2019 Snoglobes – Best & Worst Games of the Year

2019 Snoglobes – Best & Worst Games of the Year

Whew, man, I spent so much time covering the
games of the decade lately that I almost forgot we have to celebrate 2019 specifically! There were so many fantastic titles this year,
and most of them were drastically different experiences from each other. We had over-the-top action and mind-bending
puzzles, interactive pop albums and build-your-own platformers. Spiritual successors, battle royals, GOOSE
SIMULATORS – it seemed like the creativity was never ending. So today let’s give the best of the best
their proper due – I’m Snoman, welcome to the 2019 Snoglobes, my video game awards
for the year, but before we dive in, I’d like to thank Raid: Shadow Legends for sponsoring
today’s video! You’ve probably already seen Raid all over
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heroes. For example, check out this guy, Lightsworn. He’s got incredibly high ratings from other
players. By using relevant artifacts, you can personalize
his build in over 1 million different ways – yeah crazy. You could boost his speed to use his Skill
1 more often, or increase his accuracy so he can effectively apply the debuffs from
his Skill 2 ability. There’s so much depth it’s no wonder over
15 million players have downloaded it in the last 6 months. So check out Raid: Shadow Legends by following
the link in the description and you’ll get a complimentary starter pack, including 100,000
silver and Lightsworn right from the very start! But act fast because it’s only available
for the next 30 days – you can claim your rewards right here on the main menu. Alright, let’s get to our first category. I thought we’d rip off the band-aid early
and talk about my most disappointing game first. There were a few titles that didn’t quite
live up to what I expected this year, and while some of them were well-received by others,
I think the one that left the worst impression on me was Kingdom Hearts 3. Now obviously this one is controversial, I
purposefully avoided making a video on it because the fanbase is, eh…passionate. But after growing up loving Kingdom Hearts
and waiting years and years to see the conclusion to this saga, it has essentially killed any
hype I had for the series going forward. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m partial
to the simplicity of the original, and the franchise hasn’t been that way for quite
some time, but boy howdy, all the stuff people have already talked to death about really
are true – the Disney worlds totally don’t matter and their quality is all over the place,
half the game is cutscenes, the battles are super repetitive. The story somehow feels rushed yet drags on
and on at the same time, and the ending is unbelievably anticlimactic. Nobody ever dies and the same characters keep
coming back time and time again, what’s the point anymore? (What is this, organization rehash?) It’s a spectacle to be sure, and
the prettiest Kingdom Hearts by far, but at least to me, felt like a lot of whipped cream
on a tiny amount of actual cake. And the cake is carrot cake. Best Soundtrack. It seems like music in games just gets better
each and every year, especially with creative new ways we’re implementing songs into gameplay,
but of all the soundtracks I’ve heard in 2019, Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair’s
has stuck with me the most. Grant Kirkhope and David Wise returned to
produce some incredible tracks, but I was pleasantly surprised to find new young bucks
from in house at Playtonic on the record – Matt Griffin and Dan Murdoch, and their songs were
just as catchy, if not more so than ones from the veteran composers. In fact, Matt Griffin captured the spirit
of Wise’s compositions so heavily on a few tracks that I thought it couldn’t possibly
be anyone else who wrote it. This is like Aquatic Ambience 2.0 I love it! Each stage has 2 versions to play through
so that means twice as many songs to hear, and the subtle changes between them are so
cool – some speed up to signify a crazier run through a level, while others are more
chilled out as everything is turned to ice. You got power plants coming to life, lively
bustling neighborhoods, heck even the song that plays when the pagies take over the map
is so stinkin’ good – it’s like an 80’s montage or something. Pretty much the entire soundtrack is pure
gold, and fits perfectly with a game that takes me back the beauty of the DKC2 days. Biggest Surprise. While there were some lackluster titles this
year, there were just as many that blew me away. Whether they came out of nowhere or surpassed
my expectations, quite a few games took me by surprise in 2019. But the one that takes the cake for me is
Wargroove – and that’s because it essentially turned me onto an entire genre that I previously
hadn’t given the time of day. At the start of the year, I decided to take
a deep dive into tactics games and found some incredible titles out there, but I still think
Wargroove is my favorite – it’s so polished and easy to get sucked into. While it was pretty challenging, I was completely
hooked and wanted to beat every foe the game threw at me – discovering how the different
units worked and strategizing my key players on the battlefield left me both biting my
nails when things got heated and overcome with relief when the tides finally turned
and I ended up on top. Slowly adding new curve balls over time and
managing all the different strengths and weaknesses gives you an experience unlike any other type
of game. The addition of a vast custom map mode, in-depth
difficulty options and even the ability to create your own campaign completed an already
stellar package, and made Wargroove a game I would love to go back to time and time again
just to play one more match. Also, best doggo I mean c’mon. Best DLC. I’m usually not much of a fan when it comes
to downloadable content, but the ones I played through in 2019 were too fantastic to pass
up! I thought for sure I wanted to give this to
The Messenger with its excellent Picnic Panic expansion, but then Celeste dropped the bomb
of Chapter 9 on us and I thought for sure the Snoglobe had to go to them. And then, King of Cards came onto the scene. Obviously Shovel Knight is one of my favorite
games, but the final DLC pack Yacht Club released might be the most expansive I’ve ever seen
– and it’s free if you already owned the game! King Knight is hilarious and his moveset ended
up being the most clever of all the characters. The creativity in the level design keeps coming
even after 3 other campaigns’ iterations from years before. Not to mention the inclusion of an entirely
unique card game, and another new title to wrap up the franchise with Shovel Knight Showdown
– a 4-player fighting game with way more depth than I would ever expect – and this
one has unlockables galore. It’s clear why this final pack took so long
to release, but the result is the most elaborate adventure yet, and enough content to make
you raise your shovel to the sky out of respect. Oh! And bonus cool thing of the day – if you want
to check out a super detailed article on Shovel Knight’s design philosophy written by Alec
Faulkner himself, check it out in the description below. Ah, here’s a category we haven’t done
before – Best Boss Fight! One of my favorite videos I’ve made was
a Good Game Design on Bosses a few years back, and since then there have been a lot
of fantastic boss battles that I’ve wanted to talk about. It’s hard to create a fight that stands
out anymore, but games continue to innovate and impress me in new ways all the time. And the best boss encounter from this year
has to go to Dicey Dungeons. After you complete every stage you unlock
the final bout against Lady Luck, but this run looks wildly different than the rest of
the chapters before it. Here you can recruit team members after beating
them in battle, so as you journey down floors, instead of leveling up or gaining upgrades,
you accumulate a hoard of baddies that can gang up on anything that’s in your way. Once you reach Lady Luck, she has unbelievably
creative attacks. She’ll always do maximum damage with her
dice, so to stand a chance you have to pay attention to the caveats and place out a character
that will only receive 1 damage instead (so wears a hat, plant, green things) oh the cactus! Nice! Then things get even crazier and you have
to think on your feet time and time again. The faster you beat her the better because
eventually she’ll cast 99 curse on you and a ton of other unfair advantages. It was such an awesome finale to the whole
game and was easily the coolest boss I’ve seen in a long time. Now it’s time for the Game of the Year. As always, its so hard to narrow down all
the titles I’ve played, I want to just give every game an award. But there can be only 5 options so without
further ado, here are your nominees: Alright, the game of the year is… Baba Is You! Of all the games from 2019, this is the one
that left my brain in shambles after finishing it. The concept alone of moving words to change
attributes in the level design as a visual representation of coding is clever enough
to warrant this award, but the fact that it just keeps going and adds new elements constantly
placed it easily above anything else. Don’t get me wrong, it becomes unbelievably
difficult and I sat there scratching my head too many times to count, but the secrets it
hides below the surface, the meta-mind meltings and the amount of aha moments stuffed into
such a concise package is nothing short of genius. It goes beyond simply being a good game with
fun and unique ideas, no this hilariously is a game about creating rules that breaks
almost all of them when it comes to player expectations. Baba Is You is the type of experience that
makes you look at games from a new perspective and yet it does it so effortlessly you’re
blown away that no one else has thought of it before. If you haven’t played it yet, you absolutely
need to – I think this will go down as one of the best puzzle games ever made. What a year it’s been – from wild and crazy
ideas to simply solid execution, it gets me even more excited for the next decade of games
to come. What’s your game of the year, and why? Of all the titles you’ve played what made
this one stand out to you the most? Let me know in the comments below and let’s
talk about it. Thanks for another year of incredible support
for Snoman Gaming, I can’t thank you as the viewer enough – you make all of this possible. Now go play something awesome – you deserve
it. I’ll see you next year, stay frosty my friends!

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  4. Biggest surprise: What The Golf

    My favorite games were Gears 5 and Control, but I'm not really enthusiastic about them like I was about, say, Doom and Hitman. I have yet to play Yooka Laylee, Luigi's Mansion, or Star Wars so maybe those will capture me.

  5. Have you played streets of rogue?

  6. As a very passionate fan of the KH series, someone who played the first two multiple times doing 100% every time (and doing it again now on Critical mode in KH2), someone who has completed KH3 within two months from its release I have to say:

    Kh3 makes me depressed, if you were disappointed, imagine me, being a hardcore fan of the series. I'm putting my hopes on the ReMind DLC, but I would say KH3 is the most disappointing game of the year

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    It has gone under the radar for many pepole but look at the trailers or something. It has the best soundtrack ever and the combat is hard and exiting. Give this game a shot

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  19. Honestly, I don't think it's the best game for the year, by far, but Pokemon Shield got me into competitive Pokemon for the first time. I used to play by myself and got into some minor levels of EV min-maxing back in gen 4 to do well in friendlies, but this is the first time I've ever bred for perfect IV Pokemon, thought about competitive movesets and combos, and elaborately planned out my EV training and practiced in the post game battle tower. I'm honestly probably gonna get Nintendo Online just to compete in ranked matches as soon as my team is ready, which I never thought I'd do. It's been really great, and has completely made the game my goty

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  23. Kingdom Hearts III was pretty much following the AAA trend of disappointment that isn't stopping anytime soon. Seeing it on the "Most Disappointing" list here isn't a surprise as it's a AAA game and a Disney tie-in at that. Great recipe for a bad time there.

    People should really look into playing Lethal League Blaze and Crossniq+. Lethal League Blaze has an awesome soundtrack (Hideki Naganuma actually made a song for that game) accompanying fun gameplay (I'd describe it as "Pong" meets "Smash Brothers") while Crossniq+ is a good puzzler that heavily features a 2000s "Design Republic" aesthetic over-top a puzzler involving moving blocks by the row/column in any of 4 cardinal directions to make a line of one colour.

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    Ironic. I see you’ve joined the Raid circkejerk.

  40. I was disappointed in KH3 as well. I loved the story of KH. DDD was fine-ish, 0.2 was great, but KH3 killed it for me. And the gameplay wasn't as good as in the DDD, BBS, KH2 and even KH1 (my opinion)

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    That's a low blow, and I don't even care about Kingdom Hearts!

  45. Since I can't exactly pick Wargroove (having worked on it), I'm going to go with Devil May Cry 5. As flashy as the game is, the combat is an abyss of depth, and even having perfected every boss with Nero on DMD difficulty, I still find myself discovering new things with him. New mechanical interactions, methods of traversal, attack properties, and combinations of tools. It's exceedingly rare to find an action game where you can pick it up and learn more about how it works months after release, and DMC5 still manages that over half a year later. It's a game where I keep asking if I can do that, and keep finding out that yes, yes I can. Where the final boss is a horrifying meatgrinder for new players, and yet can be learned to such a point where you can systematically disrespect his entire toolkit without even moving. Where every attack from every enemy has a million ways to beat it, just waiting to be discovered.

    And that moment where you learn that of all things, you can counter the teleportation of Fury with Nero's boost knuckle uppercut, or that the final bosses rushing slashes can be defeated with a charged Overture grapple or by kickflipping them away with the rocket fist skateboard, is the moment I truly fell in love with the game.

  46. My GOTY is definitely Fire Emblem Three Houses!

  47. Certainly not Raid shadow legends. Katana Zero is to me, by far GOTY. By far, nothing even comes close.

  48. My game of the year (at least co-op) is Luigi's Mansion 3. I have never had so much fun playing with a friend than in that game!


  50. Yes! Shovel Knight made it on!

  51. I didn't play Kingdom Hearts 3 but what really disappointed me was Indivisible.

  52. It feels like game design channels are afraid of liking anything besides puzzle or strategy games

  53. It feels like game design channels are afraid of liking anything besides puzzle or strategy games

  54. My most disappointing game was cube world. It finally got it's full release, but the changes made the game less fun for me.

  55. tbf, shovel knight showdown is pure garbage

  56. biggest disappointment for me has to be shovel knight showdown, as for goty river city girls is the game that stands out most to me rn

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  61. For me I'd probably have to say risk of rain 2. At first I played the game as everyone else just unlocked most of the items had a few awesome runs then forgot about it, but every time I'd come back there would be another update introducing a new character or item. Its truly addicting gameplay has left me hooked and I still play a few rounds a week whenever possible


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    Jeff Cavaliere has entered the chat

  65. GOTY: Halo: Reach, new progression system is trash though

  66. My game of the year is Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

  67. I personally think Celeste has the best soundtrack out of every game I know, but it's your decision. I haven't even heard of Yooka Laylee before, so idk.

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    But I don't think KH III is the "most disappointing" game of the year

  70. I think you meant the fan base is delusional and overly driven by emotion rather than rational/critical thought.

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    Such an incredibly tight action game

  80. Despite the disappointment it gave many, KH3 is still my game of the year. After waiting all this time, I was so happy to finally get a conclusion to the story with some extremely fun gameplay. I've never really found the story to be as convoluted as everyone likes to meme it as being. It's pretty straight-forward and basic if you just pay attention. I was also never really much of a fan of the first one, most likely cause I started with 2.

  81. KH3 is really the most disappointing game of the decade, not the year.

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