13 Scariest Things Caught on Dashcam

13 Scariest Things Caught on Dashcam

Dash cams are mainly used to protect drivers
in court, but every once in a while, they record things that seem to border on the realm
of the impossible. Many of the people on this list have stories
so outrageous that they would never be believed without some form of video evidence. 13. Two friends are having a discussion in a car
late one night when something unusual and alarming makes them give pause. Sitting motionless in the middle of the road
is what appears to be a pale, almost translucent child silently regarding them with a blank,
featureless face. The two friends ask no questions and immediately
get away from the scene before anything else can happen. They weren’t sure what to make of this child
at the time, but they later suspect that this was in fact an unfriendly spirit waiting for
them. If this is not a paranormal encounter, then
I think this child was perhaps being used as a distraction for a highway ambush, so
it’s a good thing they got out of there instead of leaving their car to investigate. Let me know what you would have done in this
situation. 12. This police cam footage was taken during a
massive wildfire in Sonoma County, California in 2017. Officers are doing what they can to evacuate
the public and restore order, but as this brief dash cam video shows, they were up against
total chaos at the time. Listen closely and you’ll even hear the
dispatcher say that they can’t tell which direction the fire is spreading and seems
to be genuinely overwhelmed. I have to salute this officer and all of the
other brave public officials who willingly charged into a massive blaze to try and help
everyone. 11. It’s a peaceful bus ride in the Russian
countryside until the large vehicle finds itself surrounded by a countless number of
these winged pests. Everyone inside is terrified as a swarm of
gigantic locusts slam into the bus with enough force to rock its heavy duty suspension system. The sky darkens and the driver and passengers
are all helpless as the bus careens through millions upon millions of these oversized
bugs, threatening to veer off course if things get much worse. Eventually they can see the sun and sky again
as they come through the other side of the living insect cloud. Everyone is ultimately unharmed but understandably
very alarmed at what they had just witnessed. If the bus had broken down, for example, then
they would have been stranded until the never-ending swarm of locusts had passed – not to mention
what would have happened if the windows had broken. 10. A police officer in Lincoln, Kentucky is patrolling
the streets when he chances upon something strange standing in the middle of the road. A tiny figure runs towards his headlights
as soon as he gets out of the car to investigate. The
officer is surprised to find a small child standing in the middle of the road without
any adults nearby. He instinctively picks toddler up and just
moments later, a Mack truck plows by very close to where the child was first spotted. It’s a good thing the police officer saw
the child first because I doubt the driver of the tall truck would have noticed until
it was too late. Apparently the child had wandered out the
front door of his home when no one was looking and took off down the busy road. The family was extremely relieved to have
their child back and fortunately they were not charged with neglect. 9. This YouTuber is fairly sure that he’s captured
a ghost on his dash cam when he’s traveling down a suburban road and sees reflective lights
on the right. Watch the parked car on the right to see what
I mean. I personally think it looks like someone could
be stepping into his line of movement here. It happens quickly, so I’ll play it again
in slow motion. Let me know if you see it. But when he pulls up to where the lights were,
he and his friend are surprised to find nothing’s there. Both of them swear they saw the lights and
thought someone was crossing the street. I guess his headlights could have been reflecting
off of the parked car, but then again, the angle doesn’t exactly seem to match up. Let me know if you see it and what you think
it could have been. 8. A gigantic streak of lightning in Paducah,
Kentucky was so large that it was caught by two different police dash cams. The first police car was far away, and its
dash cam footage shows just how long this massive lightning bolt was. And the second police car was much, much closer
. . . The lightning bolt directly hit a nearby residence. Fortunately everyone inside was alright, but
this particular officer will never forget how close he came to be charred alive. 7. A Russian driver is having a casual conversation
behind the wheel when suddenly his thoughts are interrupted by a bizarre and unexpected
change of events. A large cement truck just a few cars ahead
of them literally plunges below the asphalt as a giant sink hole forms underneath its
back tires. The cement truck driver soon comes out and
surveys what just happened, but there’s little for him to do. If anything, he and everyone else should be
hurrying to get away from the sinkhole instead of casually observing it. I don’t know what happened next, but hopefully
the sink hole did not grow any larger and everyone made it out okay. 6. This electrifying event occurred in May of
2017 on the northeastern side of Shenyang City. A white-hot light showers the streets with
sparks, but it’s not from a blown transformer or downed powerlines. A bolt of lightning has cracked the asphalt
with the type of raw power that only nature can generate. It’s a good thing that this street was lined
with trees instead of powerlines or else this dash cam video would have almost certainly
looked a whole lot worse. 5. This dashcam footage was taken on a busy road
somewhere in India. Nothing looks out of the ordinary until a
tiny object performs a bizarre aerial maneuver while hovering above the road. The saucer-shaped object appears to somehow
stop and change directions mid-flight. Somehow none of the oncoming motorists in
the other lane seem to notice, which I think is odd, but maybe it all happened too fast
for them to see. If not, then I think this dash cam video might
be a fake, but I’m curious to hear your opinion. 4. A YouTuber named Alyssa Cross is driving down
a local road somewhere in the south when she comes across a person who she has never seen
before acting quite strangely by the side of the road. You can hear the nervousness in Alyssa’s
voice as she and her friend agree that it looks like this person could have some sort
of strange virus. Zombie or not, one can only wonder how many
other viral outbreaks began in this exact same casual style of conversation. It appears that if that’s not the case,
then this person is under the influence of something strong. Alyssa quickly drives past and leaves the
stranger behind. 3. This mysterious dash cam footage was taken
somewhere in Europe years ago and has been stumping YouTubers across the world ever since. When this car takes a left, you can clearly
see that all of the other cars in the opposite lane are at a full stop. In other words, there’s absolutely no incoming
traffic . . . Then all of the sudden this happens . . . The car is suddenly cut off by a second car
that appears seemingly out of nowhere. Keep in mind that two other cars were also
making a right at the same time, and at no point does there appear to be any space for
this ghost car to squeeze through. I’ve watched this video over a dozen times
and still have no explanation, so help me out if you have any idea how this happened. 2. Ronald Wiley was driving down a long stretch
of road in West Virginia when suddenly no less than 7 trees simultaneously fall nearly
on him in his blue pickup truck. He’s stunned for a moment and then quickly
throws the vehicle in reverse because there are live powerlines near that look like they
could give way at any moment. If Ronald had been going just a little a little
faster, or if the trees were growing literally just a few inches to the left, then he no
doubt would have been caught in the middle of this and been a goner for sure. Instead of this outcome, he somehow makes
it with only minor damage to a windshield wiper. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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we upload every Thursday and Sunday. 1. It’s late at night in the Russian Urals
when suddenly the atmosphere itself becomes unrecognizable. A brilliant flash of reddish-yellow light
intensifies for a full 15 seconds before dissolving back into darkness as if nothing had happened. Scientists have been able to give no explanation
for this occurrence, though this looks like it could possibly be a blast in my opinion. Give me your best guess or let me know if
you agree. Either way, this dazzling and silent light
show is one of the craziest things I’ve seen on dash cam by far.

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