2018 Upcoming Yonex Astrox 99 Badminton Racket

2018 Upcoming Yonex Astrox 99 Badminton Racket

Hey guys welcome back to YumoTube! This is Tommy and in today’s video, we’ll be taking a look at the upcoming Yonex racket, the Astrox 99. The Astrox 99 is currently being endorsed by Lee Chong Wei who is rehabilitating and resting from his respiratory disease. And also Kento Momota who recently won the 2018 BWF World Championships in the Men’s singles category. So first off, the Astrox 99 is a stiff racket and its a head heavy balance as with all the other models in the Astrox series This racket will come in 3UG4 and 4UG5 weight and grip sizes similar to previous Astrox models. This is not the Astrox 99, I’m actually holding the Astrox 7 and the one thing I want to point out is that they have a very similar paint job They are both in the black and orange with a little bit of yellow So don’t get confused between the two Being a head heavy racket and having a stiff flex, this is probably more singles-oriented than for doubles Since it’s being endorsed by the top singles players, Lee Chong Wei and Kento Momota, you’ll definitely see this more being used in the singles category compared to say doubles or mixed. So what’s new in the Astrox 99? Compared to previous astrox models, the 99 has the full body Namd Meaning that is has Namd incorporated in the shaft as well as the whole racket head compared to previous models of Astrox where it only has Namd in the shaft Having the full body Namd will double the amount of contact time of the shuttle with the racket and this increases the amount of power that is transferred in each and every shot that you make. Other features of the Astrox 99 is the Rotational Generator System which is the distribution of weight at different parts of the racket so it has weight at the top of the racket head, the t-joint and the bottom of the grip. and this results in faster swings and smoother transitions between swings. Another feature of the Astrox 99 is the Energy Boost Cap This is present in the 88S and the 88D and what this does is that it stabilizes yoru shot and prevents the twisting of your racket. And lastly, the Astrox 99 has the Isometric head which is present in pretty much all Yonex models and this increases the sweet spot of the racket. The Astrox 99 is being released worldwide in mid september we currently have pre-orders up on our website at I’ll also be posting the pre-order link down below in the description For those of you who pre-order before August 23rd you can have a chance to get the Lee Chong Wei sleeveless tank top for 30% off So if you were planning to get this racket, I would take advantage of that deal and pre-order right now So that’s about it for this video Don’t forget to watch the racket review video that I’ll be making once the racket has been released. And as always like our video, subscribe to YumoTube for more videos like this one Like our page on Facebook for the latest badminton updates and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, @Tommy.yumo for more badminton tips. See you guys next time!

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  1. Astrox 99 is overpriced..
    $270 CAN LOL

  2. Is it stiffer than 88s? The 88s was labeled stiff but is actually mid flex…

  3. Where's the Astrox Z-Smash at tho

  4. It’s not Astrox 99 it’s astrox 7

  5. Hey Tommy, I was looking at the 88D since I play mostly doubles in the back. When you said the 99 is more for singles play, will it be less good for smashing (theoretically) compared to the 88D? Thanks for the info 🙂

  6. Anybody can read out the description the manufacturer has posted. Just irritating

  7. I wanted to know which one is better for singles astrox 99 or 88d

  8. Hello, ur that’s racket not astrox 99 but astrox 9. The difference between this 2 racket is: astrox 99, the black part will mix with red but astrox 9, the black part mix with orange. Just for informations, tq ?

  9. 4:1 cctv camera lol

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