#1 How to train yourself to play Badminton with the shuttlecock feeder Badenko?

Come on ! Lift your racket up! Your racket. Your racket! Racket. Your racket is always here, you’re losing time! Every shuttlecocks that you miss, are because your racket is always here! It’s useless here! Hello, I’m Thierry Léonard, I’m a federal trainer since 1994. I have a certificate which at that time was the BF1. It has allowed me to move forward in the training world, to go on a little further in the badminton area and in the different training phases. Right now, I’m at the Badminton Club of Carmaux where there are around 80 members. During an improvement training dedicated to adult members, we had the opportunity to try the Badenko’s machine We used it for an exercise which consisted in the right side interception jumping which include at least one shuttlecock control. The advantage of that type of machine is that you can regulate the level of power, the rythm and you can also perfectly divide the intensity of the shuttlecock. In other words, you can say “I want the shuttlecock to be in this specific place”, and so, it can be at this exact spot, which permits the player to work at a regular pace with a really regular throw, in order to succeed at this exercise in the best conditions. The following videos will permit you to see step by step what is the aim of this machine. Move back to your place! Move back to your place! Lift your racket up. You see, you’re not losing time. That’s good! Come on. If you really want to start off and be free at the level of the shuttlecock’s landing, you should have your support on your tiptoe, like this, and you will be able to start off faster than to be jumping around on the field. That’s good for the warm-up. However, if you want to start running like this, you can’t. If the shuttlecock comes when your legs are up, you will not be able to start off. So, you should rather have your support on your shins, a bit like this in order to start off. Okay? It’s really important. Be straight! Be straight. Be straight. Be straight! Do not endure it ! Nothing is happening. Hold yourself upright! That’s it! Be straight! Come on, be straight! Raise your chest! You, every time you….

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