20 vs 1: Speed Dating 20 Girls | Jubilee x Solfa

20 vs 1: Speed Dating 20 Girls | Jubilee x Solfa

Ahh, I’ll say 2… I guess. I’ll just throw a number out If it’s zero then… Hey That’s my life already, so it’s cool Instead of Hello I just put help Nice Alright, okay Okay 3 2 1 Ah, alright I think I definitely prefer girls who… Have been in a relationship before Or at least maybe a long-term relationship Because they really kind of know what it’s like to be in a relationship And starting something new with somebody who’s never had that Is a lot harder Honestly? Fast Wow, okay Knocked a lot of them out Oh god Okay, we’ll go for the clickbait first You know getting experimental in the bedroom is always fun for me that sounds like I’m Christian Grey but nothing too crazy I don’t like like things getting boring. I just like position:relative Cool got that out of the way, I guess I Ethnicity wise I have zero preference. I genuinely find beauty in like any race or culture or anyone But when it comes like physical attributes definitely prefer girls who are either a couple inches taller than me or shorter I don’t mind it when it girls a little bit taller than me But if it’s over like 2 inches, maybe I feel a little bit weird Cool cool Don’t like it when girls believe in horoscopes It’s like the weirdest thing ever but I hate it when someone’s like oh I’m a Libra. I don’t think me too click. The moons aren’t aligned for this this month So we can’t really, you know, get bobba because we wouldn’t click I hate that shit Gods good man. Fuck. Okay. Like girls who are into the arts in my creative arts so people who are already down that path when we start dating love studying arts, or You know anything within that field career was that’s something to talk about. You know, I can’t talk about accounting cuz I don’t know shit about accounting so definitely like someone who lines within my interests within the arts whether that be music physical painting Acting camera, whatever Sorry Hi nice to meet everyone sorry, I’m motoki Okay, nice to meet you Julia nice to meet you Heather nice to meet you guys funny responses that was was, okay work was like fun, but also terrifying I kinda wanted to shit myself that whole time Does this mean that we are all compatible? I was surprised at how many people had not been in a long-term relationship Maybe I was too Specific on my my dates but that was kind of interesting just like, you know from the get-go Yeah, I guess I guess the Everyone’s true colors comes out as time passes. I guess getting the few preferences out First is kind of nice But I can’t really say that I would want to get in a relationship with somebody based on just you know guidelines that I set It’s hard. I’m not a picky guy, you know I’m a lover of all beings That sounds fucking dumb. As always I’d love to hear what you think so leave your Comments right there. Be sure to follow us on Instagram. So, you know what we’re up to and subscribe and watch more of our videos, roll out

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  1. The hijabi girl was very confusing for me

  2. I think one girl all she says is "who doesnt"XD

  3. He kinda looks like James Charles!

  4. why do people use feet or inch cm is

  5. Why is there a hijabi there – she completely neglects the meaning of it. What’s the purpose of her being there if she wears a hijab, smh? I don’t think the guy is looking for a Muslim gf🤦‍♀️ gf and bf shouldn’t exist among practicing Muslims and especially not with someone outside your faith.

  6. sickening… retarded… but half of the world is it.
    im glad this was not my generation…typing…rather than interacticng.
    … i might be to oldskull

  7. Who’s that one chick in the end tho

  8. Anyone knows the song after "FINAL THOUGHTS" ???

  9. Ik I seen him from somewhere 🤔😮

  10. Heather…💜💜💜

  11. He was so cute and seemed like such a chill guy!

  12. That one girl literally said she’d suck his toes

  13. Why was there not more to this video?!?!? Here I am laying in bed at 10:15pm (all the way in Minnesota) and I see my wife’s friend Heather on this show !!!! I had no idea she was on here!

  14. This is what society has turned into

    Messaging the person right in front of you


  16. 2:28 😂 the one talking about sucking Toes

  17. He is super chill but damn that man hates boba tea

  18. Damn i was shipping him with Renata 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  19. Omg I legit thought he was James Charles 😂😂

  20. 2:30 That Renata girl’s parents gonna see this and whoop her ass lmao

  21. He doesnt look like an Alpha male, more like a way too cute guy.

    I think its hypocritical to say "I love all races". It just sounds like "I am here to please all the liberals". Its much better to say I respect all races…

    Nice concept of dating though, Looks better than tinder…

  22. He is cute🤣😘

  23. the only surprise is that Motoki is str8…

  24. I'm looking for some Muslims girl plzz contact

  25. when the video started i thought that it was james charles 😔

  26. Unlike tiffany the guy reflected on his own nativity and preferences at the end. Respect bro.

  27. The ripped jeans girl is the cutest, seems like the most fun AND has been in a long term relationship. Win across the board.

  28. I just wanna know who sent the one direction sticker at 5:23

  29. 2:28

    I mean, if you want-

  30. I scream when one of the girl send 1D pic, i miss them so much 😭

  31. I loved him. I would like know him…

  32. Nobody gonna talk about his recent emoji section 4:47

  33. Is he male James charles

  34. moTOKI??? … now it's getting interesting..

  35. Ok … 0:31 why is that girls feet so black

  36. btw all girls are typing experts… 🤔

  37. The horoscopes one hurt my feelings

  38. when someone sent the 1d picture😂 omg that’s literally meee. any directions here?

  39. Wtf astrology is not weird , he’s f*cking weird


  41. He looks like James Charles.

  42. "Please stay in the circle if you're 5'10 or shorter" i like the guy but i wish i can leave if i was in there.


  44. This guy was very picky and had weird guidelines

  45. Is it me for this dude looks like James Charles……😂😂😂

  46. Can we have an episode where no one is asian?

  47. Podemos hablar de la que tradujo eso? JAJAJAJA LA AME

  48. When she sent One Direction pic I was like omgg 😍 Anyone still directioner?

  49. So he is into arts and wants someone in the arts field…. He wants to perpetually stay in student debt and never have a real income….

  50. I know this is set up but it’s still a bad idea because partners don’t need to be the same human 😑

  51. Wait why couldn't they have done this with out there phones ? Tipitcal young kids are so scared to talk or make conversation with strangers .

  52. everything about this guy says i'm a newbie and i'm not ready ….

  53. I wondered why is a hijab wearing woman in this video, but after scrolling through the comments I believe she is a revert. Let's not bully the sister, inshallah she learns. At least she didn't have sex with the guy

  54. Someone help me please. He looks exactly like an actor that I can't place my finger on..

  55. this dude is a weirdo

  56. Isn't this guy famous? Like as a french girl I know him so

  57. The one Muslim/hijabi girl that stayed in the circle I-

  58. He look like an Asian Joe Jonas lol

  59. If you really want to weed out the losers. Here's what you do. You ask if:
    1) They have debts
    2) If they do not have a career
    3) Do they abuse substances

    If done, you would eliminate 99.9999% of candidates, and if you're lucky one might be responsible enough.

  60. They should have lgbtq+ people do this show it would be cool to watch especially bi or pan people! Or even ace.

  61. Asian girl with the long hair though >>>>

  62. i immediately see this guy as Joji's younger brother lmao

  63. I just laughed like some crazy fangirl when I saw One Direction photo that one of the girls sent.

  64. Omg why do I know this guy?

  65. Exact opposite of Angie, hates horoscopes and is actually normal

  66. They cut out the politics from the beliefs portion but left horoscopes. Why

  67. he is a typical Libra, omgg:Dd

  68. he look hella young talking Bout long relationship 6 months lmfao haha long is a year at least

  69. Wth u doing there hijabi girl 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  70. Wow Trump gets brought my alot of losers😂

  71. That first question is kinda genius honestly. It knocks out girls who aren't attractive enough to land a relationship and who aren't mature enough got a relationship i.e. just hookup/party girls.

  72. Discount Jimmy Kimmel

  73. I'm a 5'1" girl guess I'll never love rip

  74. I first saw Motoki in Markian's video in Facebook

  75. 와 잘생겼다..

  76. So who the girl that get the boy..? I can't read ….too small letters

  77. So many girls haven't been in a long term relationship lmao

  78. One of the girls username was "ying yang yong" in all caps lmao

  79. i love whoever sent a gif of one direction when he talked about art

  80. Please will someone find 21 people from the South who Are NORMAL people, have a decent faith and more and who are interesting. It’s really not that hard.

  81. Woahh!! It's Matoki maxted.. My first fav youtuber 🤩🤩🤩

  82. He has women left. Way better than the woman.

  83. His height "requirement" was actually stupider than anyone of the "speed dating girls" requirements were.

  84. The one direction got hit different

  85. The woman is the one making the choice for a partner to procreate with.

  86. Los subtítulos en español wtfff JAJAJJSJAJ

  87. I would like to be on this

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