3 Farmable Recipes to Make Gold in WoW – 10k to 1m (Gold Guide)

3 Farmable Recipes to Make Gold in WoW – 10k to 1m (Gold Guide)

Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and we haven’t
done like, a legit “go out here and farm this” gold guide in a while, so I’m excited to do
one. Let’s get into it. Today we’re going to be talking about recipes. Now, all the recipes we’re going to be talking
about today are blacksmithing recipes so if you have a blacksmith, make sure to learn
the first copy of these that you get. You’ll be able to craft stuff that sells for
just a ton of gold in the long run, but if you don’t have blacksmithing, that’s fine. These are all BoE recipes and they’re all
farmed using somewhat different means. Try all of these out and if any of them interest
you particularly, then you can just go ahead on the undermine journal, sort the plans by
price, and then see if any of those tickle your fancy. Ok, the first plans we’re talking about today
are the Arcanite Reaper plans. These drop off a rare elite spawn in Lower
Blackrock Spire named Bannok Grimaxe, who is the reigning champion of “The Most World
of Warcraft Name Ever.” 15 years running. The farm is super simple. Go to blackrock mountain. Inside blackrock mountain take a right, there’s
a little ledge. You fly in the ledge and lower blackrock spire
is in the middle of the room, on the right. Now, before you go in, I would recommend you
make a targeting macro and not just a /target bannok. But I would also include a reset instance
macro in there and this makes this farm incredibly easy. Ok ok, stay with me. Stay with me. We’re gonna walk in the instance. We’re gonna hit out macro. If we don’t target anything, we’re gonna walk
out the instance. And we’re gonna hit our macro again. And it’ll reset the instance, and we’re gonna
go back in. That’s it. That’s the farm. Now, if he does spawn, if he is up, he’s a
rare elite, then getting to him is really really simple. You take your first left and then you just
follow along the right hand wall. You have to jump down a ledge or two. He spawns in one of three locations. There’s a little circular rug on the ground
and if you’re doing this on classic you may need some invisibility potions so bring some
of those along, but if you’re doing this on live, then you can just run through and kill
whatever. Now, once you kill him, I just dreamwalk out,
because dreamwalk and zen meditation allow you to exit a dungeon and when you recast
it, you enter the dungeon back in outside so you can reset and continue your farm. If you aren’t on a druid or a monk, uhh, I
guess just jump into the lava. Like, take off all your gear and jump into
the lava, I don’t know. But I went out here and timed myself and I
was able to get through the entire run in 5 minutes and 42 seconds. He spawned twice for me. So if you can beat that time, I challenge
everyone watching, if you can go out there and farm this ten times and beat 5 minutes
42 seconds, put your time down in the comments and we’ll have a little race. But I didn’t just time myself. I’ve also been multiboxing recently – not
just to give away the brutosaur a month to you guys – but I’m also excited to be multiboxing
because it means I get to give you guys more accurate data. With my 8 man team, I was able to farm this
instance 519 times. In those 519 times, he spawned 88 times. That’s about 1 in 6. He’ll be up on average about 2 times every
lockout. And I got ten patterns. So let’s just say 1 out of 50. Which means with a 5-minute run and a 1 in
50 chance it’s gonna take you a combined 25 mintues in order to farm this. Now if you don’t have it and you have a blacksmith,
I’d recommend you just park a druid outside and just every hour that passes go run it
again. I personally go farm the rebellious imp from
mother rosula, and then I go hit up the lanticore, and then I spend my remaining 9 runs on this. And final thoughts on the arcanite champion,
yes this works on both classic and retail, but if you’re doing this on classic, be geared
and bring some invisibilty potions. But for you experienced goldmakers, what I
want you to take away from this video is that lockouts are a resource. You know, we’ve done videos on how speed is
a resource, density is a resource. But I also want you to think about your lockouts
being a resource and like, you only have 10 lockouts an hour. How do you use those the most efficient way
possible. You know, if your goal is maximizing gold
per hour and being the richest person on your server, then you probably want to do transmog
farming, but if your goal is to make gold in the least amount of time dedicated possible,
then you probably want to look at something like this. Alright, the next recipe we’re going to talk
about is the Sulfuron hammer. This ones neat. It’s a lot quicker to talk about. So important things to note. This is once per character. It’s not farmable. And it requires the sulfuron ingot. So essentially, go to your auction house and
buy a sulfuron ingot. If there aren’t any up you can go run molten
core and try to get one. It only drops off golemagg and it’s a pretty
rare drop rate. I think it’s like one in twenty now, it got
nerfed. But you take that sulfuron ingot over to Lokhtos
Darkbargainer, and if you have a sulfuron ingot in your bags, he’ll have a little dialog
option down at the bottom of him. Now, if you don’t know how to get to lokhtos
darkbargainer, then I’ll include a video down in the description. It’s pretty easy once you get a hang of the
dungeon but it is a really confusing sprawling dungeon, so follow along with that video carefully. But that’s actually it. You take the sulfuron ingot, take it to Lokhtos
Darkbargainer, click on the dialogue option, and he gives you a pattern when you complete
the quest. You don’t have to have blacksmithing to do
this, it’s once per character and the patterns sellable, so get out there and do this. This is free gold! It’s 100,000 gold pattern. On some of your servers, this is 100,000 gold
pattern, yah it’ll take a little while to sell and for some of you it’ll only sell for
5 or 10k, but who cares, free gold eventually is still free gold! Post it up! Ok, for our third pattern, we’re going out
for something that probably transmog farmers would enjoy. Something where you gotta put in a little
more work. So this is Karazhan, and we are farming the
Felsteel Longblade. And the felsteel longblade is a super low
drop rate item, it’s like 1 in 10,000. And wait…wait, hold on…I’m not a fire
cat. There we go. It’s 1 in 10,000 and because it’s so low drop
rate, it sells for, it’s posted for between 100,000 and a million gold. Like, the cheapest is 150,000 right now. But as you can see, we went through the stables. Killed everyone in the stables and now we’re
getting all the guards. Make sure you don’t tag midnight because that’ll
start a boss fight. If you start any of the boss fights then the
trash won’t respawn for the rest of the week. Ummm, lets see, once we get into the kitchen,
or the scullery, we kill all these guys and then we get all these guys who are just trying
to enjoy a nice meal. So, these guys right here are the first, like,
you can drag everyone into one big loot and kill pile if you want, but I would recommend
killing these as you go because they cast a goblin rocket gun. Here. Let me pull all these guys together and see
if we can show off the goblin rocket gun. Is anyone…? There we go! So those guys will stop and cast the goblin
rocket gun like, every 5 feet. It’s really annoying. But this is the end of the first 2-minute
lap. And if you don’t have a druid or a monk, then
you just end the lap right here. You go down these stairs and head to the left. But if you have a druid or a monk, then you
have dreamwalk and zen meditation, and you can reset a dungeon by just hearthing and
hearthing back. So I’ll show you how I do this on a druid
or a monk. You can get a little more kills per hour with
this. So you just go on into the opera hall and
grab all these guys, and while I could probably just swipe em down, I don’t know, I like getting
a big kill pile. Hiding behind a column and having everyone
group up. I don’t know. It just feels good. Feels good. So that is the end of my run and because I’m
a druid I can just dreamwalk and because I killed all the guys earlier who have the goblin
guns, I’m not in combat, so I can dreamwalk. There’s a reason behind everything. And that’s it. It’s 250 kills in every 3 minute lap, and
that means you’re going to have an average of 50 laps before you get the pattern. You know, expected value. Is it worth it? Right now on my server, it’s about 500,000
gold for the pattern. In 50 laps with 3 minutes per lap, that’s
150 minutes before we get the pattern. 150 minutes for 500k. Is two and a half hours worth it if you get
one thing that eventually will sell for 500k. Well for some of you, it’s totally gonna be
worth it. That’s 200,000 gold an hour. Absolutely! Make it happen! But some of you don’t like transmog. You don’t like things that take a little while
to sell. Even if they’re big ticket items, so it’s
not going to be worthwhile to you. The whole point of the channel is to give
you enough different ways of making gold that you find something you enjoy. And those are the farms. We’ve got a super fast repeatable rare elite
farm. We’ve got a one-time only, per character farm. And then we’ve got a super low drop rate pattern
from Karazhan. If I left out any recipes that you think are
super duper important, then let me know down in the comments. But otherwise if you liked the guide, hit
like that really helps me out, If you really liked the guide, then hit subscribe and you’ll
get notified of future videos. And if you like super-like the guide and want
to support me, then I’ve got a link to patreon here. Have a great day everybody. Good luck and happy goldmaking.

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