1.9+ Command Blocks | Map Making Tips and Tricks

1.9+ Command Blocks | Map Making Tips and Tricks

Welcome to the first episode of Map Making
Tips and Tricks. My aim is to give you a better understanding of commands, command blocks,
and redstone mechanics. I will take you on a journey through maps
I am currently creating, and give you an insight on what goes on behind the scenes to turn
thoughts into reality. I will also try to show and explain things
in a simple and easy to understand manor for those who are new to redstone so they can
understand and follow along. Some of the things I show you might be too
advanced for you, but that’s okay! Redstone takes a lot of practice to get right.
Many of the things map makers create take multiple failures to get correct. Now I don’t
call myself an expert. Everything I know I have taught myself through trail and error,
or have researched on the internet. I know I don’t know everything. There might be simpler
ways to do the things I show you, but this is the way I have learned.
I don’t always go for the most compact design, rather, the design that works best.
If you have any questions or comments regarding the video, or have any suggestions on topics
I should touch on, please let me know in the comments.
Without further ado, lets get started! As you can see, we have a lot to get through,
so we better get a move on. Wait… What’s this? Jazz music? We’re in the 21st century
god damn! Let’s get modern! That’s better. Okay. What do we have here?
As you can see, there are 3 types of command blocks. They kept the old one, changed up
the way it looks, and called it an Impulse Command Block. They
created two others one, the aqua one called a Chain Command Block, and a purple one called
a Repeating Command Block. This is the Impulse Command Block. Looks familiar
right? There are a few changes. First off, the GUI of the command block has changed.
This is the same for the other two command blocks. We will go through this in more detail
in a bit. You can also see the design of the block has changed.
The texture has been animated and the lights blink. There is an arrow pointing to one direction.
This arrow changes dependant on how you place the block, similar to a piston. The text above the command block shows the
command inside the block. So how does it work? Pretty much the same as the old ones.
Power any side of the block, and the block will trigger. It is as simple as that. Most,
if not all of the time, you will have Impulse Command Blocks set to ‘Needs Redstone’.
We will explore this more soon. Now we move on to Chain Command Blocks. These
are the aqua coloured ones. In the GUI menu, the left-most button depicts the type of command
block. To get a Chain Command Block, click ‘Impulse’.
It will change to ‘Chain’. Once you exit the GUI, the command block will change colour. Chain Command Blocks work in groups. Before
1.9, redstoners would use long chains of redstone wire to connect command blocks, which was
a hassle. Now, we can connect command blocks without
redstone wire. Once triggered, Chain Command Blocks will run their command, and then send
a signal to the next block. The arrow indicates which block is next in
the chain. To start a chain, an Impulse Command Block must be used. Make sure the arrow faces
into the next block, or the chain will stop. Last, but not least, we have the Repeating
Command Block. This has a purple colour. To get a Repeating Command Block, Click ‘Chain’
in the GUI menu. It will change to ‘Repeat’. Once you exit
the GUI, the command block will change colour. Repeating Command Blocks have many features.
They work similarly to a Chain Command Block. When triggered, it will repeat the command
within itself, as well as any command blocks that are attatched
to it. Once again, the arrows indicate the direction the redstone signal will travel. Conditional formatting is found in all types
of code. This is an advanced feature and takes a while to get used to and understand.
In the GUI menu, the center button depicts wether Conditional Formatting is active or
not. As default, command blocks are set to Unconditional.
To turn Conditional Formatting on, simply click ‘Unconditional’. Although the command
block seems unchanged, the arrow on the side of the block will now
have a little indent on it. So what does Conditional Formatting do? A
command block with Condition Formatting on only runs its command if the previous command
block was successful. In this example, we are testing for a player
within a radius of 5 blocks from the Impulse Command Block. The center Chain Command Block
has Conditional Formatting on. When activated, the /testfor command checks
for a player within a 5 block radius. Since we do not have a player within a 5 block radius,
the conditional command block, or the center Chain Command Block cannot run. When we move
the player within the 5 block radius, the conditional command block will be able
to run its command. In 1.8, we did not have the option for Conditional Formatting,
but we could check if a command block was successful through the use of a comparitor.
But now, we can continue a chain of commands, even if some of the commands are not successfull. The ‘Needs Redstone’ option is a very simple
mechanic and can be used for many different things. In the GUI menu, the
the right-most button depicts wether the ‘Needs Redstone’ option is active or not. As default,
all command blocks are set to ‘Needs Redstone’. When clicked, it changes to ‘Always active’.
Visually, nothing changes. They both are very similar, but serve a different purpose. When toggled, the command blocks work like
normal, but the command blocks with the ‘Needs Redstone’ option on do not work.
This is because, as the name suggests, they need redstone in order to work. Once the command
blocks are powered by a redstone power source, their commands can be run. There are some guidelines to using the ‘Needs
Redstone’ option. Each kind of command block use the ‘Always Active’ option differently.
An Impluse Command Block always needs to be set to ‘Needs Redstone’, otherwise the blocks
or chains cannot be activated. Chain Command Blocks are different. Most of
the time, you will have Chain Command Blocks on the ‘Always Active’ option, as they need
redstone to run their command. They can be set to ‘Needs Redstone’, but they
need to be powered by an external redstone power source.
Repeating Command Blocks can be used either way. Having Repeating Command Blocks on ‘Always
Active’, their command will repeatedly run, without stopping.
Having them on ‘Needs Redstone’ means we can activated them via an external redstone power
source. We did it! That is all there is to know about
the new 1.9 Command Blocks. Lets have a look at some of the new features in action. It’s a cold afternoon. The sun is lerking
behind the horrison, and it starts to rain. Have no fear! One simple command used on a
Repeating Command Block can save the day! Just put /weather clear into a Repeating Command
Block. It will constantly update the weather to be clear, meaning the rain will never come! You want to fight your friends, but its too
much of a hastle getting items from your inventory? You can create a small item collection area
with a small number of Chain Command Blocks. Just /give whatever items you want to the
closest player. You could upgrade this even more by creating
a class system with different items. In my map ‘Confined’, I use a mix of both
the ‘Needs Redstone’ and Conditional Formatting functions. Together, they can make very advanced
and intricate creations. The idea is simple, but it took a while to
figure this out, and then create. I wanted to give the player 3 options to choose from,
and they could choose these options in any order they wanted. Once an option is selected,
it would be crossed off the list. For each option, a chain command block with
‘Needs Redstone’ displays the desired text, relative to the options selected.
Connected to that command block are two Conditional Command Blocks. These change the position
of the redstone blocks. They can only run if the ‘Needs Redstone’
command block is successfull, and it is only successfull if the ‘Needs Redstone’ command
block has a redstone block next to it. An idea like this may seem complicated, but
with the right knowlege, it is simple. Let’s summarise. The three new command blocks
are called Impulse, Chain, and Repeating Command Blocks. Command blocks can only be used in
creative mode, and can be aquired used the command /give
[name] minecraft:command_block. Conditional Formatting allows you to run a command if
the previous command block was successful. The ‘Needs Redstone’ function lets you power
a command block with a redstone signal, while the ‘Always Active’ function powers the command
block without redstone. Thank you for watching. I hope I have taught
you something. If you didn’t understand something, don’t stress! Command Blocks are a difficult
block to master. They hold a lot of power. But remember: with
great power, comes great responsibility.

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