3 Golf Swing Drills For Irons (SOLID CONTACT!)

3 Golf Swing Drills For Irons (SOLID CONTACT!)

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  1. Love these drills Adam, perfect for getting compression and forward shaft lean which is what all golfers want and need to to hit solid iron shots. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Troy.

  2. Wouldn’t u hit the sweet spot if u hit down and through the turf without delofting the club

  3. Excellent dear Adam.

  4. Have u got any drills or videos to fix a early release which causes a fat shot

  5. I like how you've graduated from talking about visualizing hammer type hits to having a goddam hammer in your pocket.

  6. awesome.. really help mw downswing for solid impact.. tq


  8. Adam Thank you for these 3 excellent drills! Very helpful! Cheers!

  9. Good stuff Adam thanks

  10. Adam, my handicap is 0.6… I still struggle with compressing the ball very nicely…. Your first drill on this video is really awesome thanks…

  11. Nice simple but useful video. Thanks

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  13. Look at the state of that fairway

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