$17 Nintendo Switch Controller!

$17 Nintendo Switch Controller!

– Did you miss out on some
awesome black Friday deals or did just want to spend even more money? Well I’ve got some great
news for you because today is Cyber Monday and as an awesome bonus, you can do all of this from the comfort of your home instead of having
to elbow random strangers in the face. Now there are a lot of deals going on, I cannot remember all of them
so I’ve got them written down. Let’s cover me with some
B-Roll and go over ’em. Let’s start with some Nintendo stuff. Now Gamestop is basically
running the same promotion for Cyber Monday that they
did for Black Friday where you’re still buying a new
Nintendo Switch or a Switch Lite for the regular prices of 300 or $200 but as a bonus you’ll get
a $25 Gamestop gift coupon. Best Buy on the other hand is doing their own kinda bundling
option where again it is still a full $300 for a new Nintendo Switch, but you are getting some
awesome Ubisoft games with it. Specifically “Mario +
Rabbids Kingdom Battle” and “Starlink: Battle for Atlas”. Now those are awesome
deals for Cyber Monday. Walmart actually has, what I
think is an even better deal starting tomorrow and will
be lasting until the 14th, which is for a new Nintendo
Switch bundle that comes with double Mario Red. So it’s a specialized bundle,
not the regular gray or neon blue or neon red that you
normally see, that will also come with a $20 Nintendo
E-shop coupon and a special edition carrying case all
for the standard list price of $300, but you’re getting
some different colored joycons and that credit. Now if you’re just looking to
get some joycons to add onto your current Switch,
there are a couple deals going after that right now. Walmart has a Cyber Monday
deal where you can get the new color combos which
are the orange and purple, or the green and blue for 70 bucks; 10 bucks off, still nice. And Amazon has a deal where you
can get the regular gray set or the neon blue and red for $60. One other controller deal we’re
taking a look at by the way, is if you’ve been thinking about getting a Gamecube style controller,
I’m a really big fan of the PowerA one, I mean if you got the
classic that’s cool too, but as far as new ones go,
PowerA’s wired controller is an awesome one and Amazon
is selling them on Cyber Monday for only 17 bucks which is a steal. Now as for Playstation there’s
not quite as many deals going on but I think the main one that really stood out is for the PS4 Pro. You can get a 1 terabyte model with “Call of Duty: Modern
Warfare” bundled for $300. They do have the option of
just buying the system alone for that price, but at that
point you might as well at least take your free “Call of Duty”. Also if you’re in need of a headset and you like stuff that matches, the Playstation Gold
Wireless Headset is actually a really solid headset for
Playstation specifically and you can get it on Amazon
for 70 bucks right now. As for Xbox, there’s actually quite a few
different bundles to look at. A lot of these are actually
the same ones we saw on Black Friday but they
are still great deals. Amazon in particular is
offering three different bundles all of them for $350 where
you get an Xbox One X with one terabyte hard drive
and one of three games. One bundle has “Gears 5”, Another one the “Jedi Fallen Order”, which I think is the right
one to pick out of this group, and “NBA 2K20”. So depending on your game preferences there’s a couple options there. Speaking of awesome deals,
we have one of our own going on right now where
if you pick up any of our shirts, including the brand
new ones we just released, you can use the code BF20 to get 20% off. So if any of those catch your eye, make sure to use that code. If you don’t care about
getting a One X and you want to spend the least
amount of money possible, Target has another deal that
is actually really, really good which is getting an Xbox One S, 1 terabyte hard drive still, for $200 that comes with a copy
of “Jedi: Fallen Order”. Again I think one of the best
games to come out this year so getting that game for free
and a system for 200 bucks, pretty awesome deal. So we just finished shooting and I realized midway through that that was a lot of information to take in. So just real quick, here
are actually the five deals that I actually think
are some of the best ones for games, systems, whatever. Specifically, “Red Dead Redemption
2” at Target for 25 bucks basically is amazing. At Best Buy you can get
“Spider-Man” for 15 bucks or “God of War” for 10 bucks, two of the best exclusive
games on the system and getting them that cheap is just… If you haven’t played them yet you have no excuse not to
go get those right now. Amazon having Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $27 is an awesome deal. If you own an Xbox and you
have not tried Game Pass yet, absolutely grab this right away because it’s just a great way of being able to try a bunch of great games, ones
that maybe you’ve heard of but never wanted to give it a shot and spend full money on before. It’s just for that price,
basically 12 bucks a month, you’re gonna get a ton of
free games for 3 months along with all the usual
benefits of Xbox Gold. As far as system deals
go, honestly the best one is all the different Xbox Ones
we saw that we talked about. Any of the bundles where
it’s $350, you get a One X with one of those games. All awesome choices. The One S with “Jedi: Fallen
Order” I think is overall just the best flat out price and I think is a good choice
if you just want to be able to play some Xbox games right now, but you don’t wanna necessarily
spend a bunch of money cause you are waiting on possibly
getting Scarlett next year. So if you just need kind of a placeholder and you haven’t gotten an Xbox yet, that One S deal is amazing. So, systems are cool but you
also gotta buy some games. Let’s start rapid fire
going over a bunch of ’em starting with Nintendo. From both Amazon and Best Buy, you can get “Super Mario
Odyssey” for 40 bucks. “Zelda Breath of the Wild”, 40 bucks. “Super Mario Party”, 40 bucks. “Splatoon 2”, 40 bucks. And “Donkey Kong: Tropical
Freeze”, 40 bucks. From Amazon specifically, you can also get “Overwatch
Legendary Edition”, $25. “Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster”, $25. “Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”, $45. And “Spyro Reignited Trilogy”, $25. “Xenoblade Chronicles 2”, $40. “Mario Tennis Aces”, $40. “Fire Emblem Warriors”, $26.97, that is a very specific price point. And from Amazon and Best Buy, you can get “Cuphead” for 15 bucks. Going over to Playstation,
there are (sighs) a lot of deals, so here I go. “Red Dead Redemption 2”, $25.50 at Target. Also at Target, “Bloodborne” for $8.50. “Borderlands 3”, $29.75. “Overwatch Legendary Edition”, $12.75. “Kingdom Hearts 3”, $12.75. “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”, $42.50. “Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy”, $12.75. “Uncharted Collection”, $8.50. “Sekiro”, $21.25. “NBA 2K20 Standard Edition”, $25.50. Target loves really specific pricing. “Death Stranding”, $51, not 50, 51. “Destiny 2”, $12.57. “Skyrim”, $17. Rich has just informed me
the reason why these prices are so weird is because the actual deal is 15% off of a lot of list prices so, numbers. Math. At Amazon you can get
“Days Gone” for 20 bucks. “The Last of Us”, $10. “Shadow of the Tomb Raider”, $15. “Spyro Reignited Trilogy”, 20 bucks. “Diablo Eternal Collection”, $14.99. “Mortal Kombat 11”, $30. “Rocket League Ultimate”, $18. “Injustice 2”, $15. “Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster”, $19.94. “Final Fantasy 15
Standard Edition”, $14.28. “Just Cause 4- Gold Edition”, $25. While not a game, one other thing worth
mentioning is for Playstation. If you need to re-up your
Playstation Plus you can get a 12 month at Amazon for 45 bucks. Xbox’s turn! To kick things off real quick
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, that is the bundle where
you get Xbox Game Pass, Game Pass for PC and Gold
Membership all together in one. For 3 months you can get
it for $26.99 on Amazon. Which is awesome, great way to try a bunch of different games at one price. Speaking of Amazon, there
are a lot of deals it has going on on Xbox Games right now. You can get Mortal
“Kombat 11” for 28 bucks. “Gears 5”, $30. “Forza Horizon 4”, $25. “Sea of Thieves”, $25. “Borderlands 3”, $35. “Crackdown 3”, 15 bucks. “Outer Worlds”, 35 bucks. Awesome game, definitely
check that one out. “Spyro Reignited Trilogy”, $20. “Rocket League Ultimate”, $18. “Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster”, $25. “Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition”, so that’s the one that
includes all the bonus DLC, is 15 bucks. “Just Cause 4- Gold Edition”, $25. Couple other one’s worth shouting out: “Forza Horizon 4” is also $25 at Walmart. “Grand Theft Auto V:
Premium Online Edition” is $12.75 at Target. “Madden 20”, 28 bucks at Best Buy. “NBA 2K20 Standard Edition” is 30 bucks at Best Buy and Amazon. “Red Dead Redemption
2” is $25.50 at Target. “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey”
is 15 bucks at Best Buy. “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen
Order”, 50 bucks at Walmart. I know that’s not super huge savings, but it is 10 bucks off of
a basically brand new game so still, great game. Check it out. “Sekiro”, $21.25 at Target. And “Shadow of the Tomb
Raider”, $12.75 at Target. So that’s a bunch of the
best deals we could find on Cyber Monday. Again, most of these
deals are ending today so act fast if you wanna grab any of them. Some of them might go
on a little bit longer but you might not wanna push your luck. Again, because this is a
deals video, if you’ve seen any awesome deals that
we did not talk about here, put ’em down in the
commments, work together. Let’s all try to save some money.

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