2017 Yonex Duora Z-Strike Review – YumoTube

2017 Yonex Duora Z-Strike Review – YumoTube

Hey guys this is Tommy from Yumo Pro Shop! Today we’re going to take a look at one of Yonex’s newest racket the Duora Z-Strike It comes in the standard Duora racket case It comes in a black/white colour and a little bit of red and orange The Z-Strike is available in 3U (weight), G4 and G5 (grip size) This racket is like the Z-Force II, with the Duora Frame System (Duo Optimum System) It features a compact head and extra slim shaft The grip is slightly longer than the Z-Force II, which means you have a shorter racket shaft Extra stiff frame, even balanced racket But on the racket matrix, it is stated as head heavy and between the Duora 10 and the Voltric Z-Force II What’s new? Duora grommets at the 12 o’clock position One side of the grommets are thicker than the other side Situated on the Aero frame side This creates a stiffer string bed and it increases the power of your forehand shots

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  1. is it me? that I can't hear his voice? or is it the video itself that has a audio error? thanks

  2. Damn, this was so helpful! 🙂 thanks Tommy!

  3. Tommy please can you make a video on fleet f force 2 or 3 and if not so please create one on yonex voltric 50 e tune which side is Aero and which one is box frame please

  4. Can you guys do a video on Voltric FB??? plsss

  5. can you tell me which is a good racket yonex duora z strick or yonex voltric z force 2

  6. pls make a video on duora 88

  7. the store you standing in is a dream!! all shoes all racets. Look the badminton stores in germany. Its bullshit. And i LOve the new duoa. Nice Video

  8. what do you think about this racket in doubles match? is it ok? or just ok for single match?

    sorry for my bad english

  9. Hi,
    As I play doubles more than singles, do you think I could use the Duora Z strike for doubles?

  10. Yumo…in your opinion… it's yonex astrox 77 is better than voltric z force 2?

  11. Wrong title. this is a intro, not a review

  12. imho, the best badminton racket ever

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