3 COOL OUTDOOR GAMES for Kids Parties

In today’s video I’m going to give you
three summer games for groups that are all played outdoors you are going to
need a giant pool float with the center removed like this pineapple one here I’m
gonna throw up on the street you’re also going to need players to wear flip-flops
pole noodles you’re gonna need water squirting toys and plastic cups hi let’s get into today’s video
here we go first gather your players who are all wearing flip-flops and have
them line up in a row and see who can fling their flip-flop off their foot
the farthest flip-flop fling alright moving on to game number two number two
you’re going to need squirt toys and red plastic cups what party isn’t complete
without red plastic cups simply fill your squirt toys up with
water place the plastic cup on your orange cones you see them here in this
video have every player line up with their squirt toys and try to shoot their
cup off the cone with the water from the squirt toy and whoever does this the
fastest is the winner before I talk about game number three I wanted to
introduce myself for those of you who don’t know me hi my name is Shawn
welcome to prayerlights on this channel I do DIY party games to inspire you to
have more fun with your family because as you can see I love having fun with
mine alright moving on to game number 3 here we are using a giant pineapple
float that I absolutely love I will link something similar in the
description box down below and you’re also going to need pool noodles all this
assembly throw the pool noodles it’s easy we can get the pool noodle into and
through the a pineapple float too of course you’ll need a float that has a
cut out Center thank you so much for watching this video give me a big thumbs
up if you liked it and I will see you in the next one say that three times fast flip
flop flip flop flip flop fling that is a tongue twister

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