stuff now Kitty’s being so cute let me
readjust her so I can access my mouse he all right say I did get to try the porter fort
once here comes Heinz you’re in cool friend
um yeah you can find if you go to fine and then search for friends and then
search for my username then that’s how you should be able to find me friend like I’ll try to show you has the cab
but it’s also kind of messy in the background I love the cat alright I died
yeah Davidson chat now it’s or I mean Davidson game what’s your name did you
make a username friend are you a noob so hard to maneuver in this giant Shrike yeah I got a second please look at it
Hines retrieves like five flags dude what’s new is that you David noob five one six nine let me know if that’s you friend I just
if so I just killed you I guess there’s no spawn protection here this game is
pretty old well that that was you yeah my pleasure to kill you friend thank you
come again alright I won’t be so ruthless next time
our dough oh yeah lucidity came in earlier and
resub I don’t know if you’re still here you’re probably not but I was really
nice that lucidity came in and said hello and congratulations on the games and then you see that cute little girl
at the little Cabana is serving drinks you’re so oh you did thanks friend
sounds great I appreciate that front yeah we’re not
starving artist but we are surviving so freak keys are always a huge bonus
that’s like that’s like a whole burrito you saved me from buying a whole another
burrito for the cost of a burrito I got a key so thanks friend that’s almost
like is if you bought us a burrito and at the same time I get to play the game we should play that game Ursa game’s
here has a really cute platformer and he did all the level design his game is on
Steam he’s so nice enough to get me a key oh you’re on the red team I won’t take
it personally David if you kill me I know it’s because we’re on opposite
teams oh the cat is trying to get the screen which is like putting her a
little hand up next to the meter at the bottom right oh you’re so cute almost it returns this flag let’s do it yay I was the specific problem with
WebGL no no girl legally she trying to she does this thing where she’ll start
to try to eat me she like try to eat my arm my wrist yay David thinks it’s fine
Davidson’s in the game too come here sweetie pie she’s getting too
frisky friends we just avoid my cat’s mouth and she’s definitely trying to
play kitty girl oh now she’s sitting right in front of me that’s perfect oh
there’s David all right here we go I was only halfway
there for a moment because I had to pet the cat you so pretty oh there goes my eyes with
the fag hey there say your game it looks pretty
extensive but like how what’s the average gameplay time for to play
through your game isn’t the type of thing that I’m going to want to break up
into multiple sections for sessions or is it like I could play through it in a
couple hours or there’s David with a flag I think that’s
David in a single stream but usually a few
hours cool why do I feel a little bit under the weather today so I was
wondering like how like it would be cool to do it all at one fell swoop if it’s
like even if it took me twice that long like if it took me even six hours
sometimes I suck at games even if it took me twice as long as your average
streamer it would be cool to do it all in one
fell swoop but I don’t know that I want to play I probably wouldn’t want to
stream for too long today specifically I think because we went to that really fun
meet up last night and I started to lose my voice a little bit so I don’t feel
like stick necessarily I just feel like like my voice is a little bit strained
like I strained my voice a little bit last night you know like when you’re in
a bar and things are loud so you’re like shouting louder than necessary and then
the next day your voice cracks that’s how it is for me right now but it would
be cool to play at a time maybe that you could be here or also sometime when I
wouldn’t have to like break it up in the middle because I wasn’t you know I would
like to make it a specific stream where I can like be prepared to play through
the whole thing all all in one go even if it took a long time there’s this one
platform here I don’t know if you guys were in here the other day when I was
playing this one it’s called I think what is it cool look at number two dude
Hines is kicking ass dude yeah do you guys want to play another
one in this map see what friend I’ll probably go for a few more flags now there’s this one really cool
platformer that I played recently and it does well with the controller and it was
made by one guy yeah I know I know this call is called a robot named fight and I
played that on stream the other day but it’s like partially procedural like
procedurally generated and sections of levels and the one guy that made it I
think his name is Dan I forget but Mike or something it was really fun but it is
like super long lasting like each time you play it it could be like an hour and
a half or so but like when you die you got to start over from the beginning
type of thing so that was the type of game you may anything to ask how long
would it take the playthrough is because some games are kind of like infinite
like you would be playing it in infinite amount of time oh you just see some of
that stream cool I thought I thought you were there for that one thing I want to
play that game somewhere too because I was really fun this is level beast with four worlds and
yours cool nice did you write that music in your games you friend I think with a robot named fight I
wanted to playing that for five hours on the stream because I got so into it like
totally lost track of time started to get all addicted to it and
like I would have played more but I just I forget why I didn’t play more that day
is probably getting late and tired or something but yeah I would be really
nice to like plan a specific stream when I can play yours and feature it and I’ll
I’ll get some like I’ll make a chat command for it and stuff so that it’s
easy to call in the chat man compl I just returned to fly it again
alright how do I see like how long before it gets in the lobby is how long
before I get to the next level I wanna get the level to you before we quit
there he goes David and you just did that level design and a friend of the
music and then the other friend of the programming an art that’s cool friend
you got to do the level design that’s so cool yeah I really admire that I hope maybe
even next weekend maybe we can do a collaboration with our friend Nathan
here’s our buddy he’s been learning hanging to you and
it’d be cool to do something together but he also just started a teaching job
and he’s like super busy with it so he’s in high demand I’m not sure what we
could do together as a team but it would be cool figure out some way to
collaborate for that next weekend like we usually like to wait until the last
minute to make a commitment to playing to doing the Ludum 3 game jams challenge
because sometimes just some crazy kind of theme that we don’t really want to do
but we have done like maybe four different looting Drake game jam
challenges before in fact I think I have a shortcut oh my god there’s a long-ass
command for all our loot and dare games and stuff so we’ve done quite a few but
maybe we’ll do next weekend I’m not sure we’ll probably decide for sure when the
theme comes out just like basically when it starts as when we’ll decide if we’re
gonna do it or not but yeah I could do um oh yeah nurse I think he goes to this
yellow Indies north the north meet up some time so
he’s not too far from Seattle we should hang out sometime friend wall kitty
wants you yeah we saw that the Seattle Indies they
did the global Game Jam in January but first of all I thought that it was like
sold out already and then turns out that we probably could have done it but we
were on such a weird like all night like late-night schedule at the time and like
under a lot of stress and pressure because IV our game was like almost out
but not out yet so we were doing like a lot of last-minute stuff to get that
finished so that’s why we didn’t do the global game jam with the Indies they
stay on India’s but hopefully you again in the future we’ll get a chance like
maybe next year cool oh really that’s nice I want to go I want to go to school I
want to go to a university there’s so many job opportunities out here do you
hope to plant do you hope to work for a big game company like valve or
sucker-punch or something else that’s here in town when you’re done with
University my friends I’m gonna do just a few word balance here and then take a
break part of me wants to play a little bit for tonight but my voice is a little
bit sore from yesterday totally worth it though I must have made like 10 new
friends last night and you’re applying to Google oh sweet do you need just
graduate with your master’s degree kula two’d Google and San Francisco right is
there a good there’s a Google as saddled CEO huh I’m pretty sure now that I think
about it that we’ve driven by it I got to visit one of my friends that worked
at Google in San Francisco when I lived there and he invited me over for lunch
and they had like all-you-can-eat buffet of like so many different types of food
I was in heaven food heaven oh yeah and quickly and
sweet sorry for my ignorance but what does SWE stand for save me from myself and my own ignorance
friend enlighten me you made it past all the food seizures just have to do an
on-site interview hello yeah I don’t see why they wouldn’t hire you friend they
would have to be out of their mind said not to not snag you cool thanks for
playing Hines is so much fun and David who I think I just passed should we try another one of these
levels there was one guy that I met I’m from a discord channel recently
something to waffles or something demon waffle he says something like he
applied at Microsoft saying what got three like seven interviews before
finally not getting the job but I was like what the hell now they should go
through a lot of effort I mean if you’re able to get through seven interviews you
would think that that’s clearly like enough proof that you’re qualified or
something but I’ll bet that Google is different I know each company has got
their own methods of madness but then Hey thanks for watching!! Stay in touch:

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