10 Fun Things to Do with Your Girlfriend or Girl – Best Creative Date Ideas

10 Fun Things to Do with Your Girlfriend or  Girl – Best Creative Date Ideas

Gentlemen, this is Mantelligence. Today we are showing you 10 fresh things to
do with your girlfriend. You don’t want to take her to the same boring
dinner and a movie date, But coming up with something new isn’t always
easy. And that’s why having a list of female-approved
date ideas of fun things to do can be so helpful. Here are 10 incredibly, fun things to do with a girl #10 Give Movie Night a Twist Dinner and a movie won’t be boring if you add this one, simple twist:
Instead of seeing the new blockbuster, watch a foreign movie, in a foreign language. Since different cultures produce different
types of films, this creates a completely unique experience. You can even add some extra fun by turning
off subtitles and making your own dialogue and plot. #9 Nature Nights There’s nothing more romantic than stargazing or watching a thunderstorm together. Or she may really enjoy shutting off all the
modern media, getting outside with you, and simply watching the sun rise, or just
sitting in a field surrounded by beautiful fog. If you do, make sure to be prepared for nature,
weather, and the elements Pack a bag with blankets, bug spray, a flashlight,
and maybe a pair of binoculars. #8 BOOKSTORE ADVENTURE If she’s an avid reader, spending time together in a good bookstore can make a great date. What’s her favorite genre? Science Fiction? Romance? The Classics? All this activity takes is a good bookstore
and some good coffee. Sit, sip, read, and then share what you like
(or don’t like) about the book you chose. Since books are so personal, going to a bookstore
can be surprisingly insightful. Of course, you’ll learn something about her
and her interests, but more importantly, she’ll get insight into you,
something women value a great deal, all while enjoying a good coffee and a book. #7 HOME IMPROVEMENT Fix that leaky faucet, paint that ugly wall,
or build that planter box you’ve been talking about. If you live separately, find out what things
she’d like to change or fix in her environment, or ask her for help fixing something in yours. When you’re done, order take-out, and enjoy
the improvements! You’ll not only get to share dinner,
but a sense of accomplishment, and a new appreciation and connection to the space you so often share
together. #6 ADVENTURE DATE Nothing brings people closer than pushing the limits of their comfort zone together. Go kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, rock climbing,
skydiving, or bungee jumping. And whether you opt for something extreme,
like skydiving, or a bit more risk-averse, like hiking,
she’ll appreciate having an unforgettable memory of your adventure together, and not
just another restaurant selfie. #5 BARTEND AT HOME How often have you thought about trying a new drink but didn’t want to risk it in public? Find out what drink or two she’s always wanted
to try, make a quick run to the store, then head home and spend a night in, mixing
each other cocktails (you make hers and she makes yours). You’ll get to be a little adventurous in private,
and can get creative with the ingredients. It’s always a fun night in, and you might
even discover a new drink you both love. Added benefits? You stock your liquor cabinet, learn a few
new drinks, and in the long run, save money #4 BE A TOURIST IN YOUR OWN HOME TOWN Take a day to explore the town or city you live in, and remember what makes it so great. Start with the attractions and places you
know, but haven’t been to in a while, Then go to ones that are new and/or off the
beaten path, Like a local band you’ve never heard, or maybe
a bar that’s out of your comfort zone. Not only will this entertaining mini-adventure
build a deeper, shared connection with where you both live,
But you’ll also feel like you took a vacation without having to leave town! #3 DJ NIGHT Music is important to nearly everyone, and the music they’re moved by tells a lot about
who they are. Each of you should first pick your top ten
songs. Then take turns playing them over drinks at
home, and discuss why a particular song is important
to you, the memories it invokes, or what it signifies
to you and your life. Rate each song from 1-10, then trim that list
of 20 down to 10, creating a playlist that combines both your tastes. You’ll learn a lot about her, her tastes,
and what touches her, and she’ll learn the same about you. #2 Out of your comfort zone home chefs We always have a dish or two you’ve always wanted
to try, and cooking one of those new out of your comfort zone dishes is an incredibly fun thing to do with your girlfriend Now the more adventurous the dish, the more fun the date is Never made lobster? How about Pad Thai? Sushi at home? Start by picking a dish you never made before Then do of a bit recipe hunting and get your ingredients together If it’s her dish, you do the prep work, and she cooks. If it’s your dish, vice versa Sure there’s a potential for an inedible disaster but chances are either way, you’ll both have lots of fun and a great memory #1 BLIND DATE They sure can be awkward, nerve-stressing, and at times even complete train-wrecks,
but there’s something exciting, invigorating, and fresh about a date filled with open possibilities. So have a date, acting as if this is your
first time meeting How? Set it up like a normal first date Agree on a time and it has to be a completely new place And then meet each other there but take different forms of transportation Have no expectations for the night to only ask about things you don’t already
know about each other. From there, go out for a drink or a walk to
another fresh place, sticking with the I don’t know you rules This is a fun to get to know each other better
than you already do, even if you’ve been together for years. There you have it 10 incredibly fun and unique things to do with your girlfriend or wife If you enjoyed this video be sure to let us know and give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to click and subscribe While you’re here make sure to watch these other powerful videos. Thanks for watching.

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