13 funny pranks and MAGIC tricks || Best Tik Tok Challenges

13 funny pranks and MAGIC tricks || Best Tik Tok Challenges

Ever wish you could play a prank on your bestie? Nothing big, but something harmless enough to spice things up a bit? If this sounds like you, you’ll love these fun tricks and pranks to use on your friends – and hopefully they won’t get too mad at you. Hey girl! That party we had last night was epic! But we have all these balloons leftover to pop. Wanna help? Take this thumbtack. Sounds innocent enough, right? Simply pop one balloon over your head like so! And another one… And one mo- Aw man! You never would’ve guessed that third one was filled with water. Well, you were due for a shower anyway. Check this trick out. Looks like two regular dairyers, just boppin’ to a tune, right? Wait a second, the butt on the right looks a little funky… Oh hey! It’s Helly’s front pretending to be a back! To do this, just pop some cushions into a pair of jeans put on backwards along with a hoodie to cover your face. Ooh! Isn’t yoga supposed to be relaxing? All this bending and stretching is anything but. If only you had a little help… Ah! There we go! Just breathe, and stretch. Ah. Wow, look at those legs go! This is amazing! Wait a minute, how did Vicky suddenly get so flexible? Wait a minute…those aren’t Vicky’s legs… Hey! Those are Helly’s legs! Aw, nothing like a chill Sunday with nothing to do, just hangin’ with your buds. Dare to make things more interesting? Who needs regular ol’ chairs when you can hang upside down? “Hey girl, you gonna join me, or what?” Why succumb to everyday gravity? Turn things upside down! Post a clip of you and a pal defying the laws of gravity by confusing all of your friends! Simply make your backdrop look like a floor by hanging a rug and putting some tables on their sides. Aw, look at these two love birds. Looks like they’re posing for a romantic pic. Hey! Watch those hands, Mister! Woah! That was Vicky the entire time! You can trick your friends by doing this too – just dress half your body as one person, and the other half as the other. Wondering how to get your friend back for ruining the sweater she borrowed from you? Tell her you can make that coin she’s playing with disappear. Drop it in your water as you say a spell. Then ask her to look for it. Once she’s close enough bam! squeeze the bottle in her face! Oh man, you’re done for! It’s amazing how you can trick your friends with nothing but a blanket. Wait, how is she lifting both feet like that without falling? Oh! Both her shoes are on one foot! Simply glue or tape both the right and left shoe on one of your feet. See, easy. Have a friend that will NEVER put their phone down? Hello! I’m trying to talk to you… Here’s a way to get rid of that darn phone for good. Ask them to hold out their phone with one arm, with the other hand on their wrist. Then one by one, lift each finger. Whoops! There goes the phone! That was tricky wasn’t it! Unlike you, this chump didn’t have their opposite thumb holding the phone in place like so. See? Sorry, not sorry! Doing push-ups on your insta story will make you look like total fitness goals. So why not kick it up a notch with one-arm push-ups? Wow, that’s really impressive… Almost too impressive… Make things easier with a teeter totter being pushed on by a friend! And hey, they get an added leg workout out of it! Just make sure to hide that part off your instagram. You wouldn’t want to ruin your street cred… Woah! don’t let go! Looking to piss off an ex via social media? Nothing says you’re doing great like showing them what they’re missing out on. Man, your bootie is looking awfully healthy these days! Have you been working out? Well, lifting pots and pans isn’t much of a workout. But it can help you enhance things, if you know what I mean… Oooh, don’t forget a good filter! This trick is great to do along with your partner in crime, and a blanket, of course. Start with one of you lying flat on your back on the floor. Your friend will hold a blanket out in front of you so no one can see you anymore. Then, she’ll drop the blanket flat on top of you. Abbra cadabra, ala kazam and woah! You’re floating in mid-air! How is she doing this?! Ah! You just flip over quickly before the blanket is dropped. Very sly, girl. Hey, want to make a water bottle disappear? Okay, put your arm out and place a water bottle in your hand. Tap the top three times. Now quickly slide it back onto your arm, covering the top with your other hand. Better take off your glasses for this one… Check it out from this angle: tap 1, 2, 3 – boom! See! It looks like it disappears! Go ahead and show your friend, give her some peace of mind. Pretty rad, right? Working out with friends can be super fun… Until they start showing off how flexible they are. Seriously, how is she doing that! So unfair. Instead of feeling bad, why not show her you’re flexible too? Well, in the mind, that is… See, you can do the splits too, in your own way. Oooh, that’s a good stretch, isn’t it? Here she comes! Impressive, right? Now take an even closer look… That right leg looks an awful lot like an arm with a shoe on it! That’s because it is an arm with a shoe on it! HA! That’ll show her… Like these tricks and pranks? Your friends probably don’t… Either way, subscribe to our channel and never miss out on the fun! See you next time!

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