107 GTA Online Facts You Should Know | The Leaderboard

107 GTA Online Facts You Should Know | The Leaderboard

– [Kyle] Whether managing
a gun-running empire, relaxing in your tricked out penthouse, or taking down rival gangs
with your motorcycle club, Grand Theft Auto Online
has tons of stuff to do. GTA online has more than
lived up to its promise of expanding GTA’s criminal underworld into a totally interactive
playground for mayhem. And with their latest
Diamond Casino Expansion, players can ditch the gritty streets and join the high rollers. There’s plenty more. So today we’re gonna plow through 107 facts about
Grand Theft Auto Online. Number one, On December 12 2019, Christmas came early for GTA Online fans. Rockstar dropped a literal game changer: the Diamond Casino Heist update. This mission has two to four players breaking into the
unbreakable: a casino vault, for a massive payoff. Number two, the Casino
job offers more choice than previous heists. Some prep missions are optional. Though skipping them can cause
new problems down the road. And once players scope things out, they can choose to break
in Silent & Sneaky, play The Big Con by faking their way in, or go Aggressive, which is
exactly what it sounds like. Number three, most interestingly, the flexibility of the situations
means if things go south the mission’s not over. An expected stealth job
could go guns a blazing in a heartbeat, and players
will have to scramble on the fly to fix the situation
and get back on track. Number four, for GTA4 fans who want a familiar face on their team, there’s a secret mission
to find and recruit seasoned bank robber Packie McReary. Wait for a blue dot on the mini-map, chase and kill the cop driving the van, free Patrick, and get him
back to the safe house. Number five, even before
you get to the casino, there’s plenty of games to choose from. This heist’s required front is an arcade, where players can pick from
12 different playable games, including the latest installment of GTA: San Andreas’ Go Go Space Monkey – Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad. Number six, there’s also
a Red Dead Redemption nod with the Nazar Speaks
Fortune Telling Machine. Appropriate, since half
her fortunes reference Red Dead characters and locations, alongside GTAO in-jokes like
the Car Duplication Glitch. Number seven, three fortunes in particular connect the two Rockstar
worlds more closely. They reveal a set of numbers identical to those repeated by the
woman trapped in the bog at Braithwaites Manor in
Red Dead Redemption 2. Number eight, not only that,
but if you call the number in GTAO, Madam Nazar teases
you with two vague messages that have fans wondering if
it’s a Rockstar teaser for GTA 6 or just points the way to
deeper mysteries in GTAO. Number nine, to get in on this new heist, you have to be a CEO,
in a VIP organization or part of a Motorcycle Club. All high level operations
require serious management. That’s why the best feature in this update might be the Master Control terminal that comes with the Arcade. When you use a certain
Pixel Emporium laptop, you can manage your entire crime syndicate from one handy panel! Number 10, one thing you
won’t have to steal is music. Diamond Heist dropped a new radio station, iFruit on Los Santos, hosted and curated by rappers
Danny Brown and Skepta. The name’s a knock on Apple and
iTunes, if you couldn’t tell and iFruit’s corporate power is so major it doesn’t have or need
in-game commercials. Number 11, the Heist
completes the larger expansion of the Diamond Casino and Resort update, revamping a long-dead area of GTAO. Vinewood Casino was ‘Opening Soon’ since the dawn of GTA Online back in 2013. With the building locked
and useless to players. That is, until June 6, 2019,
when the banner came down and the construction
materials appeared outside. Number 12, on June 20,
construction increased and Rockstar officially announced the now-renamed Diamond Casino And Resort would soon be open for business. Number 13, VIP service jumped
to a whole new level of luxury on July 23, when the Resort finally opened and GTAO players got the
game’s biggest content update in two years. Number 14, with 22 new
cars, 500 new outfits, 7 new Survival maps, and a
new King Of The Hill game mode where players fight to hold three zones, you might forget there was, you know, an actual casino to play games in. Number 15, since you can’t
pull weapons inside the casino, why not get a drink? In fact, if you get plastered specifically on Macbeth whiskey, after setting yourself up with a penthouse and story mission, you’ll unlock a secret
timed truck driving mission and collect a cool $6,500. Number 16, if you’re not a drinker, you can sit down and
play Three Card Poker, Roulette or Blackjack,
bet at the Racetrack, or spin the Lucky Wheel. Number 17, you can also
play slots on machines featuring classic GTA franchises like the Twilight Knife slasher films, Impotent Rage, Republican Space Rangers, GTA: Vice City Story’s
‘Angel And The Knight’ and the Evacuator, and
GTA Five’s reality show Fame or Shame. Number 18, 55 countries banned
the in-game casino games because they were considered
to be online gambling. Players in these countries
can walk into the casino, but just can’t buy chips. Number 19, Rockstar requires
players to be 18 or older to enter the casino, limits the number of chips
players can buy in an hour, and although you can buy
chips with real world cash, chips can only be used
for in-game purchases. Number 20, even if you
can’t play the casino games, players can still buy a penthouse and enroll in the Diamond VIP program. Getting perks like
limousines, bottle service, helicopter rides, and access
to high-roller tables. Number 21, and if you
really want to roll big, you can expand your penthouse
with a 10-car garage, extra bedroom, and lounge area. Number 22, the last room lets you add even more ridiculousness, including your own personal casino dealer, an office with a safe and gun storage, a spa, a Media Room,
and a Bar and Party Hub. And that’s before you start
decorating with modern art. Who doesn’t want their very
own Yellow Dog With Cone? Number 23, pay attention to
the Casino’s art as well. Rockstar added a nod to Bully on the walls with a mod drawing of the school’s crests. Overeager fans interpreted
the pink dots and gold dashes as a teaser for a Bully two in morse code. They spell out Dan4, or 4nad. I mean, Dan Houser is
Rockstar’s Co-founder and was a lead writer for the first Bully but this seems like a stretch. Number 24, you can actually
use your media room as well. Besides being able to watch TV, if there’s two or more additional
players hanging around, you can all play Don’t Cross The Line, a vintage arcade version of Snake. Number 25, The Diamond
Program has four tiers, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Players can work their way up the tiers by completing work assignments,
earning fat stacks of cash and sweet extras like posters, tattoos, and limited edition whips. Number 26, for a brief
moment, players could even transcend their human form. For 2019’s Halloween Surprise, players could find and
chomp down on peyote plants scattered around Los Santos
to turn into cougars, deer, killer whales, a whole slew
of land and sea creatures. Number 27, if players found
the right specific plant, they could even turn into
Franklin Clinton’s dog Chop, or the classic cryptozoid Bigfoot. Number 28, Diamond Heist
is a nice change of pace for GTAO players to enjoy the
glitz and glamour of casinos as customers. But in the After Hours update, players created and maintained
the hottest clubs in town to bring customers in. Number 29, the update
dropped on July 24th 2018, and included a Warehouse,
where players could organize and expand their entire criminal network from just one space. Number 30, sound systems,
lighting, dancers, DJs, bartenders, bouncers, and paint jobs, the After Hours update
literally had players run a successful business operation. Which was the best cover for shadier stuff like fake IDs, drugs and
weapons distribution. Number 31, that sounds
like a lot to handle, but don’t worry, you’ve got
the help of nightlife pros and GTA stalwarts Gay Tony and
DJ Lazlow Jones to help you. Number 32, what would a
club be without music? The update dropped Los
Santos Underground Radio on July 31, 2018. As the largest GTAO radio station, it features a total of 65 acid, disco, deep house, and synthpop songs. Number 33, Rockstar even
went one step further, IRL DJs The Black Madonna,
Solomun, Tale of Us and Dixon were all motion-captured for the game and created special mixes
just for this update. You can recruit them for your club by completing each of
their own special missions. Number 34, After Hours
featured a hidden weapon tie-in to promote Red Dead Redemption
II – the Stone Hatchet. You can unlock it by completing
the Bounty Target mission. The hatchet’s just a normal melee weapon, but it does trigger a rampage mode that renders the player
invincible for a few seconds. And you can extend the rampage mode by getting more kills
while you’re invincible. Number 35, all work and no play would make After Hours a pretty dull game. Good thing the vehicles
available in this update were some of GTA’s wildest yet. Blimps, attack airplanes, and even the controversial
Oppressor MK II, a hoverbike version of the
already impressive Oppressor, made After Hours’ unofficial
motto Death From Above. Number 36, The Declasse Scramjet racecar came out on August 21
2018 for Scramjet Week, and was based on Speed
Racer’s classic, Mach 5. Number 37, there was even
a return of a classic Grand Theft Auto: San
Andreas’ Enis Stafford, based on the Rolls Royce silver cloud, was available once again. Number 38, one of the
easter eggs requires you to get blackout drunk, in game that is, we don’t condone excessive
drinking in real life. Once again, Macbeth Whiskey’s to blame, one shot and players get knocked out, and wake up in random
spots all over the map. Basically, keep drinking
until you find yourself on top of the Epsilon building
wearing a Kifflom t-shirt. Welcome to the religious cult of Epsilon! Number 39, then again , if
you really want to go all in, head into any nightclub
and tip the attendant. Generously, like, 575 times generously. The messages you’ll get while tipping tie into the Epsilon cult
missions from GTA Five, and eventually, you’ll have
yourself a handsome set of cult robes. Number 40, while we’re
on Epsilons by the way, the first time you die in GTAO, Epsilon founder and cult
leader Cris Fromage appears. He breaks the fourth wall,
confirms his divinity, and oh yeah, explains how to
access and use Passive mode, where the player can’t kill
or be killed in Free Mode. Number 41, well,
environmental hazard damage can still hurt you in Passive mode, and you can’t engage the mode if you have a bounty on your head or are a CEO, VIP, or MC leader. Number 42, these kind of
supernatural shenanigans are old hat to GTAO players who survived 2017’s massive Doomsday Heist update. On December 12, 2017,
billionaire entrepreneur and thinly veiled Elon
Musk stand-in, Avon Hertz roped players in to saving
not only Los Santos, but all life on Earth. Number 43, players can use
ridiculous superweapons like the Orbital Cannon,
an ultimate griefing weapon capable of zapping targeted
players with a blue death beam anywhere in Los Santos. For $500,000, you could do it manually, but for $750,000, it will
automatically aim itself. The Cannon requires a full
in-game day of about 48 minutes to cool down and use again. Number 44, unfortunately
for non-targeted players, if you’re in the Orbital
Cannon’s blast zone, you’re also toast. Players are only safe
in personalized spots like Apartments, Offices, and Bunkers, that last one making a lot
more sense than the other two. Number 45, The Stromberg submersible is a direct James Bond reference named after the villain
in The Spy Who Loved Me. It’s modeled after Bond’s
own submersible vehicle, the 1976 Lotus Esprit. Number 46, there’s also the Deluxo, a Delorean-based car first
seen in GTA: Vice City. In Doomsday, it goes
full Back to the Future with retracting-wheel Hovercraft mode and full-on flying abilities. Number 47, Doomsday also gave GTA Online its first specially created radio station, blonded Los santos, curated
by artist Frank Ocean and based on his Beats1
show Blonded Radio. Number 48, for all the futurism, there was also an
old-fashioned Treasure Hunt. An email from [email protected] gave players a clue to
find a special item. Eventually players could track down a golden Dual action pistol that would also be unlocked for them in the then-upcoming
Red Dead Redemption 2. Number 49, Doomsday was the first heist that only required two players
instead of the usual four. The fewer players, the bigger the take. Number 50, just setting up for Doomsday could have you running
into more than the cops. Out of nine sprawling Facilities operated by the shady
International Affairs Agency, Mount Gordo is the only one
that specifically states it’s not haunted, so of
course, it’s haunted. Number 51, if players head
to the top of the mountain between 11pm and midnight, they’ll spot a ghostly
woman and the words JOCK written in blood on a nearby rock. That’s Jolene Cranley-Evans;
her husband Jock Cranley pushed her off the cliff back in 1978. Jock was found not guilty of her murder and is now a local politician
running for office, but his wife’s spirit won’t
let the people of Los Santos forget his crimes. Number 52, the entire 2017
season was all about paranoia, massive weapons, and
military-grade vehicles. August 29’s Smuggler’s
Run opened up the skies of San Andreas state to 14 added aircraft. There was also new
Hangars, to put them in. Number 53, and if you
needed ground transport, there’s The Batmobile. Okay, it’s actually the Grotti Vigilante but it sure looks like the Batmobile, and it’s the only weaponized
vehicle added in that update. Number 54, June 13th’s Gunrunning Heist focused on guns more than goods, with players becoming arms
dealers all over San Andreas. Covert Operator Agent
14 introduced players to the all new bunkers
that the update added. Number 55, now, GTA Online
originally took place when it came out – 2013, a few weeks before the events of GTA Five. But Gunrunning has Agent
14 specifically say GTAO takes place in 2017 now. Number 56, dragging the
game four years forward makes for a lot of oddities, including characters
that died back in 2013 still walking around online in 2017. There’s even still ads for an election that happened four years ago. Number 57, it also basically declared one of GTA Five’s ending non-canon. In the world of GTA Online, Trevor is officially alive and
doing well, and doing yoga. Sorry if you chose to
shoot him as Franklin, that was the wrong choice, apparently. Number 58, Rockstar officially
confirmed GTA games exist in three different universes, so a lot of this could
probably be waved away with an easy multiverse timeline answer. Shameless plug time. We’ve covered the 3D and HD universes in our timeline videos, so you should go take a look
at those after this video. And if you already have,
thank you, we love you. I love you, I love you so much. Number 59, if you don’t wanna
settle down in one place, the new Mobile Operations Centers kept business literally moving, and opened up a series of 8 missions, taking the action on the road. Number 60, The Gunrunning
update also added the Weapons Workshop. With some Research, players
could weaponize vehicles or update existing weapons to MKII status. A little knowledge can
really be a dangerous thing. Number 61, Gunrunning was more
down-to-earth than Doomsday. Players got 10 weaponized land vehicles for serious road damage,
including the Declase Tampa. It’s just a regular GTA Tampa, but with a minigun stuck on top. Number 62, the update did still have some X-Files easter egg weirdness. If players complete at
least 600 resupplies and start a new run between
the hours of 9 and 11 p.m. they might get a special
job involving a crashed UFO, alien egg, and some very big green men. Number 63, this all ties back into GTA Five’s ongoing UFO conspiracy. There’s Mount Chiliad’s strange glyphs, Michael’s alien hallucinations, and a whole host of other clues that has tons of GTA
Five players convinced that the truth is still out there. Number 64, Rockstar doesn’t
have a separate team running GTAO. Instead, there’s focused
team members working on it and other Rockstar
projects simultaneously. That explains all the crossover, but also makes for a
more coherent universe and faster adaptation of what’s
working best in each game. Number 65, Director of Design Imran Sawar, said the Special Cargo Network missions in June 7 2016’s Further
Adventures In Finance and Felony changed the way Rockstar
developed GTAO moving forward. Players were much more enthusiastic about running and operating
a large crime syndicate. So they dynamic shifted
more toward Co-op than PvP. Number 66, Further Adventures also dropped a new Adversary Mode where players switch between Losers and VIPs as
they kill or get killed, called Trading Places. It’s based on 1983 Eddie
Murphy/Dan Ackroyd movie of the same name, where a
spoiled wall street blue blood and a homeless man swap lives. Number 67, another movie-inspired Adversary mode was Deadline. You could play a 3D version
of “Don’t Cross The Line” on a Nagasaki Shotaro. The Shotaro was clearly based on the Tron Legacy’s light cycle, but avoids those pesky
licensing fees from Disney. Number 68, 2017’s Cunning
Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit and 2016’s Cunning Stunts update put GTA Online’s vehicles at
the forefront for players. The 20 new races were designed to showcase what GTA’s Special
Vehicles could really do. Number 69, but the real
fun came weeks later on August 2, 2017. The new Stunt Creator let players build their own stunt races using over 250 continuously updated props. Number 70, GTA Online’s
original Content Creator has been available since GTAO’s inception and continually updated. Some fan-created races even
became Rockstar verified and accessible to all
players outside Racing mode on the Free Roam map. Number 71, it doesn’t
look like they’ve verified anything recently, but
that hasn’t kept fans from building and creating some tracks that really put GTA’s
cars through the paces. Number 72, there’s more to racing than just putting your foot on the gas. Racers can actally use
slipstreaming and drafting by taking advantage of air
flow behind another vehicle to slingshot ahead. It’s an intended and encouraged practice. But mention Curb Boosting,
and GTA message boards are likely to devolve
into shouting matches. Number 73, see, GTA cars can
get a fractional speed boost simply by driving on and
off a curb repeatedly. Some theorize it’s the game’s
engine revving mechanics, others think that it’s
the lack of road friction. No one knows exactly why
it works, but it does. The racers can shave off
precious seconds using it. Number 74, the curb
boosting glitch, or feature, depending on how you view it, has been around since 2014 and doesn’t seem to be
going away any time soon. Number 75, Rockstar’s sticking
with vehicular mayhem, as 2019’s December 11 Arena Wars update is entirely set inside
GTA’s own Thunderdome, the Maze Bank Arena. Number 76, players literally
ride or die as they duke it out in eight different
mini-game style car matches. And if players don’t
like the 12 new ludicrous Arena Contender vehicles, they can even buy a Workshop
and build their own. Number 77, it’s a tighter focus than usual for the wide world of GTA, and that might not be a coincidence. Arena War came out right
after Red Dead Online dropped, and Imran Sawar hoped they’d
have players splitting time between two incredible worlds. A zany, wildly different
form of multiplayer action might convince them to do so. Number 78, oddly enough, GTA Online started 2019 with a raygun, the Up-n-Atomizer from
the in-world franchise “Republican Space Rangers.” This out-of-this-world
weapon doesn’t require ammo, and somehow doesn’t seem out of place on the streets of Los Santos. Number 79, the Up-n-Atomizer
feels like a gentler cousin of Arena War’s equally
alien Unholy Hellbringer, a plasma gun also used by
Republican Space Rangers, particularly Butch and Dick. Number 80, In May 2017, GTA V passed the 80 million sales mark, an achievement surpassed
only by Minecraft, Tetris, and Wii Sports. That’s about equal to
the total combined sales for the entire past generation
and a half of GTA Games, GTA III, GTA: Vice City, GTA:
San Andreas, and GTA Four. Five’s key difference being GTA Online. Number 81, given its massive success, Grand Theft Auto Online had a rough start. It launched October 1st 2013
for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, two weeks after the release of
the base single player game, Grand Theft Auto Five. Number 82, The Online story
was initially a prequel set a few weeks before Five. But like I mentioned before, later updates shifted it four years ahead. Number 83, to say the
launch didn’t go well would be a massive understatement. Server trouble, bugs, problems logging in, and connection issues plagued
the game from day one. Number 84, and those
were the lighter issues! Some players even ended
up loosing characters, ranks, items, apartments,
and in-game money. Number 85, the problem got so bad, just one day after GTAO’s
release, Rockstar had to disable the micro-transaction system entirely. Number 86, to lure back
players who’d been burned, on October 11 2013 Rockstar announced a “special stimulus
package” for anyone playing GTA Online that month, half
a million in-game dollars deposited in two waves
on players’ accounts. Number 87, thing is, that was
just half of the announcement. The other half of the
announcement informed players that any missing
characters, ranks, or cash were officially gone for good, yikes! I hope that 500 grand
helped soften the blow. Number 88, still,
Rockstar kept tripping up. In December 2013, they
raised player expectations announcing forthcoming
DLC content for GTA Five that would expand single player and create new story content
for GTAV’s main characters. Number 89, and yet, in
2015, Imran Sarwar said Downloadable Content for GTA
V was looking very unlikely, and saying “Right now our
focus is on GTA Online”. By then, GTA Online had
become successful enough to invest time into. Number 90, the first eight to nine months were looking bleak. The player base was rapidly declining, and the morale of the Rockstar employees was sinking lower and lower, up to to the middle of 2014, GTAO was on the verge of failing. Number 91, The High Life update was supposed to be released April 22 2014, but was delayed until May 13 due to all the exploit patches
Rockstar had to put up. That was the first and
so far only DLC delay GTA Online’s ever had. Number 92, when High Life finally dropped, it came with a brand new game changing mechanic: Mental State. Aggro actions like killing other players or hurting civilians, will raise your Mental
State to one of five levels, noted by different shades of red. Doing jobs lowers you back down to white. And the redder you are,
the more Rep Points and less mental damage other
players get for killing you. Basically, committing crimes
puts a bounty on your head. Number 93, 2015’s Halloween Surprise added a new Adversary Mode: Slasher. What was meant as a one-off
became a returning terror. Two to eight players
become Slasher and Hunted. And three minutes in, the tables turn, and the Hunted get their own shotguns to take down their stalker. Number 94, Halloween Surprise
made a game out of it, but GTA Online had a Slasher before that. In 2014, GTAO players found
themselves stalked and killed by a real in-game serial
killer named Mr.Creepy Koala. For a few months, this
player made videos of himself stalking and killing other GTAO players Michael Meyers style. His victims were not amused. Number 95, when Ill Gotten
Gains dropped on June 1, 2015, GTA Online still seemed in trouble. The system continued to
glitch due to player overload and new anti-hacking scripts
that Rockstar patched in. Number 96, but Rockstar had
already righted the course by fixing and dropping
Heists gameplay in time for the PS4 and Xbox One launches in 2015, steadily increasing their player base. Number 97, with Heists on the field, players got a new level of
multiplayer interactivity, variety, and gameplay flexibility, with four players, or
two for the Fleeca job, working together to commit crimes. Number 98, Adversary
Mode was first introduced in the Heists update, with other modes being
introduced as times went on. Number 99, Hasta La Vista in particular was based on the
truck/bike/motorcycle chase from Terminator 2. Players get divided into teams
of truckers and cyclists, and race down a spillway. Number 100, things were looking up, but Rockstar was still
getting their act together. The Heists launched on March 10, 2015, but PC players had to
wait until April 14th for GTA’s launch on that platform. Number 101, Rockstar publicly apologized and offered 200,000 in-game to any PC player who’d pre-ordered it. Number 102, PC Players
also got exclusive access to then-new station The Lab, hosted by Oh No and The Alchemist, who also created the
soundtrack for GTA Five. Number 103, when Ill Gotten
Gains 2 dropped on July 8, the Lab became available
for every other system including Xbox 360, Xbox One,
and Playstations 3 and 4. Number 104, looking to
the future also means leaving the past behind. In September 2015, Rockstar
officially announced there wouldn’t be further updates for the Play Station 3 and
Xbox 360 versions of the game, as the older systems couldn’t
handle the new material. Number 105, one unexpected development Rockstar didn’t predict was
players using GTA Online as a life simulator. Though they are aware of
it and find it fascinating. GTARP, or Grand Theft Auto Role Playing, has taken on a life of its own, with players performing
deep criminal investigations in character. Number 106, so what’s the
future hold for GTA Online? Co-studio head of
Rockstar North Rob Nelson says the team tries to
plan what’s happening about a year in advance but no further, to give them flexibility to respond to any changes on the fly. Number 107, The Diamond
Casino and Resort update broke Rockstar’s records
for the biggest single day and week in player numbers since GTAO first launched in 2013, meaning there’s probably at least six more years of mayhem ahead. And if you want another 107 facts about your favorite video games, subscribe to the Leaderboard. We’re one million players and counting! I’m your Kyle, thanks for watching! (upbeat music)

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