10 Games That Humiliated The Player For Cheating! | VELO

10 Games That Humiliated The Player For Cheating! | VELO

games that humiliated the player for cheating Cheaters suck. In any video game cheating never fails to destroy the fun. Thankfully now, some game developers Have realized how awful cheating is, and they’ve decided to put in features in their game that not only stop cheaters, but humiliated them in the process. Welcome to TRENDING 10 and today, we’re counting down the top 10 video games that destroyed the cheaters. But before we begin be sure to like the video hit subscribe and click the bell to stay notified of all our future content. Number 10 Super Monkey ball [junior]. This entry in the Super Monkey ball series on the Gameboy Advance Was particularly mean to those that tried to use the famous Konami code to get an advantage. For those of you that don’t know, perhaps THE most famous cheat in gaming history is: up up down down left right left- -right B A. Known as the konami code. And it has been usable in hundreds upon hundreds of games Well, Super Monkey Ball Jr. Is certainly not one of them. If you try to use the Konami code in this game, the cheat will be rejected, and the title of the game on the menu screen will change to Super Nice Try. Number 9, the legend of Zelda Links Awakening. Now, this one doesn’t have to do with cheating in the real world, but rather in the world of the game. in this Game Boy adventure title you occasionally have to visit local shops to buy items to use on your journey. Now let’s say you want to buy some items, and you don’t have enough money to pay for them. Well, you can run away from the shopkeeper without paying. But if you do so, the NPC’s in the game will start referring to you as: ‘Thief’ Instead of the name you typed in at the beginning of the game. And if you choose to return to the store at any point, The Shopkeeper will seriously mess you up always [pay] for your arrows number [Eight] the Witcher 3 This RPG was critically acclaimed when it was released in 2015 and it had so [much] to do that It’s not hard to believe [that] players found a good amount of exploit So what some players would do was kill a cow? Collect the leather Sell it then skip the game clock ahead one hour so that the cow would respond and repeat the process until they were filthy rich Well developer CD. Projekt red was not a fan of this so they deviously added a new enemy into the If your character was caught doing the cow glitch the game would spawned the God of cows to come and destroy you [now] Seriously a giant cow monster would come to kill you and if you [managed] to kill it Another one would rush in to finish you off serves you right for killing all those innocent cows Number seven simcity this city simulator franchise does allow the player to use cheat code as many classic games do But if you try to cheat too much you will feel the wrath of Ea in A couple games using the cheat code fund will grant you some extra cash to use while creating your civilization But using the code too many times will have some drastic consequences in Simcity 2000 if you use one too many times the game will give the extra money to you as a loan instead of regular cash a 25% loan good luck paying that back because you definitely won’t oh and it gets worse in the first Sim [citty] if you use the fun code too many times an earthquake will come up and straight up Destroy Your city Forcing you to start from scratch whoo now. That’s just mean number 6 [Banjo] [Kazooie] this light-hearted classic from [rareware] is widely regarded as one of the greatest nintendo 64 games of all time Now like many classic games banjo Kazooie featured cheat codes that the player could discover and use throughout their adventure But there were also a good amount of codes that were not so welcome [if] the player used too many of these unwelcome codes Banjo would [straight-up]. Delete your save file. Ooh now. That’s cold at least you got a warning first number 5 Donkey Kong 64 Speaking of [rareware] classics here we have another one [from] the Golden age of Nintendo 64 Platformer Donkey Kong 64 Now back, then there was a game editor called game shark basically a cheaters best friend You could utilize it to rewrite codes in the game to give you unlimited health extra strength Etc Well rareware wasn’t a fan of this and Donkey Kong 64 if the game detected you Rewriting any part of the code your character would no longer be able to pick up any items and would always die in a single Hit and there was definitely no going back if you use the game shark to cheat in [Dk] [64] you were forever stuck with busted nearly impossible copy of the game Number four Grand Theft Auto 5 one of the best-selling game series of all time Rockstar games definitely anticipated some of the players to not be the best sport and installed some amazing backup plans to deal with them if You quit too many group missions destroy too many people stuff or get enough other players to complain about you the game glues a big? dunce cap to your head for the entire world to see And that’s just remain a bad sport if you actually cheat things get much much worse Early in the game’s Lifespan it was an exploit that allows players to bring the cars that they bought in single-Player mode into the multiplayer Mode giving them a massive advantage these cars had more features than those in multiplex Well after discovering that people were exploiting the cons and multiplayer rockstar decided not to fully patch it But instead to install a feature where if you tried to bring your single-player car into multiplayer your car would immediately Explode killing you instantly and destroying the vehicle that’ll teach you number [three] titanfall this first-person shooter from Respawn entertainment was great fun when it was released in 2011 Leading infantry combat with Giant Robots roaming the Battlefield Like many online games there were plenty of players trying to find ways to have an advantage over their opponents Luckily Respawn had plans for them if you were caught cheating in titanfall, you could still play the game But you were only allowed [to] play with other cheaters meaning that they were servers safe Specifically for cheaters to only be able to cheat with one another Cheating isn’t so much fun when everyone you play with is doing it number two Slender the arrival Now there’s not really any reason to play a horror game if you’re going to avoid all the scares But I guess some players thought otherwise as in Slender the arrival There was an exploit where if you walked outside the borders of the map you couldn’t be caught by any monsters Allowing you to walk through levels without opposition Well the developers didn’t want anyone to escape the scares of their game so they installed a patch where if you tried to walk outside the map the player would fall through the ground to their death and Then be greeted with Slenderman right up in their face with the message not even a bug in this game we’ll save you from me definitely [enough] to scare you out of your cheating way and finally number one H1Z1 Perhaps the most famous instance of cheater punishment this online survival game had quite a cheater problem when it was first released Before fixing the exploits however the developers banned all players who had been spotted cheating over? 30,000 people until after the game was fixed the banned players were allowed [to] come back and play But only if they uploaded a public apology to Youtube and sent it to the developers Who would of course then share it with the world? oh And it gets worse After getting the same lame excuses from cheaters the developers actually uploaded their own apology video Mocking all of the cheaters for their exploits, and they’re awful reason. I think it’s safe to say that these guys definitely don’t like cheaters But alright there we go guys that’s it for [our] list of [team] games that absolutely Destroyed you if you tried to cheat Know of any other cheater harassment games be sure to let us know down [in] the comment section below and if you enjoyed the video Drop a like and subscribe for more great content, but alright. Thanks so much for watching trending 10 your guide to what’s viral right now

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