2019’s Most Relaxing Games (And Most Stressful Ones)

2019’s Most Relaxing Games (And Most Stressful Ones)

– [Paul] With 2020 finally upon us, it’s a good time to look
back on the chill games that helped us get through another year. – [Gita] And the ones that match the psychic pain we all
felt as we finished out this cursed decade. – [Paul] Here are 2019’s
most relaxing games. – [Gita] And the ones that
made you want to swallow your entire fist in frustration. – [Paul] While 2019 may have
felt like a turbulent storm on the open seas, Islanders by Grizzly
Games let’s you wash up on various islands and just colonize, Oh wait… this is weird, um, settle? No that’s not it, peacefully
build cities by extracting an islands natural resources,
okay, you know what? It’s a city builder. What sets it apart from
other city builders is it’s pleasant minimal art style. It’s elegant user interface doesn’t bother with a million details, and instead, lets you drag and drop things. It’s a wonderfully
meditative experience that let me escape the hellish
islands that make up my hometown of New York City. – [Gita] Death Stranding
is a game where, no, wait, let me just, one second, oh
my god you little shit, okay, okay I’m all good, Death
stranding is a game about Sam Porter Bridges, are
you fucking kidding me? Right, he’s a delivery man in, oh my god, just stay, just stay upright, is that so hard? You asshole. BB you better not start crying. Death Stranding is a video game. Can we get back to this later? – [Paul] A Short Hike is about as close as you’re going to get to
that weekend cabin trip you told yourself you were going to plan, but never did Paul. You play as a tiny adorable
penguin named Clair, who wanders an island in
search of hidden secrets and makes friends along the way. It plays like if somebody
made a Zelda style game set in the Animal Crossing universe, and then put a cute little
low resolution filter on it. You run, climb, and most importantly, glide your way around an
island full of fun puzzles, obstacles, and delightful dialogue that will make you cheese so hard, you almost forget about climate change. (rock music) – [Gita] If there’s one
thing my commute doesn’t need it’s more stress. Remind me why I keep playing Pinball Wizard on the subway again? Pinball Wizard is adorable, but don’t be fooled by
it’s cartoony facade. It’s all the stress of pinball
with none of the quarters, meaning you can watch yourself lose again, and again, and well you get it. You play as a wizard exploring a dungeon, complete with magical
powers to defeat monsters. Like, this spider thing,
that I hate that makes one of my flippers immobile. Each level is small enough, that you can play it during your commute, guaranteeing that you’ll be 10% angrier by the time you get to work. – [Paul] I’d been looking
forward to Sayonara Wild Hearts since seeing the trailer
at last year’s Game Awards. When I finally played it in one sitting it absolutely exceeded my expectations. Sayonara Wild Hearts, is an interactive treasure trove full of phenomenal pop music, neon polygons, and brilliant simplistic design. Sure, some levels zoom past
your eyeballs at mach speed, but it’s straightforward enough that your reflexes take over. Sayonara Wild Hearts also
tells a beautiful tale that stays with you
long after you play it. I know this because
according to Spotify I listen to Daniel Olson’s soundtrack the most of any new artist I discovered this year. Wild Hearts, never die baby. – [Gita] Most of Pokemon
Sword and Shield is a breeze, there’s one exception
though, catching a Pokemon. I don’t know what happened, but in this game Pokemon hate
going inside of a pokeball. They will be at a sliver of
health, asleep, and paralyzed and they won’t budge. Sword and Shield is a pretty easy game, which makes my failure to catch a Yamper all the more irritating. Get in the ball, idiot! I’m gonna bring you to cock fights and then drop you off at the
breeding center to pump out eggs, why wouldn’t you want that? I really love when Pokemon
act like actual animals with their own wants and
needs, unfortunately that means they won’t let me capture and control them as easily as they used to. I can’t wait until the sequel
to this game where Scorbunny throws up in your bed because you were out of your apartment for too long. – [Paul] What are some of the
games that helped you escape and wind down? – [Gita] Or the games that riled you up? – [Paul] Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Huh, I thought most of Death Stranding was pretty relaxing to play. It was something I would do for hours, taking my time with each delivery.

  2. If Death Stranding is stressful you're just bad at it tbh.

  3. Death Stranding is fairly therapeutic if you take your time and build all the roads first 😀

  4. Baba Is You relaxed me and stressed me out at the SAME TIME!

  5. not to add to the “well-actually” fest already going in the comments, but i believe the catch rate in sword & shield is strongly influenced by the level differential between your pokemon & the one you’re trying to catch! Also yeah i gotta say dragon quest 11 & death stranding were my relaxation games this year lol… you just gotta hold the triggers at all times to stay balanced!

  6. Pokeball on a lvl.46 Mime?

  7. What's the background music ?

  8. No offense to the lady but did you really have to show a Death Stranding clip of you rushing down rocky surfaces and get tripped? Just because you want to show the frustration of it doesn’t mean playing against the game’s rule justifies your point. Sure, the walking mechanics are sometimes stressful, but blatantly rushing in a game which tells you not to rush simply makes the reviewer look less tolerant to the content.
    IGNoring the mechanics and complaining about getting punished by it because you didn’t give a damn about it really isn’t effective to prove your point.
    I mean come on this channel has Tim Rogers and he’s already done a great job reviewing Death Stranding. Why not also put his clip into this video to show the “frustration” of the game?
    You don’t even have to be a kojima fan to point this out…

  9. Death stranding sucks for people that are impatient

  10. I think Sekiro took years off my life. Still, no regrets.

  11. Poke'mon stressful? You can't be serious… Just buy quick balls and you'll catch most of them at max health. I finished my dex and it was pretty chill.

  12. Catherine is relaxing

  13. This is one of my favorite videos you guys do every year lol

  14. Wait, Kind Words isn’t on your chill list??? Paul, you’re gonna have to step into my office.

  15. I was going to buy death stranding but I realised I hike in real life most weekends and didn't want to do it in my free time during the week, the game suits someone who has never been out in nature for a extended time go try it in real life it will change your life

  16. The most chill game ever is Untitled Goose Game. Just relax while throwing peoples whole inventory in the pond.

  17. From what I've played, Death Stranding is NOT stressful, unless there are BTs nearby.


  19. I diagree about Pokemon, I find the ack of catching pokemon to be pretty relaxing and claiming .

  20. Death Stranding is not a stressful game at all, I listen to some music or a podcast while playing, or just enjoy the silence and sound of Sam’s footsteps. It’s very soothing imo

  21. What the heck. Cmon Kotaku. This Death Stranding clip was forced. I was actually looking forward to this video but forcing a really relaxing game with blunders and dumb choices just expresses that the most stressful thing this year is not a game in particular but the impatient gamer who doesn’t know how to play a game.

  22. It's funny, but pokemon can't be asleep and paralyzed.

  23. Gita: makes good jokes with the use of e x a g g e r a t i o n

    Youtube comments: "what??!!??? this isn't truthful!!!!!!!!"

  24. Gita and Paul are my shoulder angels.

  25. Sigh. I dislike it when videos don't list the game in the description or comments

  26. Wow. That mr mime looks so terrible

  27. I'm so glad you made another one of these. And I deeply looked forward to Gita delivering which maddening games I can unhealthily use as an outlet for anxiety.

  28. Little Town Hero riled me up something fierce at times. You could spend more than an hour on an single fight and just have that all go down the drain in a turn or two due to unfortunate RNG and "nuh-uh-uh" mechanics.

    Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard was probably the most chill game I played this year, you're just a frog who is also a detective, solving a mystery. You got your handy-dandy notebook, your trusty magnifying glass, everything you need to close the case in chill fashion.

  29. Never had any issues catching pokemon in my playthrough, but I was always overleveled compared to the poke I was catching. I watched some speedrunners and there's a belief there is an alternate catch rate when you're under leveled, because of consistently terrible luck catching Excadrill, when calculations showed it was a near guaranteed catch.

  30. Trying to tip toe past a licker in RE2.

  31. The most relaxing? Oh Sekiro, absolutely. That moment late in the game, where you if choose wrong and really regret it? It was so relaxing. Trying to beat that one boss, because of that wrong choice. I loved that. (still 2nd favourite GOTY, though)

  32. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is overchill

  33. You should have put Death Stranding in both categories.

  34. Wattam seems chill.

  35. Death Stranding is relaxing

  36. Death Stranding is the most relaxing game I ever played. What is this bullshit? where is Tim?

  37. two words. Quick. Ball.

  38. Zelda games are really relaxing for me. I started playing Skyword Sword a couple weeks ago and I love it!

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