30 Plots that Game of Thrones Dropped (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

30 Plots that Game of Thrones Dropped (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

– Here are all the plot lines that Game of Thrones never resolved. Game of Thrones came to its thrilling eight season conclusion this year. And while the show did tie
up many major plot lines like the whole war that decides the fate of the living and the dead, and who will get to sit
on that big pointy chair, there were still many,
oh so many, other plots they just dropped like
yesterday’s pizza roll when the credits rolled for the last time. – I don’t believe you’re mentioned. – And, hey, we get it. You wanna eat fresh pizza rolls. And look, look at Lost, Look
at Battlestar Galactica. When it’s a long-spanning show with a ton of lore and weird mysteries, sometimes, certain
storylines, they need to be sped-up or dropped to keep the
narrative flowing smoothly. But sometimes it’s clear
that certain people have just checked out. Look, I’m not naming names,
but you know who you are. You know. So we thought it was our duty, nay, our responsibility, to
find all of the plot lines dropped by Game of Thrones, because sadly, they’ll never be wrapped up
in any sort of satisfying way. So in no particular order,
here are all the plot lines dropped in Game of Thrones. (bell dings) The Faceless Man. Sure, Arya learned how
to steal people’s faces here and there, and she
used that ability like, I dunno, one time to really good effect when she avenged the Red Wedding, but for a group that was set
up over seasons and seasons and such a powerful,
interesting, dynamic force, they really went out with a whimper. (bell dings) Why was Sam spared by the White Walkers at
the Fist of the First Men? They slaughtered everyone else. Why keep Sam alive? We’ll never know. (bell dings) The Azor Ahai prophecy. We spent years arguing who could be the Prince Who Was Promised, but did it really matter in the end? Honestly, no. This one feels especially heinous considering it was the topic of many water cooler conversations at many offices all over the world. (bell dings) Also, what was the point of Kinvara, the red priestess? She just stepped in to help Dany, then straight up disappeared. Where’d she go? (bell dings) Didn’t Gendry
have a claim to the Iron Throne as Robert Baratheon’s son, or
do we just not give a (bleep) about the Baratheons anymore? (bell dings) Also, what did
Varys hear in that fire? Merman. (bell dings) Where did Quaithe come from, and what did she want
from Daenerys in Qarth? Say that one five times fast. Quaithe, Qarth, nope. (bell dings) The blue
lipped warlocks of Qarth tried to kill Dany after she escaped the House of Undying with that manticore, but did they just give up after that? Sounds like the House of
the Untrying, if you ask me. (bell dings) What
happened in the Riverlands after Arya killed Walter Frey? (bell dings) Also, how’d
Edmure get out of captivity? How, he cannot have escaped on his own. Have you met Edmure? He sucks. (bell dings) Also, How did
Robin Arryn get so hot? Who put that in there? (bell dings) What happened to the rest of the Faith Militant? Were we supposed to believe
that every single one of them just blew up in the Sept of Baelor? No one was just on patrol that day? They’re like, “oh, a church gathering? “Count me in. “Wouldn’t miss an ice
cream social for the world. “Sounds like an explosive good time.” (bell dings) When did Sir Ilyn Payne come off of Arya’s kill list? What happened to that
guy, cat got his tongue? (bell dings) What did the
High Sparrow tell King Tommen that Tommen later told Cersei, after promising not to tell anyone? What did Tommen tell? Now these next few are
all White Walker related. (bell dings) What did they want, exactly? (bell dings) Why did they need babies to turn into White Walkers? (bell dings) What was the significance of the spirals that they and
the Children of the Forest were so obsessed with? And with HBO passing on
the prequel that focused on the Starks and the
White Walkers, who cares? It feels like we’ll never know. (bell dings) Why were the White Walkers aft the Three-Eyed Raven? (bell dings) Also, what was the point of the Three-Eyed Raven? (bell dings) What was Bran doing during the Battle of Winterfell? Was he just bait? (bell dings) And if he
knew what was gonna happen, why did he just let Theon
just straight up die? R.I.P. Theon. You died as you lived, horribly. (bell dings) Did Jon Snow’s
lineage even matter in the end? All it did was make Dany trust him less. It turned out that R plus L equaled a whole lot of bull (bleep). And on that point, (bell dings) Why did Rhaegar
name two of his sons, by two different women, Aegon? I dunno, seems pretty weird, even for that (bleep) up family. (bell dings) What ever
happened to Dorn’s army? You remember those folks? Anyway, we wasted a whole season there for a whole lot of nothing, which was a big shame to book readers, since Dorn’s a major political
player in the book series. They’re just chilling down there in Sandals Westeros
doing literally nothing. Also, (bell dings) is Ellaria Sand still in the dungeons below the Red Keep? Are there still dungeons down there, or is it just a big pile of rubble? (bell dings) And what was the significance of the direwolves at the end of the day? If the direwolves are
supposed to be this metaphor for the Stark family originally, did that pan out, or did
they just like bail on that ’cause they were too expensive to animate? (bell dings) What the hell
was going on in Slaver’s Bay after Dany left and went to Westeros? Should we just believe that everything ended up okay there with Daario in charge? It’s a-me, a-Daario. I’ve solved all your political problems, even though they keep
changing who plays me. (bell dings) Anyway, what
happened to Meera Reed? I mean, she’s responsible
for Bran surviving and she gets literally no respect. She’s the Rodney Dangerfield of Westeros, but she will never go back to college, because it doesn’t exist. (bell dings) Why did Sam
steal his family’s sword? He gave it to Jorah
Mormont, who died basically immediately thereafter and didn’t even use the Valyrian steel sword to kill any White Walkers, just wights. (bell dings) How did everyone
know that Jon killed Dany, since Drogon took her body away to, I don’t know, bury it with Jimmy Hoffa’s. Did he just walk down
and admit what he did? Actually, knowing him, that’s
probably exactly what he did, ’cause that dude does
not have a poker face. So put this one in the solved pile. (bell dings) And finally, (bell dings)
what’s the punchline of Tyrion’s honeycomb and jackass joke? Okay, I know, I know, it’s not
really a dropped plot line, it’s just a bit of narrative
tom-foolery, but I gotta know. It’s keeping me up at night. And there you have it, folks,
all of the dropped plot lines that we could find in Game of Thrones. But what do you think? Were there any others
that you can think of? And what dropped plot line do you most want to get payoff to? And based on how pissed off
fans were with the final season, is the Game of Thrones franchise
in trouble over at HBO? – The decision about
what’s best for everyone should be left to well, everyone. (boisterous laughter) – Let’s discuss. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoy what you saw, why not give us a like and subscribe? And if you want to get
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  1. jon snow was the prince who was promised and kill his beloved wife to erase the darkness of the world

  2. Well…you can thank D&D for most of these.

  3. The white walkers were just a bunch of rogue living weapons all they "wanted" (insofar as they can want at all ) is to destroy because that is what weapons do. They create the spirals as a subconscious thing I suppose?

  4. #14 We already know this, it was Margaery’s supposed walk of shame.

  5. You forgot the three biggest ones:

    – Why did the White Waller’s choose now to return?
    – What’s the cause of the usual change of seasons?
    – Where did Daenerys’s fireproof powers come from?

  6. Tyrion walks into a brothel with a honeycomb and a jackass.
    Madame: What can we do for you?
    Tyrion: I need a woman to lay with, for mine has left me.
    Madame: Whatever for? And what's with the honeycomb and the mule?
    Tyrion: My woman found a genie in a bottle, and he granted her three wishes. The first was for a house fit for a queen, so he gave her this damn honeycomb. The second wish was that she have the nicest ass in all the land, so he gave her this damn donkey…
    Madame: And what about the third wish?
    Tyrion: Well… she asked the genie to make my cock hang down past my knee.
    Madame: Well that one's not so bad eh?
    Tyrion: Not so bad!? I used to be six foot three!

  7. Thank you! It’s just too absurd that they didn’t even try to tie it up. My mind is still blown

  8. This really torture the definition of “plot line”

  9. What happened to Ilyn Payne!?

  10. What happened to Nymeria and her wolf pack?

  11. House of Untrying is actually a funny joke

  12. I think Bethesda helped out with the last season :/

  13. What happened to little Sam?

  14. Is this video actual bait?

    Im pretty sure some of these were explained in the show

    Even if not true to grrm cannon. Or future book lore

  15. Ilyn paynes actor died and they replaced him with Ser Bronn

  16. You left out Sansa and Sandor.

  17. Damn these show runners, so much potential.

  18. You also left out the horn of winter, the nights queen, they might not be an entire plot, but the show was full of things that were there for not reason.

  19. The Whitewalkers always left one alive to tell the tale.
    Remember the pilot? The guy that was beheaded by Ned was also spared by them.

  20. Seriously just a let down. I have tried to do a re'watch n couldn't. Even started watching it with a new shorty n after season 1 I was over both.

  21. All those questions about the white walkers and the three eyed raven. Man that still feels bad

  22. rip to Arianne and Quentyn, Aeron, Victarion and Euron (Euron was NOT in that show I swear), Jon Con and Aegon, Jeyne Poole and the conspiring northern lords, the wildling leaders and spearwives, and the honorable mentions whose deaths fucked up all the plots: Stannis, Mance, Rickon, the Tyrells, Hizdahr and Barristan, Littlefinger, Brynden Tully and Catelyn Stark/Lady Stoneheart. Fs in the chat

  23. Ilyn Payne the same actor who got cancer right around the beginning of the show. Nice research dumbass.

  24. This isn't even counting the shockingly half assed 'resolutions' to story lines. Like Benjen Stark for example.

  25. #31 why did sansas wish for the north to be independent get accepted when Bran who IS from the north already rules all the kingdoms? Also why did the other houses accept this demand?

  26. These plots deserved another episode!

  27. completely forgot game of thrones ended this year. shows how shit it ended. was my most anticipated series every year now its nothing to me.

  28. Ser Ilyn Pain DIED from cancer, come on! How did you guys not know that?

  29. 2:51 I think the actor died or something like this so in a way it makes sense he was removed from the list

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  31. Nobody: "Varys merman theory"
    Me: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  32. Ugh…they basically ruined the entire series with that ending.

  33. Dumb and Dumber, ladies and gents. Dumb and Dumber.

  34. #8 Didn't Dany kill everyone in the House of the Undying

  35. Season 8 could have been way WAY better then it actually is
    I got very disappointed after i watched it
    Its like the writers got bored and just wanted to end the season in any way

  36. this video makes me so salty… thanks for that

  37. So the dude that played sir illan Payne got pancreatic cancer and that's why he disappeared. Alot of his rolls got picked up by braun

  38. If you were disappointed by the finale of game of thrones (like so many of us were) then I would highly suggest your read this

    This author is doing a Fanfiction redo of season 7 and 8 and she is actually covering abandoned plot lines and other details HBO overlooked and or forgot about

  39. what did the high sparrow even want? he seemed to genuinely believe his religious piety stuff but he also talks about bringing down empires, he seems like he wanted to control tommen from behind the scenes but he also wanted cersei to confess to adultery which would remove tommen from power?

  40. dany talking about how she couldnt get pregnant right before her sex scene with jon seemed like it was setting up for them to have a baby and cersei's pregnancy never went anywhere either

  41. What happened to septa Unella?

  42. And that isn't counting the plot of the book that they forgot which make the story even more rich than what is already making the tv series hate toward even great. HBO must really need to satisfy the fans base if they want make another great story because the fandom doesn't trust in HBO like before.

  43. Plots that Game of Thrones dropped: The plot of Game of thrones

  44. Went from my favorite show to my most hated show of all time. I constantly tell people whom have never seen it to not waste their time.

  45. Some of these are kind of stretches.

  46. Jesus I hate D&D so much

  47. Who here misses Jessica Chobot?

  48. Why did I watched this ? Now I’m just upset all over again .


  50. There's a rumor going around saying season 8 was just Jon Snows dream… I seen this on Twitter. AND Another rumor saying they might make a season 9 ?

  51. It didn’t even tie up the plot lines it did touch… it just bandaged them loosely.

  52. How disappointed I was? I dropped the HBO since the end of the GOT and never I mean never ever going back. You can fool me once HBO.

  53. and lady stoneheart. d&d are just idiots. going for star wars. a dead franchise other than the mandalorian.

  54. "The House of the untrying" ???

  55. Well they dropped *on* all plotlines


  57. What the fuck do you mean how did edmure escape? Try actually watching the damn show.

  58. You forget Magister Illiryrio. He supportet Dany in Season 1 und tyrion visited his House in Season 5. Arya watched him and Varys talk to eachother in Season 1

  59. How did Craster make a peace deal with the White Walkers?

  60. I feel like you forgot important plotlines. The video is still good, but thing about the white walker symbols, cersei´s prophecy (were is the queen that takes all from her? the brother that kills her?), what did varys here in the flames and what did the red priestess say that frightened him so much?

    How can Brienne be part of the kingsguard If she swore her duty to Sansa? Who is in charge of darne and why didn´t the greyjoy´s declare independency like the north?

  61. #13 Ser Ilyn Payne – The actor got cancer so that didn't bring him back to the show.

  62. Gendry's claim to the throne getting dropped was the worst of the lot.

  63. So many plotlines dropped, it has made me hate GOT

  64. Could have gone down as the best show ever made… far from it due to its god awful ending.

  65. They dropped all the plots. The plots that didn't resolve were the lucky plots. The ones they 'finished' were utterly dreadful. Seriously, by the time it ended, I found myself wishing The Knight King would have won.

  66. What the hell!!! What about what Podrey did with the whores?! Lol

  67. 31: How did the Night King know where Bran would be when he "touched" him? How did he know what to bring when Dany's Dragons arrived to rescue Jon & company? I swear, the theory of Bran being the Night King was true.

    32: Drogon KNOWS that Jon killed Dany, HFT is Jon alive?

    33: What was the point of Eddard hearing Bran?

    34: The Night's Watch (before Jon became LC) ALWAYS killed Wildlings on site. Why was Craster the exception especially since he was KNOWN for sacrificing his sons to "things in the woods"?

    35: Bran knows everything that's happened and happening all over the world, HFT does he not know where Drogon is? And if he's lying, why?

    36: The Tree where The Night King was made had the face of Bloodraven (Three-Eyed Raven prior to Bran), pretty much a few thousand years before Bloodraven was born. It felt like they were trying to hint at something there. Do all the Faces of the Trees resemble a character in Game of Thrones? And if not, why zoom in on that Tree?

  68. What was the point of Jamie killing Eruon? Because he slept with Cersei? He missed killing a few on that list. Why didn't Yara kill her uncle? That would have made sense. Dabi's army? Her Blood Riders? The ones that pledged their lives to her? And The Unsullied? They all just let Jon and Tyrion walk? Um…no. They would have fought to the bitter end to avenge their queen. Sansa queen of the north? Second stupidest thing ever to happen, coming in behind Trump being president.

  69. Ok, I agree that they dropped some plot lines but everything does not need to be explained to death. Like the faceless men: they are not a faction with their own goals, they are assassins for hire. Arya came to them to learn not to make allies. The prophecies were never trustworthy, just because the characters in the story believe in unreliable narrators does not mean that the reader should.

  70. why did they keep bringing up that’s Danny was barren?

  71. This dude should do porn. I wanna hear that voice in porn.

  72. Many people are saying that the actor that played Ilyn Payne died. Google says he's alive.

  73. This video could literally be 3 hours and it wouldn't speak about all the plot lines that got fucked.

  74. I cant recommend GoT to anyone because of these dropped plots, it just so unfulfilling

  75. Hey this guy is hot

  76. didn't they show jaime freeing edmure? i know that happens in the books but i'm pretty sure it's also in the show (season 6 I think)

  77. You completely forgot about pod's rod. We never got an answer

  78. This just rubs salt on the wound. So much wasted potential

  79. Howland Reed was the biggest plot point they never took up on. Saying that we still need to see how much of a role he will end up playing in the books

  80. Stop letting weirdo globalists Godless marxists own and run television which they then use to push nothing but subversion, the point has now come where agenda 100 percent overrides talent and skill and writing etc etc.

  81. I like the left side of the host's face

  82. What of children of the forest, and the god's eye.
    What about the iron bank.
    What about Danny getting pregnant.
    What about the horn of winter Sam discovered.
    What about nymeria.
    Sallador San. Small Jon Umber, house carwin, brons origin, septa unella,
    Bronn flirting with tynne sand.
    Traitor in Danny's camp. Missandei?

  83. Love the Luna shirt

  84. I knew all was lost when Dany entered Winterfell. The Dany of 7 seasons would have rode in like a boss, ice cold and strong. Instead she comes in like a simpering fool trying to flatter her boyfriends sister.

  85. Rhaegar was shown to be an absolutist and for a prophecy in some material. He just wanted kids because he needed them for the prophecy.

  86. So the whole story

  87. Half of those were answered. Weak list.

  88. Years ago people were telling me of GoT "oh the writing is so good", back then I said wait till the end before you judge if the writing is good!

  89. The actor who played Ilyn Payne died.

  90. It's so disappointing that this show started out so strong, only to end the way it did because the Writers just didn't care anymore. I didn't hate the last season as much as most did, but it did feel weak.

  91. Apparently the guy who played Illyn Payne had cancer and the character was retired when the actor was having treatment. He survived 🙂

  92. #13 When the actor passed away

  93. This just pissed me off. Thanks.

  94. Well they did fuck up the end but yeah it's explained what the night king wanted. He wanted death and forgetfulness of any life and it's knowledge. I think Bran explained it.

  95. All of the season 8 clips being almost too dark to sea anything ??

  96. Ilyn payne was crossed out of arya’s list because the actor died in real life

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