2018 Victor Jetspeed 11 Badminton Racket Review and Comparison Between Jetspeed 12 and Jetspeed 10

2018 Victor Jetspeed 11 Badminton Racket Review and Comparison Between Jetspeed 12 and Jetspeed 10

Hey guys welcome back to YumoTube, this is Tommy and in today’s video I’ll be showing you the new Jetspeed 11 and I’ll also be comparing it to the Jetspeed 10 and the Jetspeed 12 The Jetspeed 11 has a matted paint job consisting of neon pink, black and a touch of blue This racket is available in both 3U & 4U weights with G5 grip size Although the racket is rated as head light and stiff flex on the shaft The racket itself feels quite head heavy and is more flexible than I had expected Moving on to the tech side of things We see that the Jetspeed 11 uses the Aero Sword frame that is found in all Jetspeed models This frame style makes it fast and aerodynamic The racket head features the Energy Bow technology that was only found in the Thruster K series This Energy Bow technology will give you faster acceleration and repulsion in your shots Lastly this racket uses Victor’s new Ultra Thin Frame which offers players a smoother and quicker swing speed than previous rackets In this comparison I used the 4UG5 version of the racquets all strung with BG 80 at 26 pounds Main points I’ll be comparing will be the balance of the racket The flexibility of the shaft and also the type of players that it is suited for First off if we look on the shaft of these three racquets you’ll notice that it says head light balance This is because while there are some head heavy models, most of the rackets in the Jetspeed series lean towards a head light balance Comparing these three racquets I find the Jetspeed 11 to have the heaviest head Followed by the Jetspeed 12 and the Jetspeed 10 with the lightest head among the three Looking at the racket shaft again. You also find the flexibility indicator Going by what is printed on the shaft The Jetspeed 10 should be the stiffest followed by the Jetspeed 11 and the Jetspeed 12 being the most flexible among the three After testing out the rackets, I found the Jetspeed 12 to be the stiffest Followed by the Jetspeed 10 and the Jetspeed 11 is the most flexible among the three rackets Personally my favorite racket out of the three is the Jetspeed 10 followed by the Jetspeed 11 and then the Jetpeed 12 I find that the Jetspeed 12 is too stiff for me, and I have trouble generating power It is also not as fast as the Jetpeed 10 and 11 This racket would be suited for players with a lot of strength as they would be able to get a lot of power and control Out of the stiffer shaft. The jetspeed 11 is quite easy to play with and is suited for players with average strength who like to play an attacking game as it has a heavy head combined with a medium flex shaft giving them lots of power in the smash The Jetspeed 10 is my favorite as the shaft is not too stiff or flexible and is even balanced This racquet is suited for players who like to play a fast defensive play style aiming for the counter-attack All right, so that’s all I have for you today in this video. If you liked it give us a thumbs up down below and subscribe to YumoTube for more videos like this one Like our page on Facebook for the latest badminton updates and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram at Tommy_Yumo for more badminton tips. See you guys next time!

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  1. What happened to the mic? It sounds so bad

  2. Would you be able to compare head sizes between the three? Shaft length as well? Are all three made in Taiwan? Thank you for your review!

  3. please review yonex duora 33 racquet.

  4. GOOD JOB DONE !!!!!

  5. Can you make a review of li ning turbo x 90

  6. I bought the jetspeed 11. You're right! It's more head heavy and more flexible than the 10. I agree that it's easy to play with.
    Thx you yumo. I love the jetspeed 11.

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