13 Players You Meet In An Online Pokemon Match! | The Leaderboard

13 Players You Meet In An Online Pokemon Match! | The Leaderboard

Any Pokemon player knows that the games
are filled with a diverse cast of trainers. Whether it’s Youngsters, Ace
Trainers, or Pokemaniacs, you never know what kind of trainer is gonna challenge
you in the world of Pokemon. And now that you can battle online ,there’s a whole
new list of possibilities. Hi, I’m your friend Pat with The
Leaderboard, and this is Trainers You Meet in an Online Pokemon Battle. Make
sure to subscribe, and click the bell icon to become a part of the
Notification Squad. some of the most (The Leaderboard theme plays) Some of the most identifiable players are The Pokemon Go Transplants. They’re fresh off the wave of nostalgia and are trying to give the
OG Pokemon another chance. The world of an online Pokemon Battle is a strange
place, but they’ve been lulled into a false sense of security by those
familiar looking 3D models. Pokemon Go Transplants might only ever use two
moves during battle, because that’s all they’ve got in Go. And in Go the moves
aren’t turn-based, so be easy on them if they don’t seem to know what they’re
doing. If your battle is constantly lagging (or timing out because of a poor
connection), chances are the Pokemon Go Transplant is walking around in their
backyard mid-battle. If they win, don’t be too shocked if they try to give you one
of their Pokemon after the battle, they’re used to leaving them at gyms. The
Ash Ketchum isn’t much of a threat. Nothing makes this player happier than
that feeling they got watching Pokemon after school as a kid. Thanks to years of
watching Pokemon, they could probably field a pretty legitimate team too, but
they’d rather fill those six slots with sweet sweet nostalgia. Ash Ketchum for
life. They’re probably running some version of Ash’s party from any of the
anime seasons, which means they are intentionally using less powerful
Pokemon. Or maybe they’re running their own version of a lineup of the ‘mons
they know are a little weak, but they believe in “the power that’s inside”.
Unfortunately, battles rely exclusively on statistics, and “the power that’s
inside” isn’t a quantifiable stat, so it probably won’t get them very far. While
The Ash Ketchum believes in the power that’s inside, The Mathematician believes
in numbers, and only the numbers. These trainers put in a colossal amount of
work engineering a team of perfect specimens. They’re cold, calculating, and
statistically, speaking the odds are in their favor. You might not know this, but
there are hidden factors influencing your Pokemon’s statistical gains. Efforts
Values or EV’s, give bonus improvements to stats depending on which Pokemon you
defeat, while Individual Values are set when a Pokemon is born and determine
the maximum value of your Pokemon’s stats. Unlike most other trainers, The
Mathematician will not cave under pressure.
In fact, they thrive in it. They’ve spend countless hours breeding Pokemon, and
once they’ve finally got a baby with perfect IV’s, they spend countless hours
grinding and training so they can level up their Pokemon with the perfect
EV’s. Actually, it’s possible that they spent so much time breeding Pokemon,
they’ve forgotten how to battle. The Gym Leader is a trainer living out
everyone’s fantasy. They’re easy to spot because they’ve created a team centered
around one type of Pokemon and they know what they’re doing. These trainers box in
their opponents and force them to avoid using Pokemon with bad type matchups.
Their carefully crafted teams means the trainer knows all there is to know
about their preferred type. And you may feel confident if you manage to clear
the first five Pokemon, but just like in a regular gym battle, they’ll often save
the biggest and toughest challenge for last. While The Gym Leaders limit
themselves to one specific type of Pokemon, The Eeveelution Trainer takes it
one step further. Or, maybe one step too far. With one Eevee
and eight possible evolutions, you can fill out a whole team roster– and then
some– just using Eevee’s evolutionary line. Granted, it certainly will not be the
strongest team possible, but an eeveelution team does have the perk of being able to
cover all the bases as far as type matchups are concerned. The Eeveelution
Trainer will use mystery to their advantage. If you throw out a Water
Pokemon, they can use either Leafeon or Jolteon, and then you’ll have to be
forced to react to whatever they throw out. Regardless, there could be worse
trainers to battle, at least all the evolutions are adorable. The Softee is a
unique kind of trainer, but one you certainly see every now and then. They
love to pamper their Pokemon, and their favorite part is after the battle, when
the little hair dryer pops up and they can go straight into Pokemon Amie to
clean off their pokemon. Their Pokemon are meant for more than just battling,
but they know that battling is in their DNA. So every now and then they take
their Pokemon into online battles for a little exercise so they can get it out
of their system. You’ll likely find that The Softee has a whole bunch of cute
Pokemon, and probably one of those Cosplay Pikachus. They are surprisingly
difficult to battle. Not because their team is ultra-powerful or anything, but
it just feels so wrong mowing down Pokemon that cute.
The Shiny cares about one thing and one thing only– looking good. They don’t care
about stats, they don’t care about moves, the only thing that matters to them is
showing off their ultra-rare shiny Pokemon. The odds of randomly
encountering a shiny Pokemon are 1 in 8,192, and their odds of winning battles
with their ridiculous assortment of Pokemon is probably about the same.
Either way, once the dust settles you might look at your Pokemon and suddenly
think they aren’t all that special anymore. Don’t worry, it’s
completely natural if you find yourself wondering if the grass– or in this case
Bulbasaur– is really greener on the other side. Then, there’s The Sweeper. How can
you tell if you’ve encountered a Sweeper? Well, your team will have fainted before
you even had a chance to attack. Sweepers are a pretty common archetype in the
Pokemon competitive scene, and Beedrill, Alakazam, Archeops, Ninjask, and Gengar are
all the signature Pokemon of The Sweeper. Their goal is to maximize speed and
attack, so they can take you out before you even have a chance to strike. If you
manage to survive their first attack, consider yourself lucky, they are total
glass cannons and probably won’t be able to take any retaliation. The next trainer
is equally dangerous, but in a much more terrifying way. The Wall-Staller trainer
will beat you without ever really using an attack move. They’ll poison you, they’ll
burn you, and then they’ll use non-damaging moves to make sure the battles
are as long and grueling as possible. The Wall-Stallers are some of the most
difficult trainers to beat, and often you find yourself wishing they would just
end it. Their Pokemon often have great defensive stats, frustrating movesets, and
worst of all, a way to restore their HP. Sometimes they use Pokemon such as
Blissey, Bronzong, Hippowdon, and Vaporeon. You’ll be left hopeless while you
repeatedly try and find something, anything, that can take down these
trainers. And then there’s The Mega Evolver. Who only cares about one
thing: Mega evolution. Obsessed with raw power,
their team will be a mishmash of types that seem to make no sense at all. And
honestly speaking, it probably doesn’t make much sense, so don’t try too hard to
look into their hidden logic. They really just wanted the biggest, baddest Pokemon
in town. And their commitment to the cause is commendable, they did have to
find all the mega-stones in order to activate the Pokemon’s mega-evolution, but
if you ask me it feels a bit of a cheap trick. The Friend Code Collector is
really just here for the Festival Plaza. Sure they’ll battle you, but their heart
isn’t in it. They’ll probably just let you win anyway, because they want to stay
in your good graces. Wins and losses mean nothing to them, they are far more
interested in adding you as a Friend, so they can complete missions for the
Festival Plaza. They only have so many IRL friends who play Pokemon, so battles
are simply a way to meet new players and gather more friends.Tthey’re more
interested in partnering up with you to take on the Festival missions so they
can get those ever-elusive Festival Coins. But be wary if you ever try to
battle them again. The Festival Coins allow you to purchase items that boost
your Pokemon stats, and The Friend Code Collector can very
easily turn into a different kind of trainer– The Mathematician. The Nuzlocker is a special kind of trainer and your heart should probably go out to
them if you meet one. You’ll know it’s then because all their Pokémon will be
nicknamed. And the other big clue is if you battle them a second time after
beating them the first time, they’ll have a completely new roster. These trainers
hail from the “Nuzlocke Challenge”, a user-based challenge designed to make
the single-player campaign more difficult. Basically, the idea is to
nickname every Pokemon and develop a special bond with them, but if the
Pokemon faint in battle, you need to release them. The fear of losing a
Pokemon makes every battle a high-stakes one, so if you run into a Nuzlocker,
maybe take it easy on them. They’ve probably been through thick and thin with those
Pokemon, and if you wipe them out they’re gonna have to start from square one. And
finally, a note to The Legendary User: we get it, your Pokemon are the strongest
ones in the game. Sure, they’ve got some of the highest base stats so they’re
logically the right choice. But online battling just seems to work better if
we’re all on the same page. And that page is the one where we all agree to keep it
competitive and just use the regular Pokemon. Look even if you’re in it to win it, some things take second priority, right? If the New York Yankees showed up to
challenge a high school baseball team, would it really be a fair fight? Would
you feel good about that? Listen, there are over 800 Pokemon to
choose from, and if everyone wants to win so badly that they start using the
legendaries, the online scene is gonna go stale real quick. So please, from the
bottom of our hearts, if you’re a Legendary User and you’re watching this
video, for everyone’s sake– for my sake– please try someone else. Try anyone else.
You never know, you might be pleasantly surprised with how powerful some of the
lesser-known ‘mons can be. What kind of trainer are you? Did we miss any other
types? Let us know in the comments below. I’m your friend Pat, and thanks for
watching Pokemon Trainers You Met in an Online Match. Check out The Leaderboard
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over to the Daily Rainbow Six for highlights, interviews, and more from Tom
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  1. Have you guys run into any of these trainers, or are you any of them? Let us know in the comments below. Also, don't forget to enter our weekly console giveaway here:

  2. “News”locker? Ouch

  3. Its “nuh”zlocke not “noo”zlocke

  4. you missed my pokemon trainer type: (i will call it BEST BOY)
    It's a trainer that doesn't want any strategy or stats, and only wants to play pokemon with is favorites and have a good time battling.
    (edit): thanks leaderboard for the heart that really makes my day, alongside people seeing my comment and liking it.

  5. I'm definitely a mix of Sweeper and Wall Staller, as I have three bulkies and three swift, powerful attackers, often packing Baton Pass.

    Also, you forgot the worst types of players: the hackers. They often sport all shiny teams with perfect stats/EVs/IVs and movelists that come straight out of Smogon, and they often toss away their hacked Pokemon through wondertrade at times. They are also notorious for running the clock when they start losing, or D/Cing if they are about to lose.

  6. I'm most certainly the type of trainer I like to call: He who goes for the looks.

    Basically, I mostly go for the coolest, fanciest or wonky looking Pokémon. Yes, I do have favorites (Like Pidgeot and Umbreon, Umbreon is also a regular on my competitive team) and currently, I'm playing Ultra Sun with my end-game team like this:


    And as you can see, they're pretty damn cool-ish and fancy looking, and they're really mean. I'd say, watch out for me when I'm online when my team is fully evolves 😉

  7. I use dragon types i used to dominate until the faries invaded. Joke aside i had to completly redo my move strategies with my pkmn juts to survive those evil creatures

  8. I had a pretty solid team, then I made all of them shiny but they had worse ivs

  9. I'm a huge softie and i nickname every Pokemon…but i still have somewhat decent Pokemon

  10. I am a mix of each of these but I shiny hunt for hours on wonder trade.

  11. You forgot the "Powersaver". I felt very unincluded.

  12. Usually when I see these lists they are dumb and uninformed but besides a few things this was a pretty good list

  13. 1. I think you forgot rage quitters, but that's is all I got.

    2. I'm definitely the mega evolution user. (High five to any others out there?)

  14. Whoops I'm such a softie player I just love collecting pokemon and forming bonds with them

  15. Mispronouncing Nuzlock and giving the Pre-Gen 6 shiny odds. Gg, Leaderboard.

  16. Its nuzz-lock not nooz-lock

  17. No-one's gonna mention the "Shuckle" trainer?

  18. Im the gym leader

  19. I am definitly a softie. Ive always played with the pokemon I liked the best, rather than the ones with the best viability or stats. I name them all and bond with them, and love them a lot. So when i go on competative, its a battle between my friends aaaand a lot of legendary trainers :/ still, im always proud if they can take out legendaries or other teams, and if they lose, it was in good fun and i know they did their best.

  20. Guess I'm a softie mixed with nuzlocker.
    What about a Collector? Kind of like a shiny player but finds it fun having multiple Pokemon of the same type but different natures and abilities.

  21. I enjoy these types of videos. And I love that the Snorlax at the beginning of the video was nicknamed Tubby; that's my nickname. 😀 Keep up the fun, Pat and Leaderboard. God bless yours and you! 🙂

  22. VGC players arent included…ok…

  23. The casual was missed. They just go in with whatever team they are currently using in the story.

  24. Meanwhile im the trainer that starts a game and is like: … he looks cool hes gonna go in to the team xD even if I end up with 3 firetypes

  25. You missed the type whom only chooses mons that look similar to your fetishes

  26. Dude this is so funny… Im like 3 of the thirteen lol

  27. I'm a mathematician Gym Leader.
    Breed my Pokemons ivs, gave them the evs i wanted (not needed, cause I wanted fun) then moved them to a new game and started my journey across kalos. It was great. Also I love beating the legendary users especially when they have only shinies cause you know they probably cheated.

  28. I'm the nicknamer/teamed theme user and I mainly battle with them just to show them off. My favorite ones are my EarthBound team and my Banjo-Kazooie team.

  29. Who was the opponent in the ash ketchum segment?

  30. I fall into the category of mathematician sadly I always loose to people who hack a full team of legendaries

  31. I is a sweeper at times

  32. the 999 power anklets, belts, braces . . . completely useless lol
    and news locker . . . /).-
    Also the shiny rate in newer games(past x and y) are 1/4096

  33. I'm a legendary one beacuse they are my best all my other pokemon are under level 30

  34. im the mathamatition, I spent 3 days breeding aipom before even traing it last week

  35. Okay this feels like the best unofficial trainer type guide I've probably seen yet.
    Also, you forgot about another type… the troll. I'm basically a troll trainer, using a Darkrai with dark void and nightmare makes my sister get sooooo mad. And I love it.

  36. You forgot the for fun trainers

  37. Okay, I could comment anything on this video, but all I'm gonna say is… You a Yankees fan Pat? Diehard fan over here XD

  38. this video made me want to die

  39. Well it´s sometimes awesome to be a gym leader of dark type XD .

  40. You forgot the uber noobs and the charizard noobs

  41. Those kids from ORAS who exclusively used the primordial rayquaza kyogre and groudon

  42. Im a mix between Mathmatician and Shiny… i breed Shinies then use bottle caps and other things to max out their stats

  43. Can you guys please do 107 facts about Sargent Frog? It’s such an underrated anime and deserves more attention.

  44. What about the just for fun players?

  45. you forgot the trainer that doesn't care about typings and uses his favourite pokemon to actually enjoy battles

  46. This is awesome, great video

  47. I don't like getting hit by the wallstaller. The friendcoder is probably me, just to get awesome clothing in the festival plaza.

  48. I hate fighting legendary users.

  49. lel ima softie and a legendary user

  50. this video is terrible you said your average ou team bad
    the legendaries hve ubers
    and the sweeper pokemon are hardly right ,ost like ninjask are support not damage

  51. Most of these are not at all realistic and it’s really obvious that you don’t know much about Pokémon.

  52. Does The Leaderboard actually play any of the games they talk about because the shiny chance got increased two generations ago and "nooz-locke" makes me want to die

  53. I'm a combination of half of those

  54. You forgot the filthy Pokémon Gen-er who use hacks and other cheat to just generate perfect teams in seconds.

  55. Yes true true i can relate

  56. I always use a well-balanced team of Pokemon that all have a third form.

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    So dont use electric, dont burn fire, dont obey to your emotions because your emotions are under control of Earths god. Also what if this universe fake, after all we cant see our own cells, we cant see our own atoms; is that human body really belongs to you? Is this universe really real? Why we cant control our heart beats?

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  58. Next time you make a Pokemon video that isn't another 107 facts, try getting a poketuber to really give you insight on how the video game community is. More relatable, not informative as if they got all of their information from the first website that had Pokemon vgc in it.

  59. I am A softie with a bit of a meh feeling about the glory of Winning, so I really just don’t care about Winning and I make sure to pamper each and every Pokemon.

  60. My shiny Pokémon are not trash boi

  61. Ash ketchum for life?

  62. It depends on the pokemon for me , ex:pikachu i will be a softie , Gyms or triials i wi'll get rid of a pokeon who was holding me back from winning , i wont set it free tough… GOTTA CATCH EM ALL !!!

  63. Am i the only one who laughed about how he pronounced nuzlocke?

  64. I once got sweeped by a trainer using primal groundon then primal kyogre and mega rayquaza mewtwo and a shiny rattata dont know what her sixth was didn't get past the rattata. Feckin nightmare rat.

  65. Eh kinda mathematician, but also i just use the pokemon i love. I'll get my favorite pokemon to get the best IV and EV i can, and then have fun. My best battle memory was kicking a full legendary team with my Milotic. Barely anything is more satisfying than using a low rank pokemon to beat UBER.

  66. You guys forgot the traders

  67. I'm the electric type gym leader

  68. My type
    A mathematician mixed with Ash Ketchum
    I breed perfect pokemon but I use the Pokémon that I love despite their stats

  69. You forgot one
    The hacker

  70. I would classify myself as the softie. I'm always nicknaming then, then going straight to Refresh. And I usually use the cuter pokemon too. Which are usually fairy types. Like Sylveon, Primarina, Mawile and Mimikyu

  71. my type is one type and that type only….

    full team of porygon z

  72. I think that I’m a softie with some derpy and powerful Pokémon, but that’s my regular team
    Then I have a team called the battle team which are more powerful
    I only have one shiny which is on my Regular team
    So I think that I’m a regular trainer with my battle team

  73. Everyone who battles me is gonna think im a nuzlocker because i nickname my pokemon funny names when really i just have a few specific pokemon on my team for HM moves or a pokemon that knows false swipe and then i have pokemon that i used to battle a gym or if i conpleted the game weak pokemon to train…an egg might bein my party too but i just want baby pokemon…yeah im a few different things XD

  74. "The Noob" Uses Pokèmon that look big and strong to him and thinks people who use Pokèmon like Mew are absolute idiots.

  75. you dont do online battles in nuzlockes

  76. The wall staller, sweeper, mega evolver, and mathmetician actually be one thing. This is true because this is what makes up a trainer who plays vgc/smogon. So they should be the pro.

  77. No, the odds of getting shiny pokemon is 1 in 4092, not 1 in 8192.

  78. I'm mega sweeper and legendary

  79. When I saw the sweeper category I said to me Ok im that kind of trainer but when he said that the pokemon are glass cannons I just paused the video and started laughing. I always use a team that sweeps heck all pokemon except for one have a set up move and my main sweepers are Volcarona Mega Salamence and Aegislash and to all these 3 well Volcarona for sp defense cant go to that category since Quiover Dance is too good and for defense well I can admit it. For Mega Salamence the only moves I have seen kill me are ice moves and stone edge but there are a lot more sure but I always play it smart and Dragon Dance at something I either know it wont have a super effective move or its just too weak to kill with that super effective move. Aegislash if you play it smart is just 150 on attacking and defensive stats. But still even with defensively weak pokemon Aurora veil makes them laugh to all non super effective attacks. And in Mega Salamences case I laugh at a lot of physical ice moves. I know im between the mathematician and sweeper but more sweeper because I dont care about IVs and if I dont get the perfect ev and nature well I wont start over. Thanks to everyone who got to the end of this comment and tell me some of your team. Also I use Eevium Z after a Taunt so basically all moves are jokes after Aurora Veil and Eevium Z. I mean come on think about moves that previously one-shot your pokemon with ease are now doing 1/3 or 1/4 of your hp

  80. I am a completionist; I'm going for that living pokedex goal; having each of every Pokemon plus all their different forms, including all the letters of Unown.

  81. "Friend Collector" is evolving….

    Congratulations! "Friend Collector" evolves to "The Mathematician"!

    After a few more battles……..

    Oh, wait! "The Mathematician" is evolving….

    Congratulations! "The Mathematician" evolves to "The Sweeper"

  82. I'm a Gym Leader? That's amazing!
    Dragon Type 4 Life.

  83. Also, Friend for the so needed and challenging Friend Safari.

  84. I guess you forgot the Cheater:
    Six Pokémon, completely evolved, Shiny and gifted by perfect Stats. All of them.

    But no, they're total legit.

  85. You missed the collector
    The player who wants and has Pokémon that are shiny ,rare ,powerful or are one type etc
    They also might use ones they like

  86. What game is this?

  87. Every time I play online they always rage quit on me:/

  88. true story, I accidentally turned on the battle thing in pokemon X while I was in the victory road without realising it and got challenged to a battle by some random called Kodie. it was a surprisingly even match considering that I just had my rando 'oh I like this one' team set up to try take down the elite four, I don't remember much from the battle other than I won by using a lapras. they had a Geninja. a pretty damn good one too, but it was no match for Aqua the lapras, because she had that ability that healed her when she was hit by water attcks. I ground that Greninja into dust with a combo of Ice beams and I think it was maybe surf. it was oddly satisfying

  89. You missed the one who's obsessed with dark types or over all awesome looking Pokemon (aka me)

  90. ik im late but you forgot the guy who has the most op also known as ME
    My team for sun and moon is:

  91. I was watching this while in poke refresh and pampering my primarina,…. oops..

  92. I don't like legendary users me personally I'm a gym leader trainer

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