10 Females With Extra Body Parts You Must Know!

10 Females With Extra Body Parts You Must Know!

Extra body parts are more common than you
think. From an extra nipple to an extra vagina, here
are 10 women who were born with extra body parts. Number 10. Woman With Two Vaginas
Hazel Jones was born with a “one in a million” medical condition called uterus didelphys,
which meant that she had two separate uteruses and cervixes. Apparently, Hazel went to the doctor after
her boyfriend something odd with her genital area, despite the fact that she had to lose
her virginity twice. Number 9. Women With Two Uteruses
It might seem unusual for a woman to have two uteruses, but the condition, uterine didelphys
occurs in about one in 1000 women. In fact, Hannah Kersey, her mother and even
her sister all have two wombs. In 2006, Hannah made a medical marvel, when
she gave birth to triplets, with two twins born from one womb, while the third child
was born from the other. Number 8. Lakshmi Tatma
Born with four arms and legs in 2005 in Jodhpur, India, this wonder child was immediately hailed
as a avatar of goddess Lakshmi by people. Though scientifically, Lakshmi’s condition
is not a supernatural event, but because of a parasitic twin. Thankfully in 2008, the twin was successfully
removed in a 27 hour long surgery. Number 7. Spider girl
Ganga and Jamuna Mondal are conjoined twins from West Bengal, India, known popularly as
spider girl, since they have four arms and three legs, even though only two of the legs
are working. The girls have two hearts and two kidneys,
but only one reproductive organ. Number 6. Woman with a horn on her head
Liang Xiuzheb from Sichuan, China shocked doctors in 2015 when she came to them with
a horn on her head. The 87 year old had the growth for almost
two years which measured about five inches in length and two inches in diameter. Number 5. Nipple On Foot
An unidentified 22 year old woman has been found to have three nipples – two in the usual
place, and the third on her foot. The foot nipple is almost 2 inches wide and
the woman claims to have it for her entire life. Number 4. Two headed girl
In 2006, an Indonesian girl was born with a separate head and was named Syafitri by
her parents. An operation to separate the conjoined twins
would’ve been impossible, and Syafitri died of unknown causes just two weeks after being
born. Number 3. Four legged girl
Josephene Myrtle Corbin was a Texan girl who was born in 1868 suffered from a condition
known as dipygus, meaning she had two separate pelvises and four legs. Legend has it that three of her children were
born from one pelvis and two from other. Number 2. Betty Lou Williams
Born in 1932 to a poor farming family in Georgia, Betty Lou was the youngest of 12 children. Her family claimed she was a healthy child
– except for the two extra legs and arms emerging from her body. Sadly Betty died of an asthma attack at the
age of 23. Number 1. Extra Nipple
Did you know one in eighteen men and one in fifty women has a third nipple. The UK based singer, Lily Allen is a part
of the same triple nipple club after she showed it to the world on the Friday Night Project. Tell us what you think of these women in the
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