2 vs 1: Giant Ping Pong

2 vs 1: Giant Ping Pong

What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity. We have just hit 800.000 subscribers And a lot of you guys wanted to see 2 vs 1 giant ping pong So here we go! It’s me versus Miikka and Emil. Let’s go! We can’t lose this one! You will. Okay, 0-0. I have got it! Emil! That was my ball! Sorry! This is way too easy for me. It was like a “connection lost” moment! I don’t know what I was thinking. Do it Emil! That was like in slow motion! Nice! Drop shot! I have got it! What are you doing Emil!? That was a crazy rally! That’s the spot I want to play on. We can do this all day! Hard! Emil, smash it! I can do this all day! Good one, nice! Close. Fake shot. It’s harder than I thought But they still have no chance! The edge! My special tactic! Special edge. The edge guy! We actually made the sensei run there! What am I even doing here? You are just standing there. I could have saved it from here We play every shot in th middle. He doesn’t even have to move! Okay now let’s only play out to corners! The fake shot worked! I was actually trying to do the fake shot! You! C’mon Miikka! Me! Me, me, me! Me! Thanks. We didn’t get as much advantage
as we were hoping to get That was surprisingly difficult to play with two players – mixing up each other I think it was quite easy. Yeah, for you! Subscribe here And watch the previous episodes there! Until next time!

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  1. Expected or unexpected result? ?? This was a pretty interesting experiment!

    Go check us out on Instagram as well:

  2. Can you guys play a ping-pong match but he which lose the point have to get a ping-pong shot in his but from the other?

  3. Do the intro playing table tennis.

  4. For your one million subscribers special video have Michael maze come back and verse each of you in a one set showdown and your videos are awesome btw

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  6. #Challenge Play table tennis without using topspin

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  8. Play with both hand using 1 racket

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  11. Play a pen hold match by hopping on both sides of table tennis court
    It is a huge request by a huge fan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. Play with a baguette

  13. Do intro in gujrati pls

  14. Can you play Pingpong with a higlighter?

  15. Take a table, put it on another one And play this Double table tennis. You can use trampolin to jump higher

  16. Make intro in Polish !! 🙂

  17. try to juggle with table tennis rackets and balls

  18. Crack a JOKE in your introduction.??

  19. Do an intro in polish

  20. paly table tennis with around the net shots only even for serves.

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  24. My favorite table tennis channel since you guys had 30k subscribers!

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  29. Any possibility for one of you guys to play at Tokyo Olympics 2020? I've just discovered your channel and saw that you already played international games for Finland, for example versus France.

  30. Try to play finger-flicking the ball (hard one)
    <<< Say hello to Brazil 😀 >>>

  31. They play a set taking the paddle as a pen

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  34. Do Your Intro In Indonesian

  35. challenge
    play while laughing doubles plsss love frrom india

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  37. in the next challenge they could play pen.

  38. Plz play table tennis with a nerf rival ball as the ping pong ball

  39. Pongfinity is the best because I can watch it in class with no volume and still have fun watching it.

  40. I want them to reach 1M subs

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  43. For the million subscribers could they make a game with the best person they know?

  44. Make your own rackets from scratch, anything goes no rules, and then play with them. Then trade and play with your opponent's racket.

  45. Tehkää Suomekski videoita?

  46. Try to play ping pong/ table tennis with your backs

  47. Use Chinese to say on start

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  63. That was fun to watch

    how about this arrangement

    with 2 half table with gap of a half table between them and a half infront of them, same for the other side like a bridge symbol

  64. I thought giant ping pong was tennis. Evidently I was wrong

  65. Giant ping pong is just called Tennis……

  66. In the last point, Emil and Mikka ressemble the seagulls from Nemo. Great video, as usual.

  67. We want another one of this….

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