3 Outdoor Party Kids Games

Today we’re gonna be talking about summer
group games for kids I’m gonna be giving you three ideas for playing
outside with your group gaggle no that’s not right gaggle nope still
not correct group of kids outdoors this summer in the heat here we go for group
game is a matching game like this one here from Oriental Trading I’ll post all
the links to anything I talked about in the description box down below you guys
know how to put matching right you just flip the cards over and tell you fine to
that match and I feel like any game that is large and ginormous ginormous is that
a word gigantic is going to be an excellent game for kids to play outdoors
and a huge hit alright moving on to group game number two paintballs
paintball water balloons have you seen these things they’re at Michael’s craft
store that’s where I’ve seen them supposed to picture right here but they
are paintballs this safer than paintballs you don’t have to go to some
dangerous you know paint ball thing place you can just play them in your
backyard and throw them in each other but if you want to take it to the next
up the game level with your older kids then you’re gonna need to purchase these
plastic guns to go with them the prices are incredible just shoot them at each
other even set of obstacle courses just have a field day with kids they love
these all right moving on to the last one the group game and number three is
the frozen t-shirt relay so just take an old t-shirt soak it in water pop it in
your freezer pull it out frozen and have kids play a variety of relay races
hugging the t-shirt so not only will it keep your kids cold during these hot
summer days but they’re gonna be soaking wet and they’re gonna be having a blast
and it’s gonna fall on them as they do a bunch of relays if you liked this video
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